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I was surrounded by flames. The coppery scent of blood flooded my nose as I approached a woman and a sword wielding man wearing a dark cloak. She spoke softy to the man, before he confronted me and yelled, "I will not betray you!". Covered in blood, I ran forward, attacking the man. This isn't what I want. I thought as I brutally attacked the man. I am merely a doll, forced to do what my master pleases. When will I be saved?

Pain now flooded my senses as the man's sword was pulled from my abdomen. Blood dripped slowly down my chin, but I smiled.

"Thank you."

I awoke with a fright, tears streaming down the right side of my face. Since I was born, I was blind in one eye. For some reason, I can't cry from that eye either, but I didn't mind. I turned to my alarm clock which read 8:05.

"Great," I said, "Sensei will scold me for being late, again."

I quickly got my gear together and ran to the dojo I worked at. I must've been later than I thought since Yuki, one of sensei's students, had just taken him down. I took off my shoes upon entering and smirked at Sensei.

"Hey, you must be getting old if Yuki can beat you down, Old Man!"

They both chuckled as I headed in and began stretching. Yuki and sensei went off in their own little conversation, until he called me over.

"Hey, Kira. You and Yuki go ahead and spar. My wife's expecting me."

"Sure thing. I'll lock up after with the spare key."

"Thanks. And Yuki," Yuki glanced at him as he rose from the ground. "Don't work too hard."

They smiled at each other and we both faced each other. After about half an hour, neither of us had brought the other down. Although, we'd come close several times. I decided now would be a better time than any to finish up. He grabbed my gi and I swiped his feet out from under him.

"Sorry Yuki, but we still have to clean up at the orphanage."

He laughed as I helped him up, "Yeah, you're right."

After locking up, we both headed back and started our chores. Yuki was sweeping outside, while I was pulling weeds. Part way through, one of the orphanage workers came out and asked Yuki to get the mail. I kept weeding, but Yuki just stood at the mailbox for a bit looking depressed. I got up and went over in time to see him crumple a paper in his hands. It's one of those letters again most likely. I thought back to when I found one in the mailbox. I didn't tell anyone, since it'll cause trouble for us, but I knew he always gets upset whenever he thinks he's being a burden. I put my arms around his neck, startling him, but smiled and poked his cheek.

"Yuki, if you're not careful your face'll get stuck that way."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Just then, a bunch of the younger kids came up to us. Well, up to Yuki. You see, I'm not someone people just walk up to. Most of the kids here are afraid of me thanks to my dirty blonde hair, piercing rust colored eyes, and an intricate tattoo on my arm; which I had when I came to the orphanage. I could only sigh and listen as the little girls spoke to Yuki.

"Yuki-chan, when you get back from school, can you make us pendants?"

"I like the flower one!"

"I-I want a cute one!"

He agreed and went off with them, waving back at me. See Yuki, I thought at least you're needed.

Yuki's lived at the orphanage his whole life, but I was found on the streets by the director, beaten and bruised. I was maybe eight at the time and I was always by myself, not wanting to be hurt again. I didn't begin to open up to people until Yuki started following me everywhere. And I mean everywhere! The yard, my room, the bathroom even. I chuckled at the memories.

"You okay Kira?"

Right, we were on our way to school.

"Yeah, just remembering the way you followed me everywhere when we first met."

He blushed and began whining about me teasing him, just as we heard some yelling up ahead. Some suck up guys were beating an older gentleman at the bus stop while everyone just stood around. I was going to speak up, but Yuki beat me to it.

"Please stop! If you do something like that he'll die!"

Ah Yuki, you're too honest. One of the guys grabbed Yuki's jacket collar, yelling.

"Hey, dude, just because you have a cute face doesn't mean I'll go easy on you!"

Yuki grabbed the guy, twisting his arm behind his back and I didn't step in, until he began to look a little pale. He told me about his…visions before and my body reacted on its own.


I grabbed one of the other guys and got him in a chock hold. The other one was tripped by a stranger, as a girl came forward.

"You guys are so uncool. I called the police. If you don't want to be caught, you better scram."

They freaked out and I released the one I had, picking up our discarded bags as Yuki checked on the older man. The two strangers stepped towards Yuki and the girl said,

"Hey, you! It's dangerous, going up against a bunch of thugs like that. You're strong, but it was three against one. You were out numbered."

I decided to make my presence known and stepped in front of Yuki.

"Actually, it was three against two. Yuki, you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks Kira."

I looked back at the two and, for some reason, they were glaring at me. The girl stepped forward, grabbing my shirt collar.

"Kira! Why are you here? What are you trying to do to Yuki?"

Is she stupid? And how does she know our names?

"Look," I said as I pulled her wrist off me. "I don't know how you know our names, but I have no idea what you're talking about. Yuki, let's go. We're going to be late if we don't hurry."

He looked between us confused, so I grabbed his arm and headed towards the school.

We'll deal with them later. I thought as we walked away, but my thoughts were interrupted when I ran into someone on my blind side.


"Ah, Yuki and Kira! I met you two at the perfect time."

It was Kanata, Yuki's friend who graduated and no longer lives at the orphanage. He may be Yuki's friend, but something about him always pissed me off. I reluctantly released Yuki and started walking off.

"I'm going ahead. Go talk with your friend." I said, full of malice.

"But Kira-"

I ignored him and went off to school.

Yuki was getting a lot of attention thanks to the whole bus stop incident. Yuki soon began heading to Kanata's and I started to head home, but there was this…bell that kept ringing in my head, like something was going to happen. I blew it off and headed back to the orphanage in time to see a well dressed man drive up. He looked surprised to see me, but continued to walk towards the main office.

Geeze, what's with people giving me weird looks? Not that they don't anyway, but still…

Yuki came home, but was immediately sent to the office to talk with the stranger. I was beginning to get a headache, so I went out into the yard and sat on a bench by a tree. Yuki came out, but he looked really troubled.

"Yuki? You okay?"

He jumped, like he didn't know I was even there. It must be worse than I thought I sighed.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there, Kira. I'm just a bit…confused. The man that came said he was my brother. I'm happy, but he wants to take me to Tokyo with him. Here there's children that love me, adults who rely on me…I don't want to leave."

He grew silent and I knew he was struggling with himself.

"Yuki…He gave you a choice right? It's your decision. No one can make that decision for you. You just have to-"

"That's not it!"

I was surprised that Yuki would yell at me, but I heard glass shatter and protected him none the less.

"You okay Yuki?"

"Y-Yeah…Ah! Kira, you're bleeding!"

He put his hand up to my face and wiped my cheek where a shard of glass cut me. I shrugged his hand off and headed to my room, leaving behind an upset Yuki.

The next day was rainy and uneventful, until I heard that some fluorescent lights broke. I knew Yuki was upset and that he'd probably ran off, so I ran out looking for him.

"Yuki! Yuki!"

I ran all over the place searching for him, but when I finally found him, he was talking with a dark haired man. As I walked over, I started hearing part of their conversation.

"I still haven't asked you your name."

"…It's Zess."

Their conversation continued, but I felt that bell again in the back of my head, only louder. Just then, the man picked Yuki up as an explosion hit where they were at. I ran over and saw that they were surrounded by wolves. Wolves? Where the heck did they come from? One of the wolves jumped at them, so I ran over, punching it in the side of the face, destroying it instantly, as the others were also destroyed. The two strangers from before were standing in front of me and I turned around to check on Yuki.

"You okay Yuki? You seem to be getting into trouble lately." I smiled at him, but my arm was pulled behind my back and a sword was put across my throat by the dark haired man and blood trickled down my neck as he closed the distance. Yet another person showed up and I recognized him as Yuki's so called brother.

"Good job Zess, Tooko, Tsukumo. That was a scary experience, wasn't it, Yuki?"

Yuki looked shocked as the man walked towards both of us. I tried to get out of Zess's grip, but he tightened his hold and the sword cut deeper.

"Kira! Zess, what are you doing? You're hurting him!"

Yuki's brother stepped towards me, grabbing my chin, looking me over.

"So you've been born again too, Kira? Not surprising, but how did you find Yuki so fast?"

I looked at him, confused.

"I don't know what you're talking about. You saw me before. We both go to the same orphanage…and what do you mean born again?"

"You have no memories?" He said, looking at me just as confused, before telling Yuki about the Giou family and how they can help him with his powers. I had stopped struggling earlier and was just absorbing the information that was being given, when Yuki said,

"I won't go. As long as everyone here needs me, I'm going to help them however I can." He turned to me and panicked slightly when he saw the blood.

"C-Can you let Kira go, now?"

They all turned to me, glaring, but I was released anyway. I rubbed my, now bruised, wrist as Yuki check my other wound.

"Yuki, I'm fine. We can take care of it back home okay?"

"Y-Yeah. Then, excuse us."

We both got up and left, but Yuki and I noticed a spiky little creature on a girl's shoulder. It launched itself at Yuki, but Zess came out of nowhere and destroyed it. He glared at me, like it was my fault, and we all started walking. I saw Yuki's hand shaking, so I patted him on the head, smiling.

"It's okay Yuki. I'll protect you."

He smiled, but I could tell it was forced. He slowly calmed down, and began asking Zess question.

"What are those things? Are they like the wolves that attacked us before?"

"Yeah, they're called 'Duras' or 'demons' in this world, and they're gathering for Walpurgis Night."

"Walpurgis Night?"

I decided to join in, "I know what it is. Once a year there's a night that increases the powers of demons. The moon turns red and more accidents and deaths occur…Don't ask me how I knew that."

"Saturday night, do not go outside. No, if possible, stay inside the orphanage and don't ever be alone, alright?"

That Saturday, Yuki was obviously nervous the whole day. I tried to comfort him, but he just smiled and stayed out of the way. It was getting late and Yuki was obviously planning on staying inside the whole night. Just then, someone came into my room.

"Kira, have you seen Mayu and Rina? It's late and Yuki just went out to help look for them! Can you help please? I'm really worried."

Yuki went out? It's gotta be a trap, but those kids come first. I spotted Yuki running towards the school alone, and easily caught up with him.

"Yuki! What are you doing? Let's hurry up and find the kids and go. Zess said not to be out on Walpurgis Night!"

"Uzuki called and told me that he found them on the school roof. We can't just leave them!"

I nodded as we headed up to the roof. When we got there, we both found the kids tied up.

"Who would do such a thing?"

Just then, a hand shot out to grab Yuki. His reflexes kicked in and he flipped Uzuki.

"Uzuki! S-Sorry! It was a reflex. Are you-"

"Get back Yuki! That's not Uzuki!"

I was a bit late, but Yuki managed to not get too badly hurt. I finished untying the kids and ran over in time to protect Yuki from daggers the duras threw. Tsukumo came out of nowhere and helped, but he was hit in the shoulder while I was hit twice; once in the leg, the other in between my shoulder blades.

"Oh…Aren't you two brave. I heard there were reckless people, but you," He pointed to Tsukumo. "You're a zwelt of Giou right?"

Tsukumo went to raise his gun, but collapsed. Yuki ran over and looked at his wound, shocked.

"It's poison. When it spreads, he'll die. I'm surprised that your friend hasn't collapsed yet."

Yuki turned to me as I struggled to stay standing. The pain was horrible, but I had to protect Yuki. The duras attacked us again, but this time, someone protected both of us. Zess and Tooko had finally made it. Tooko was freaking out over her brother while Yuki said they should take him to a doctor.

"Y-Yuki. Doctors can't fix what's been done by a duras."

They both looked at me as I pulled out the dagger in my leg and back, wincing slightly. I tore part of my shirt and tied it above the leg wound to slow the poison, while Tooko begged Yuki to save Tsukumo with his power. He hesitated and Zess said,

"It'll be over quickly. If the duras dies, his poison stops."

The freaking duras shouted back, "If I die this Uzuki kid will die too!"

This got Yuki's attention and he stopped Zess from killing the duras, but that came with a price. Blood dripped from Zess's chest wound, but he just told Yuki to stand back. Yuki froze so I limped my way over to him.

"Yuki…you're not alone."

He fell to the ground and light flowed around his body. I had to jump back, because the light made my blind eye hurt as my tattoo glowed blood red. The duras in Uzuki was writhing in pain, but Uzuki was back.

"Kill me…kill me and this devil!"

Zess stepped forward and agreed, charging at Uzuki while Tooko held Yuki back. I knew Zess wouldn't kill Uzuki without Yuki's permission, so I glanced around, spotting Tsukumo pointing his gun at the duras. The duras was pulled out of Uzuki's body and Zess disposed of it. Yuki and Uzuki began talking, but I wasn't listening as I leaned up against the wall, sliding down next to Tsukumo. Yuki came over and put his hands on Tsukumo's wound where a light glowed and the wound disappeared. Yuki fell to the ground in pain and I understood what his power was. He absorbs the pain into his own body. He went towards me, but I pushed his hands away.

"No…I don't want you to be in pain because of me…"

Yuki's brother came up to me, smiling slightly.

"It seems that you are not the same Kira as before, although you are still duras."

He reached towards my leg and checked the wound before turning to Yuki and the, now scared to death, kids. He left me and somehow quieted the kids before talking to Yuki. I began falling asleep, tired from all the commotion, when Yuki's yelling woke me up.

"Someone tell me! Not being useful to anyone, not having a place to go, for what reason was I born? For what reason?"

Zess bent down and said the words I heard in my dream a few days ago.

"I am not going to betray you."

I smirked and yelled across the roof, "I'm not exactly leaving you either, you know! Someone's gotta keep you out of trouble!"

He turned and smiled gently at me, just as I blacked out.