So um. .. I really have no explanation for what you're about to read but if you haven't watched Lady Gaga's "Born this way" because you're from Narnia or something, I suggest you jump on the youtube machine and have yourself a look. . ..


Goo, Gaga and Gloom


"Shut it Sam," grumbled Dean, scowling as a large gob of green goo slowly made it's way down the side of his face, it's passage aided by the light coat of the slimy stuff all over his head.

"I told you not to piss off the bruja," replied Sam, doing absolutely nothing to hide his amusement at the sight of his green, slimy brother.

"The what ha?" asked Dean, looking over his shoulder as he slid his baby into the parking spot outside the motel, doing his best not to think about what the green slime was probably doing to her upholstery. That stuff was going to be a bitch to get out off the seat. The slime would be easy enough to clean off, the foul smell was what worried him.

"Bruja, it's what the witches in that area call themselves," explained Sam, sliding out of the car.

"I don't care what they. .. . . .Hello," said Dean, stopping midway to answer his phone.

"What's going on?" asked Sam, as his brother's irritated expression turned to one of sheer terror.

"Ok, hang on, we'll be there soon," said Dean, snapping his phone shut before turning to Sam. "Nothing, let's go get a room," said .

"Dude, we already have a room, Cas is in there waiting for us," said Sam, furrowing his brow in confusion.

"Exactly, I don't think you wanna go in there right now," said Dean, wiping a blob of goo off his forehead.

"Why not?" asked Sam curiously. "And who was on the phone?"

"The news is over and Cas is halfway through what sounds like 'Born this way,'" replied Dean.

"So?" asked Sam, raising an eyebrow at Dean.

"It's the seven minute version and he has. . . . questions," came the reply.

"You mean the one with the eggs, and the. .. the giving birth and chin eyes?" asked Sam, his fears confirmed as Dean nodded, sending another large green gob sliding down the back of his head and into the neck of his jacket.

"Screw another room, let's find another motel," said Sam sliding back into the impala, forgetting about the fact that the smell of the slime had him on the verge of puking mere minutes ago.


Cas turned to look out the window as a familiar sound drifted to him. He frowned in confusion as he recognized the black car speeding out of the motel parking lot, driven by what appeared to be a green, slimy vaguely familiar man. He dismissed it as he had bigger things to worry about. Cas turned back to the televison as a female skeleton in a suit flipped her pink hair around on the screen. He hoped the boys came back soon, he wasn't quite sure what the lady in the black bathing suit was doing now, but there had been mention of monsters, evil and claims that God had created her with pink hair and skeletal features for a purpose which she had yet to reveal. But not to worry, Dean would be back with an answer soon. Dean always had the answer, granted it wasn't always the right answer, but his instincts were usually . .. most of the time. .. sometimes correct.


So uh. .. .yeah. .. thoughts? comments? candy?