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The twins had only been home for school a day and they were both up in Harry's room talking about telling everyone that Harry shares some of Buffy's slayer power. Those last few weeks before school ended Harry and Buffy found out that it's not only speed he got but some strength as well. They had been testing for the past few weeks just to see how much he had gotten. When their link was open Harry found that his senses were more enhanced. When Buffy would block him his senses would go back to normal, but the strength and speed would remain. They had decided that now was a good as time as any to tell the others. They headed downstairs and were glad to see that everyone was in the parlor. They all looked up at Harry's and Buffy's arrival.

"Buffy, good, I was just about to come get you for a bit of training." Ethan said from where he was sitting.

"Okay but Harry and I have something we need to tell all of you."

"What is it Buffy?" Joyce asked concern adorning her face.

"Buffy and I believe that the bond that we share has shared some of her slayer powers with me."

"What?" "How?" "Are you sure?" Were some of the questions Harry and Buffy were able to pick out.

"What makes you two think Harry is sharing your slaying powers?" Ethan asked.

"Before school let out I woke up early one morning and decided I wanted to go for a run. Harry was up and he went with me. We ran from the school to Hagrid's hut. Well my playful side came out and I started a running game of tag. At first I wasn't really using slayer speed, so Harry caught up with me and tagged me. When he started running I followed."

"Buffy caught up to me about three-fourths of the way to Hagrid's. When we reached Hagrid's Buffy suggested we race back. She won but I pretty much kept up with her pace. Then we race going back down and I won. I just figured Buffy had let me win."

"But I hadn't. A few days later we did a few tests and Harry has some of my strength. He's not as strong as I am but stronger than average." Buffy told them.

"Incredible, I've never heard of anything like this. Do you two share any other of Buffy's power?" Ethan asked.

"When our mind link is open Harry's senses become almost as good as mine, but if I keep it shut they return to normal."

"Both of you go get change in to workout clothes I think we need to run some test of our own." Ethan said looking at the others who nodded.

Harry and Buffy looked at each other and shrugged before heading to go upstairs to change.

A very hot and tired Buffy and Harry trudge back into the house with the adults muttering behind them. Ethan had Buffy and Harry run several races with Buffy winning some and Harry winning some. After that Ethan tested their strength by conjuring objects for them to lift and objects got heavier as they went. Harry had lifted more than the average human but only half of what Buffy could lift. After that their senses were tested. Ethan was impressed at how well Buffy could hone her senses already. They finished up with a sparring lesson. Both Buffy and Harry had taken a turn with Ethan. Now as they plopped down tiredly on the couch in the parlor they were glad to see some cold lemonade on the table and some cookies. They both grabbed a glass and a cookie as the adults sat down. Before anyone could say anything there was a tapping on the room's window. Everyone looked toward the window as Rupert being the closest opened the window. The owl flew in and went over to Ethan. Ethan took the letter to see who it was from. Everyone noticed the grim look on his face.

"What's wrong Ethan?" Remus asked.

"It's from Wesley. I had planned to take Buffy to the Hellmouth for a week before school started up again, but we'll need to leave immediately. Faith went missing after she staked Angelus. Wesley needs us to protect the Hellmouth until Faith can be found."

"Why would Faith disappear after staking some vampire?" Harry asked.

"Angelus wasn't just any vampire. He was the vampire cursed with a soul named also known as Angel." Ethan told them.

"Angel? As in Faith's boyfriend Angel? Faith was dating a vampire?" Buffy asked shocked.

"Yes ironic isn't it? A vampire slayer dating a vampire. Up until about five months ago everything was fine and Angel's soul was still intact."

"What happened? Why did Angel go evil?" Joyce asked.

"The curse that was placed upon him said if he experiences a moment of pure happiness he would lose his soul and once again become the evil vampire he truly is."

"What was his moment of happiness?" Buffy asked.

"He and Faith consummated their relationship."

It took several seconds for both Buffy and Harry to realize what Ethan meant and soon they both had wide deer in headlights eyes and blushing red cheeks. Buffy was the first to recover.

"When are we leaving?" Buffy asked.

"I'll send the owl back and you and I will apparate there tonight." Ethan told her.

"I'm coming too." Harry told them in no uncertain terms. Everyone could see by his look that if they denied him he would sneak out and go anyway. Ethan nodded.

"Anyone else?"

"How bout it Moony? Feel up to a trip to the Hellmouth?" Sirius asked.

"Why not. Someone has to keep you out of trouble." Remus said dramatically which caused Buffy to laugh.

"Rupert? Joyce? What about you?" Ethan asked.

"Joyce and I have a lot of work that's needs to be done but we promise to visit as often as we can." Rupert told them.

"All right, I suggest that everyone go and pack. We'll be leaving in a few hours." Ethan told them.

Everyone nodded and Buffy, Harry, Ethan, Sirius, and Remus all headed to their rooms to pack.

Buffy had finished her letter to Cedric to let him know that they would be heading to the Hellmouth and would probably be there for most of her break. She then quickly finished packing and brought her stuff downstairs. Neither Harry nor Buffy were sure what to bring, so they had just packed a variety of different clothes each making sure to have the outfits they got for their birthday's last year. Buffy was the last to join the group in the parlor. Rupert and Joyce gave Harry and Buffy hugs and kisses telling them they would see them soon and to be careful.

"Are we ready?" Ethan asked and everyone nodded.

"Buffy you take hold of my hand and Harry take hold of Sirius. Remus you've got the luggage." They all nodded. Buffy took Ethan's hand a bit nervously. The feeling of apparating with someone was a bit disorienting at first but soon it was over. In a blink of an eye Buffy soon found herself standing in the foyer of a beautiful house. She looked around to see that though they were in America the furniture was all old English.

"I thought I heard a popping sound." Wesley said coming from out of the kitchen. "Hello everyone. If you'll follow me I'll show you to your rooms. I'm afraid that you all will have to share. Buffy, you'll be staying in Faith's room."

"Have you heard anything from Faith?" Buffy asked.

"No though I have a few leads about where she might be and I'll be following up on them tomorrow. Two of you will be staying in this room here and the other two will be staying in the room next door. Buffy, if you'll follow me Faith's room is at the end of the hall. Once you've all settled come down stairs and I'll give you a tour of the house and Sunnydale."

Everyone nodded. Buffy followed him down the hall as Sirius, Harry, Remus, and Ethan decided who was going to stay with whom.

It had been decided that Sirius and Harry would share one room while Remus and Ethan took the other. Once they were all settled they headed downstairs. Wesley gave them a quick tour of the house before they headed out for a tour of Sunnydale. Since it was daylight out they didn't take much with them weapon wise as most creatures in Sunnydale preferred night. Wesley showed them where all the cemeteries were at and took them the spots he and Faith usually found demons at. By the time they had returned to the house, Buffy saw Willow standing next to a boy that Buffy assumed was Xander. Willow had been writing in her letters how much she wanted Buffy and Harry to meet him.

"Buffy! Harry! I can't believe you both are finally here." Willow called out to them waving excitedly. "I mean I can believe you're here because you're here, but I didn't think it would have been until the end of summer, and with Faith..."

"Wills, you're babbling." Xander said placing a hand over her mouth. "I'm Xander Harris by the way. It's nice to finally meet you. Willow and Faith have told me all about you."

"It's nice to meet you Xander." Harry said shaking Xander's free hand.

"Willow has been telling me all about you." Buffy said giving him a smile as she shook his hand.

"All good things I hope." Xander said giving Buffy a bit of a flirtatious smile. The hand over Willow's mouth slowly dropping.

"I can't remember her saying one bad thing about you." Buffy told him.

"Has Willow ever said anything bad about anyone?" Harry asked teasingly causing the others to laugh and Willow to give a pout.

"I don't know about the rest of you but I could use a spot of tea and some rest before tonight's patrol." Ethan had said as he headed for the house.

Remus and Sirius agreed with them but Harry and Buffy wanted to visit with Willow and Xander. They all went into the house where Wesley made tea and the kids had sodas. After their refreshments Ethan, Remus, and Sirius retired to their room to sleep. Harry, Willow, Buffy, and Xander talked while Wesley made the final preparations for his trip to find Faith.

Patrolling that night had been pretty easy as they only had a few vampires and two demons. Harry with his enhanced features, thanks to the link he and Buffy share, even manage to stake a vampire or two on his own. They both felt it was a real accomplishment. Upon returning to Wesley's home they all stayed up for a bit to let the adrenaline from patrol wear off. Once it did they were all off too bed. The next morning when Harry and Buffy had gotten up, it was to find Remus and Sirius trying to figure out how to use the stove and other appliances in the kitchen. The kitchen was a mess and Remus and Sirius were covered in flour. Both Harry and Buffy held back laughs, but Ethan hadn't when he had saw the two.

"Why don't you let me make breakfast before you burn Mr. Wyndam-Pryce's home down? Pancakes all right with everyone?" Buffy asked. Both Remus and Sirius nodded gratefully.

"Pancakes sound fine. Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Ethan asked. He didn't cherish having to force himself to eat un-edible food for his slayer's sake.

"Buffy makes the best pancakes." Harry told him.

"Harry and I did most of the cooking when we lived with the Dursley's. Sometimes it was the only way we'd get a decent meal." Buffy said with a sad look as the bad memories of that time surfaced.

"Hey that's in the past and you never have to deal with them again." Remus reminded her as he hugged her tightly.

"Come on Buffy, I'll help you make breakfast." Harry said as he also came up and hugged Buffy.

"Make sure you leave the eggshells out of the batter." Buffy said with a teasing smile.

Buffy, Remus, and Harry laughed at seeing Ethan and Sirius' looks of horror at the thought of eating eggshell pancakes.

"Buffy and I used to purposely do that to the Dursley's food but we never to our own." Harry said as they entered the kitchen.

The first priority was to get the kitchen into a cleaner state so that they could begin cooking. Buffy looked up at her guardian.

"Would you two at least clean up your mess before we get started?" Buffy asked trying to give them her best stern look but couldn't hold it for long before she started laughing.

Both Remus and Sirius took out their wands and began using a spell to put the kitchen back in order. Once they were done Buffy and Harry began cooking while Remus and Sirius went to clean up.

Thirty minutes later Buffy and Harry had made pancakes, sausage, coffee, tea, and orange juice for everyone. Harry had set five places at the dining table having found out the Wesley had already left. They had just sat down and were loading up their plates when there was a popping noise.

"Cedric! What a surprise! What are you doing here?" Buffy got up from her chair and ran over to greet her boyfriend.

Buffy hugged him tightly before the two quickly kissed knowing they had an audience. When they broke apart Cedric held on to Buffy as he spoke.

"I got my apparting license today and I wanted to see you. I wanted to come as soon as I got it but dad reminded it me that it was four in the morning here. It's been hard waiting for it to become a decent hour."

"I'm so glad you're here. We were just about to eat breakfast. Would like some?" Buffy asked looking him in the eyes.

"Did you make the pancakes?" Buffy nodded. "Sure, I've wanted to taste these pancakes that Harry and the Giles' have talked so famously about."

Ethan used his wand to lengthen the table a bit more and produced a chair by Buffy. Buffy used her wandless magic to bring a plate, fork, knife, glass, and napkin to where Cedric was going to sit. Cedric and Buffy moved to sit down and soon everyone was eating.

The next two months had gone slowly or quickly depending on who you asked. For Wesley the next two months had gone by slowly as he searched many places for Faith with very little success. For Buffy, Harry, Xander, and Willow it went by fast meaning that school would be starting soon especially for Willow and Xander. Joyce and Rupert would visit Harry and Buffy each weekend each time bringing fresh baked cookies. Cedric would apparate in at least three times a week if not more. Ron and Hermione sent letters at least once a week and had visited three times. The last time had been on the twins birthday. This year their birthday celebration was a much quieter affair with a small gathering for dinner at Wesley's home. Now it was August. Buffy, Harry, Cedric, Willow, and Xander were out on patrol when the clear night sky grew darker as if the moon and the stars had been turned off. The air around them grew colder and colder to the point where they could see their breath.

"Is it me or did it just get blindingly dark?" Xander asked.

"Guys? What's going on?" Willow asked frighteningly reaching for Xander's hand.

"I'm not sure." Buffy told her as she began to look around.

Buffy had felt this affect before last year and knew that it could only mean one thing, but that was impossible. There was no way Dementors would be there in Sunnydale. It wasn't long before her eyes landed on the black cloaked creatures.

"Harry do you see what I see?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah but what are they doing here? They can't be attracted to the Hellmouth can they?"

"I don't know but those are definitely Dementors." Cedric said as he reached for his wand.

"Willow, you and Xander stay as close to us as possible. We'll explain what's going on later." Buffy told them. The three of them surrounded Willow and Xander with their backs facing the duo and their wands out pointed at the Dementors.

"Expecto Patronum!" The three voices of Buffy, Harry, and Cedric said.

The trio watched as their wands lit up in a silvery mist. A doe, a stag, and a badger began driving the Dementors back. It wasn't long before the three silvery mist animals had driven the Dementors away, and the stars were back in the sky.


Harry, Buffy, and Cedric turned with wands at the ready, and were relieved to see Remus, Sirius, Ethan, Wesley, and Faith. Remus, Sirius, and Ethan had their wands drawn. Wesley was carrying a sword while Faith carried an axe.

"Are you lot all right?" Sirius asked as he and Remus began to fuss making sure the twins were okay.

"A little shaken but other than that I think we're all okay." Buffy said looking at the others who nodded in agreement. "What are you guys doing here and when did you get back Faith?"

"Faith had a slayer dream and came back to warn us about you being attacked by Dementors." Remus told them.

"A tad late but thanks for the warning. Why would Dementors be in Sunnydale? Are they attracted to the Hellmouth? And if they are why is this the first time I'm seeing them."

When Buffy finished she looked up to see that most of the group had smiles on her face including Cedric and Harry.

"What are you smiling at?" Buffy asked clearly confused.

"Did you even take a breath when you said that?" Cedric asked.

"That was almost as good as when Willow babbles." Harry told her.

"Well Willow is the best." Xander said still smiling. "Is someone going to tell us what just happened because that was freaky?"

"Let's get back to the house and we can talk." Remus suggested.

"That's sounds like a good idea. It would seem we have a lot to discuss tonight." Wesley said as he and Faith took the lead to head back to the house.

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