Open Road films, Alliance, Film District and Europa own the movie and all rights, I am just writing the sequel.

Lockout continuation: Fallout

Though most of MS1 was blown out of space, the fragments from the explosion did crash land on earth, exposing the cities it fell on, to potential radiation effects. The cities' officials wasted no time in testing the city occupants for radiation poisoning; making sure the public was not suffering from any side effects. Though MS1 has officially been considered a disaster, the public has been unharmed by the prison, except the relatives of the prisoners that were killed. Some of the relatives anyway….

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Emilie Warnock wasted no time in getting back into the swing of things. She had already introduced Snow, Marion Snow to her father, as her boyfriend. As Snow had stated, Mr. Warnock was grateful to him for saving his daughter, but not grateful enough to have his daughter dating him.

"Dad, it's not really your decision, is it," she asked rhetorically. She drummed her fingernails on the table and went to stand by Snow.

"I want you to act as her bodyguard," the President demanded, looking Snow in the eye.

Snow rolled his eyes. "Emilie doesn't need a bodyguard 24/7; she can take care of herself. I am looking into a less life threatening job, like construction work or maybe babysitting children," he said flippantly.

Emilie smiled at Snow; he knew she needed some independence, a life of her own. "Dad, if you want a secret service agent, fine. But don't ask Snow to take on that role."

"He did a great job taking care of you in space," he said, gesturing to Snow.

"He did, but we also worked together," Emilie said pointedly. "It's not fair to ask him to continue that role, when he wants to attempt a more normal life."

"Emilie, if he is dating you he isn't going to have a normal life."

Emilie pursed her lips and turned to Snow. "Let's go." Snow crossed his arms, smirked at the President, mock saluted him and turned on his heel after Emilie.

As he walked her to her room, Emilie asked him, "So, are you really considering construction work?"

"No, I am considering painting. Yeah, I am thinking about construction, more along the lines of carpentry actually – something relaxing."

"Yeah, I think you might be good at that. You're good with your hands."

"I am very good with my hands," he said suggestively, raising an eyebrow. "Want me to show you?"

She shoved Snow. "Shut up," she said with a smile. "I have a big day tomorrow. I will be reading to the children at the library, to help raise money for their literacy program."

"Ah, surrounded by fuzzy, cute, warm kiddies running about." He wrinkled his nose. "I will see you after the show, then. I don't do kids." He scowled. "They're worse than pyscho prisoners."

Emilie's gasped in surprise. "How can you say such a thing, Snow? Kids are adorable."

"To you maybe," he groused. "Kids don't like me and I don't like them. They are afraid of me."

"Really – how could they be afraid of a hulking guy with tattoos, who doesn't smile much," she challenged. "If I didn't know any better I would say you are afraid of children," she said sweetly as he turned to walk down the hall.

"Ha, I'm not afraid of children," he threw back over his shoulder.

"I'm sure your attitude toward children will change one day," she yelled after him.

He stopped and turned back to Emilie. "Is that a promise?" he said with a wink, as she closed the door behind her.