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I awoke slowly, back in my prison-or bedroom, whichever-abdomen and shoulder covered in bandages after having been brought back to the main house for recovery. I had no clue how long I had been out, but my stomach churned in worry for Yuki and even for the other zweilts. After what had happened earlier, I was sure that the other general class that Reiga gathered were probably going to do something out of line. It was to be expected since Cadenza started the rebellion against the Reiga and, even if he did claim to still be on the Reiga's side, him trying to fight against his "master" would only encourage the others to be displeased about what was going on.

I sighed and sat up, clutching my side as my wounds stretched painfully. They're healing far to slow. Duras or not. Must be because I haven't fully unleashed my powers. I have to be stronger than this if I was unfazed by Luka's full power. I grumbled quietly to myself, remembering the two zweilts who helped me and smiling just a bit. I felt like I was getting somewhere. As though they were starting to understand me and maybe even trust me. Sure, it was only two of them, but even two people believing me felt nice. It gave me courage to do something more and made me want to get stronger if only to show the others that I could do it. That I could protect Yuki just like the rest of them and that I wasn't going to give in to the Reiga.

That reminds me, maybe I can somehow break free from this control of his if I got stronger. Seeing Cadenza nearly beat him by pure strength alone…If I unlock this power, then maybe… My thoughts were suddenly cut off though, as the ground shook beneath me and the feeling of several general class duras showing up alerted me that my previous concerns were correct. Not good. I stood up, gasping in pain as I crumpled to the ground clutching my stomach.

"Dammit." I muttered, gritting my teeth against the pain. "Heal! I don't have time to deal with this right now!"

Standing up once more, I went to the door and began pounding on it in the attempt of getting Takashiro or someone to answer it. No one was coming and I began getting more desperate.

"Takashiro! Takashiro! Let me out! I need to help! They can't handle all of them at once! Please!"

No one answered and already I could hear the sounds of battle drifting through the window. My fangs grew in my frustration and a burning in my chest fueled me with power as I took the door down, somehow breaking through the duras barrier, before I rushed down the hall and out the door of the main house. Heart pounding in my ears as I ran, my mind didn't even recognize the use of my power as I charged headfirst into the fray; sword appearing in my hands as I clashed weapons with Cadenza, ignoring Luka as he was pushed back.

More and more duras power was pushing me onward and as Cadenza's face went from surprised to amusement, I became even more aggressive. I won't let them hurt Yuki! I won't let them hurt anyone! Not even the zweilts! I growled, slowly pushing Cadenza back just as a howl cut through the noise of the battle, distracting everyone and forcing the battle to pause as everyone caught sight of Yuki standing shakily in the entrance.

"So you finally show yourself, God's light…" Cadenza said, slamming the hilt of his sword into my injured stomach, sending me to my knees as he went after Yuki who was trying to use his powers. "I can't let you do that!"

I struggled to rise, a part of me angry when Luka protected Yuki from Cadenza, but all of that disappeared as soon as Luka told Kuroto and Senshiro what to do.

"I'll keep him busy. You two look after Yuki! If he uses his power now, Yuki won't survive. Stop him before it comes to that!"

No…I rushed towards Yuki, determined to stop him. To save him. I couldn't make it more than a step though, before that collar returned, unbearably tight. So tight, in fact, that I lost it for a moment. Everything just stopped. Time froze and it was suddenly just me standing there. Nothing moving. No breeze, no sounds, nothing. Just a voice. That damned voice.

"Go. Now. Take him."

And I did. I took Yuki right from in front of everyone. I didn't remember moving in the first place. Hell, I don't know why I'm moving now or why I'm carrying Yuki in my arms. I could vaguely hear Luka shouting at me, yelling for Yuki as he turned to attack me.

"Don't move. If you move, God's Light will die, here and now." Reiga said, the only voice I could clearly hear in the fog.

Yuki couldn't move in my grip and I tried desperately to shove Reiga's control over be away the moment I saw Yuki's eyes stare at me weakly, but it wasn't working. Even when Reiga opened up the door to Infernus, I was powerless as he turned towards me.

"We're leaving."

I jumped up to the door with Yuki in my arms as the other opasts followed and as we left, my chest clenched in agony at not being able to do anything. I'm so weak. I hate it! I need to get Yuki out of here and to safety, but I can't even control myself!…I'm sorry, Yuki…I can't do anything.

Yuki was placed in a crystal of the Reiga's own making and I stayed at the Reiga's side, glaring at him in frustration. Even though he has stopped controlling me, I was powerless. I needed to stay at Yuki's side if only to protect him in from the Reiga. I knew I couldn't get him out with my strength alone, so this was the next best thing. Just then, I noticed Yuki waking up and I took a step forward, but Reiga held a hand out with a glare, stopping me. I had no choice but to obey.

"I have robbed you of your freedom." He told Yuki.

"Why? Killing me should be easy for you."

"I still have a use for you."

What could he possibly use Yuki for? I don't really understand Yuki's part in all of this, but perhaps this has something to do with Luka?

"Is that all? Are you sure it's not because Kanata is still inside of you and you just don't want to kill me?" Yuki questioned and I glanced at Reiga in slight curiosity.

That's possible…I wonder if it's true though. Is the Reiga just putting up a front in order to accomplish something? Ugh, too much thinking…

"And if I said that was true, would you betray the Giou Clan and ally yourself with me?"

"That's…" Yuki looked down sorrowfully, having no way to answer that question.

"Humans are disgusting. As we speak, the world is slowly moving towards destruction. Meteorological abnormalities caused by environmental pollution, hunger, terrorism, and wars driven by racism and religion. Humans are foolish and deeply sinful creatures."

"I have a belief." Yuki replied to the Reiga's speech. "People may not be able to live without betraying and hurting others. but kindness and warmth, emotions and courage...These important things come from people as well."

"You think you know people like this?"

"Yes. Luka and the members of the Giou Clan. And you too, Kanata. Even Kira." I looked up at the mention of my name, the corner of my lip twitching up in a small smile. "Nothing could replace the days we spent together at the Asahi orphanage. Those days will never disappear from inside me. Do you feel differently, Kanata?"

Reiga glared at him coldly. "I told you, I abandoned the name Kanata Wakamiya. I abandoned it the moment you became God's Light."

The ground beneath us quaked and I looked towards the door nervously. That's what he was doing. He lured everyone into his territory. Not good. the Reiga smirked, speaking and confirming my fears.

"We lured them into our territory. Stand there and watch as the humans you trust so much suffer."

"No…" I whispered, going towards the door to go out and help everyone, but that collar tightened, sending me to my knees in agony.

I choked and gagged, clawing at my throat in an attempt to make it stop as Yuki shouted at Reiga.

"Stop it! You're hurting him!"

"He needs to learn." Reiga countered. "I am in control, so he is not allowed to do as he pleases."

I lay on the ground, gasping for breath as the collar loosened and I glared weakly at Reiga.

"H-How are you doing this?" Yuki asked him. "I-I don't understand. What did you do to Kira?"

"You were there when Cadenza was acting out, yes? It's the same thing."

Yuki glanced at me and back to Reiga. "B-But how? Kira…He has no control! H-He tried to-"

Yuki touched his neck and I lowered my gaze in shame, closing my eyes and clenching my jaw tightly in remembrance of what had happened.

"I had nothing to do with that." Reiga said, eyes narrowing.

"I-I'm sorry…Yuki…" I muttered. "I-I didn't mean…It was the dream…"

"Dream?" He questioned, and I nodded, face still pressed against the cool floor.

"I-I…I tried to kill you…but you were…a woman." He looked shocked, but I went on. "Reiga, he…I couldn't control myself a-and Luka, he…he kills me."


The Reiga turned back towards the window. "Dreams of the past. That is what happened in our past lives. The final battle. Kira, my pawn, dies trying to kill you under my control."

"I'm sorry…" I mutter out again, tears threatening to pour out.

Just then though, the doors opened and there stood Luka, looking furious.


"Are you alright, Yuki?"


Luka turned to Reiga. "Release Yuki!"

Reiga smirked. "Hm, will both of you traitors stay together until the end of time?"

"Traitors?" Yuki said confused. "Both of us?"

"This man betrayed his own blood and chose you. You will experience the extent of your guilt firsthand."

Suddenly, Luka sent an attack at Reiga and control over me came back in an instant, forcing me to stand in front of Reiga and block the attack with my sword; duras energy flowing thickly around me.

"Things will be different this time. Lufen!" Reiga summoned his book and began summoning the dragon Vouivre whereas Luka summoned Sodom.

The two dragons assaulted each other above us, making it appear as though Reiga was going to win, but ultimately Sodom defeated Vouivre. He returned to his original from and collapsed beside Yuki with the promise to save him. Luka then gathered energy and shot it at Reiga, but I was forced to summon my own and countered the attack.

"You though defeating Vouivre meant you won? We are inside the barrier I created."

Luka attacked again, but this time, Reiga put up an ice wall that blocked Luka's attack and launched it back at him, injuring him with his own power.

"How does it feel to be injured by your own spell?" Reiga said, but his own hand was damaged by the attack and he frowned. "I'll have to kill you here."

"Please don't!" Yuki shouted, gaining our attention. "Please don't do this anymore!"

"Quiet. humans are disgusting. you have chosen those humans. I have no compassion for you. I will let you die peacefully." Reiga lifted his hand and aimed it at Yuki, but he hesitated before finally gaining the courage to attack Yuki. "Know the pain of being a traitor!"


My heart thudded painfully and I, just for an instant, broke Reiga's control over me and immediately stood before Yuki to protect him. However, someone blocked Reiga's attack before I could and the leftover sparks from it shattered the crystal barrier Yuki was in. I managed to catch him, and sighed quietly once I saw he was okay.

"Thank God…"

"Why did you interfere, Luze?" Reiga said, drawing my attention away from Yuki for a moment as I watched the approaching figure.

"I do not intend to disobey my master's will. I had simply heard that God's Light is essential to achieve our goals." The man said, as Luka recognized him.

"Luze." He growled out.

"Good to see you again, Luka. Or should I call you brother?"

"Luka, is this man…" Yuki questioned as he stood.

"Yes. He is my younger twin brother."

"What should we do, Fowler?" Luze asked Reiga.

"Destroy all who stand in our way."

"Understood." Luze lifted his sword. "Prepare yourself, Luka Crosszeria."

Their swords clashed and bother seemed equally matched, speaking as they fought.

"Why did you abandon the status you finally achieved to side with the humans?!"

"I do not regret my decision."

"That's not what I'm asking. doesn't our family's humiliation after your betrayal, disturb you at all?!"

"Luka…" Yuki said quietly.

"Another one of your crimes." Reiga said.


"Light will always cast a shadow. Even if you forget, you will always find each other. And the purer your feelings, the greater the darkness."

"I create darkness?"

"That's why I wanted you."

The ground suddenly quaked once more and everyone looked up to see the barrier cracking and opening long enough for someone to land before us. That someone, was Takashiro.

"You're here, Takashiro?"

Dark power flowed out of him and I felt that power practically absorb into me, egging on my duras.

"I fell to your level long ago."

"I'll stop you!" Luze shouted, but Luka stopped him. "You again?!"

"Are you that desperate to defeat me, Takashiro?" Reiga said, ignoring the ongoing fight.

"It's been thousands of years. It's time for you to experience these burning emotions." Takashiro responded.

"I will bury your words and your life in oblivion!"

The two began covering themselves in energy before flying off and attacking each other. I went to get Yuki to safety, but could immediately tell that something was wrong.


He didn't even notice I was there as he watched the two ongoing fights. That didn't mean I would stand by and let him lose control again.

"Yuki! Listen to me! Please! You can't use your powers again! Luka said…Luka said you would die!" I reached out towards him, just as a bright light shown out and power began radiating from him.

It hurt. The light from him hurt me, just as it had before, but I stayed where I was and tried to calm Yuki down as the others took notice and ceased fighting.

"Is this the Halo Wall?" Luze questioned and Reiga shouted at him.

"Get back, Luze!"


"His power will be unleashed. when God's light runs beyond control, darkness is dispelled. a duras's very existence would suffer serious damage."

Luze hurried off-as did the other opasts, most likely-but I stayed where I was as the light spread out. It felt like I was burning or on fire, but I needed to get to Yuki. I needed to stop him.

"Yuki!" Luka shouted behind me.

"Luka stay back! I can't stop it! I can't stop it anymore!" Yuki shouted at him, but he smiled calmly.

"It's all right. Wait there."


I fought against the light as well, but I could slowly feel it eating away at me. Takashiro suddenly spotted me then and shouted out at me.

"Kira! Get out of there!"

I shook my head, eyes squinted against the light. "No! I need to save him! I-I need to help!"

I forced myself to face the onslaught of light and struggled to get closer, turning to face my right side towards Yuki as I reached out to him. I shouldn't have been surprised that Luka got to him first, but it really hurt. I was struggling to reach him just as much as Luka, but I was still ignored. I was invisible. So once the light dispersed and Luka caught the unconscious Yuki, I wasn't sure what to do. Reiga was still there and a part of me almost wanted to go with him. I wanted to be noticed. To be needed by someone. He could give me that, but then Yuki…Would he care? Luka is more important to him than I am, right? W-What should I do? I had a very big decision to make in that moment and, once I had decided, I left; injured, tired, and alone. I went away from Infernus and, away from Yuki.