Nothing is, 'happily ever after.' Not for the Winchesters.

Not when the brothers released their hold on each other at the edge of the cliff.

Not when they helped their concussed father up from the cold ground.

Not when Dean took the driver's seat and drove them home.

Not when the three of them, exhausted and injured, tended wounds with careful, practiced hands.

Not when Sam asked Dean to tell their father and Dean nodded.

Not when Sam fell to tears waiting for the somber patriarch to abandon him in the silent wake of his older brother's words.

Not when Sam's family wrapped their arms around him, expressing a love that marked the boy far more than any demon could.

Not when they whispered promises; softly explaining that Sam only ever needed to breathe for them.

Not when the tears dried and not when Sam could sleep unburdened.

Not when the weight of the secret, which had twice nearly cost their youngest his life, had finally been placed upon the strength of their family.

Nothing is, "happily ever after." Not for any one of them. Not for the Winchesters.

But the Winchesters never asked for, 'happily ever after.'

They didn't need one.

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