Roger x Maurice. :D I have gotten quite fond of this pairing, honestly.

And Jack x Roger's good too. NONE OF THAT JALPH-Y STUFF. NO. I'M STICKING WITH MY ROCK AND… uh… Rogice?

Whatever. On with the oneshot. x3

He really shouldn't be scared. It was just a flying insect barely bigger than his thumb. But he was scared. This tiny, insignificant moth had reduced him to a shaking, littleun-like creature.

He didn't even know why it was out. Weren't moths nocturnal? Maybe if he went outside the sun would be too much. Yeah, he could run out of the cave and-

Nope. Not going to happen. As if it had read his mind, the moth fluttered between him and the exit. Roger shrunk into the wall of the cave, letting out an involuntary squeak of horror.

Maurice entered the cave, passing the moth as if it wasn't even there. Roger glanced at him, then locked his gaze back on the moth.

"Jack's wondering – what are you doing?" Maurice asked, nose wrinkling. Roger swallowed and managed a word.


Roger had failed. He'd never be able to live this down, he'd been scared stiff by a moth. And Maurice still didn't know what was going on.

"Can you kill it?"

"Kill what?" Maurice asked, looking around. Eventually, his gaze focused on the moth. "This butterfly?"


"Butterfly, moth, same thing." Seeing Roger's expression, however, he caught the fluttering creature between his hand and the wall and crushed it. Roger stepped away from the wall, glancing at the dead thing.

"T-thank you," he said. He was still scared for some reason, the moth was dead. On a whim, he hugged the other boy. "Don't tell Jack or I'll kill you."

Maurice laughed, returned the hug, and stepped away. "Aw, you wouldn't kill me."

"I would if you told Jack."

"Everyone's scared of something. Just because yours is incredibly irrational-"

"It's not irrational!"

"Roger, everything about you is irrational," Maurice pointed out. Roger thought about this statement for a bit, then shrugged.

"So, what's yours?" he finally said. Maurice blinked.


"What are you scared of?" roger said, getting the feeling that Maurice was just stalling. The boy in question bit down on his lower lip.

"Um… heights?" Maurice offered. Roger rolled his eyes.

"You have climbing races with Bill and Robert every morning."

"I thought you didn't pay enough attention to notice that. You always seem like you're focusing on ignoring everyone," Maurice said. Roger snorted.

"I am. But you always try to get me to join you," he replied. Another question crossed his mind. "Why?"

Maurice didn't bother to pretend he didn't know what was going on. "I like you."

"What scares you?"


"Why do I-" Roger cut himself off when Maurice placed hands on either sides of his head, forcing him to look up. "What are you doing."

"You're short…" Maurice mused.

"I'm aware. Let go of my head."

"I'm nine years old. I'm nine, and I feel like this. You're not much better, eleven, but you're not going to do anything about yours…"

"Let go of my head."

"You're so little…"

"You're freakishly oversized. Let go of my head."

Maurice finally let go of Roger, studying his face. "I'm scared of what I feel. You're scared of something as irrational and harmless as a moth, and here I am confessing to you that I feel weird things about you."

Roger was frozen, staring at Maurice. No, no, this was all wrong. Maurice… no.

Maurice kissed his cheek and left the cave, uncharacteristically gloomy.

Roger just stood there.

And I will have you know that moths are a very legit fear.

And Roger's scared of his feelings, too, but he just locks them up instead of being all Maurice-y and awesome.

I hope you enjoyed it. :3