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He hadn't meant to let any of this happen, but here Roxas was, in his boss's dim office two hours after five on a Friday, half naked, with the small of his back crushed against the vice president's desk, frotting wildly against the rock-hard erection of the man he had secretly lusted after for three months.


Being forced to work hours of overtime was a daily joy for Roxas, but he had expected as much when he became an intern at this office. Being overworked was normal fare for interns. Falling for the boss wasn't. Or at least Roxas hoped this would never happen again. It shouldn't have happened this time, but there it was. Since starting here in June, Roxas had been tortured by fantasies about his employer at all hours, every day.

It didn't help that Axel was the wrong kind of guy to fall for. He was a vice president because his father was a board member, and he obviously had no problem exploiting that advantage, as well as any other he might come across. He created opportunities where none were present; he never hesitated but never made a wrong step. According to office rumor, he was a manipulative bastard in his personal life. And the office should know. Several of Axel's women had made a point of letting him know exactly what they thought of him, loudly and right there in the office, before walking out on him. Axel would smile at them and grin as they walked away, eyes traveling down for a last leer at their legs or ass, and then turn, wink devilishly at the secretary, and get back to work without seeming the slightest bit bothered.

Roxas knew that a guy like Axel wasn't good for him. He knew that he was just an intern, of no value at all to a powerful, upward-climbing vice president. And he knew, knew, knew that he was male and Axel had only been dumped by glamorous women with large breasts, at least as far as Roxas had seen. He knew it all, but it didn't matter.

Because, at the end of the day, Axel was ridiculously good-looking, charming as hell when he wanted to be, and an exceptionally good boss. He handled his job and his employees magnificently, he never lost his composure, and his smile was enough to make Roxas swallow hard, hidden in his cubicle across the room, sneaking glances through the windows of the VP's office.

Just Axel's smile was usually enough to make Roxas' heart race and face flush, and on this particular Friday, there had been more. Roxas had no idea who Axel had been talking to during that phone call, but his expression had been unmistakably lascivious, clear to the blond even at a distance. He could still see the curl of that sinful smirk in his mind, even now in the dim office, alone, late on a Friday afternoon, long after everyone else had dumped the rest of their work on the intern and taken off for Happy Hour. Roxas sat in front of his glowing monitor in the dim, shadowy corner that housed his cubicle. His eyes were unfocused, gazing through the spreadsheet at the memory of that wickedly charming grin…imagining it directed at him.

Swallowing, Roxas bit his lip. He couldn't help filling in the picture…just a little. That smirk and those venom-green eyes staring at him, focused on Roxas and no one else. Large hands – he'd seen them a few times, close enough to know how big and strong they were. They would touch him, slide down his body intentionally…and stroke oh-so-slowly over his crotch. Roxas' hands crept toward his lap – he was already sure there was no one to see, the janitor had left fifteen minutes ago, and right now, Roxas couldn't face another minute of Microsoft Excel without a little relief first.

His fingers slipped over the fabric of his slacks, moving over his crotch, and Roxas sighed. Increasing the pressure on his stiffening cock, he moaned softly. God, yes… An overworked intern couldn't be blamed for this, could he? After all, he was only human, and thanks to being at the bottom of the office food chain, he was missing out on a much-needed Happy Hour. Actually, he was missing out on a lot of enjoyable things, thanks to this ridiculously demanding job eating up all his free time. No one would know, anyway…

He gave up rationalizing right about there and unzipped his slacks without further delay. Truthfully, even if he knew for a fact that he was going to get caught and be fired in the morning for this, Roxas wasn't sure he could have stopped anymore. Not with Axel's lecherous smirk so clear in his mind and his hands already wrapping tightly around his erection.

It was a good fantasy too – Roxas could be pretty imaginative, given something more interesting than a spreadsheet to work with. In his mind, he finally got to meet Axel outside of work, accidentally running into him at a bar. Suddenly, they were alone together – who cared how, they just were – and Axel was looking at him with that sexual smile, like Roxas was the tastiest thing he'd ever contemplated swallowing…and then he was swallowing him, and pushing him down onto some hotel bed or something, his tongue working around Roxas' cock, slick fingers opening him up, and then he'd make Roxas spread his legs…and Roxas would scream as Axel started pounding into his body, hot and hard and fast…

"Uuuunnnngghh, Axel…" Face plastered against his desk, Roxas groaned heavily, his chair rocking forward slightly as his hips thrust in time to the rapid strokes of his hands. For a fleeting moment, he told himself he probably shouldn't do more than this…but he ached to feel the sensation of penetration, and his common sense only lasted a heartbeat. One hand slid away from his cock with a slow glide, collecting precome on his fingers before slipping behind, into his pants, pressing in… The motion-sensitive lights over by the door clicked on, and a split second later, Roxas heard that door shut. How he hadn't heard it open…well, maybe he did know. That groan just now hadn't been very quiet.

Roxas froze. For three seconds of silence, he didn't move. Then, hoping that he hadn't been noticed yet, he sank downward in his chair, thinking only of disappearing under his desk. He would stay there until this whole situation just went away. They didn't see, they didn't… Even though his cubicle was in plain view from the door. Maybe it's only the hung-over janitor…

"Roxas, may I see you in my office?"

His stomach hit the floor with an ice-cold plop. He didn't dare turn around to face the owner of the smirking, deceptively casual voice. His peeled-wide blue eyes remained fixed on the spreadsheet he wasn't seeing. Shit. Shit. Shit. Oh shit. Shit. Oh shit oh shit. His voice was hoarse as he mumbled, "Yes, sir."

The door to the VP's office opened and closed behind him, and Roxas was immediately scrambling to get back into his clothes and cleaned up. Even worse, to his shock and dismay he hadn't completely lost his erection, in spite of being discovered in the worst way possible. Oh God, what is wrong with me? Shifting, Roxas did his best to hide it and ignore the twisted possibility that he was aroused simply because he was alone with Axel – everything else be damned.

Tidied back up as much as possible, Roxas couldn't find any other reason to avoid facing this conversation. He could only do as he'd been told and cross the office to Axel's door. Pausing in front of the solid oak surface, he took a deep breath before knocking twice.

"Come in." Ugh. He could still hear that smirk in Axel's voice.

The vice president was sitting casually in his chair, behind his desk. "Ah, Roxas," he began lightly, almost as if he were surprised, "Do come in. And shut the door, please."

"Yes sir." He obeyed, but only took a step forward into the room before stopping. This was it. He was fired. And he'd probably be missing a few vital organs on his way out, too.

"Well." Axel regarded him pleasantly in the dim office, as if it were midday and they were discussing work. "Care to explain to me what I just witnessed?"

Shoving aside panic and misery, Roxas croaked, "Sir, I apologize for my extremely unprofessional and inappropriate behavior…"

"I didn't ask if you cared to apologize," Axel cut in, still smiling blandly. "I asked if you cared to explain. That means I want you to tell me why you were masturbating in the office and moaning my name."

Shit. Shit. Oh bloody shit. Roxas' final ray of hope that Axel had missed a detail or two…died. He should have known. When had Axel ever missed anything?

Horrified to feel his eyes stinging slightly and his nose prickling, Roxas swallowed hard a few times. No escape. He had to just say it. The truth. Say it and just accept the consequences. And, even though he knew there was no dignity for him in this situation…well, he could pretend.

Collecting the bits of his smashed heart, crushed pride, and scattered mind, Roxas looked up to meet sharp green eyes with determination. "I was doing it because I have a crush on you. I'm gay, and I want you. A lot. That…" Pretty much covers it, actually. Roxas couldn't think of anything else to add. "That's all. That's…the reason why." Here it comes. Fury, cold as ice, hatred…Roxas held his breath, waiting.

Axel snorted. "Clearly."

Roxas' brain flat-out refused to process his boss's not-furious – mildly amused and interested? – tone. He could only blink at the vice president, jaw a little slack. Axel smirked again and stood up, lazily slow. Roxas shuddered to notice green eyes fixed on him – on him, for maybe the first time ever, just like in his fantasy. Axel was strolling languidly around his huge desk, watching Roxas like…like prey.

"I'm impressed that you could get that out so well. Very brave of you, very…honest. I thought I might give you a reward if you managed to look me in the eye and tell the truth. Good job on that." He leaned back against the front of the desk, crossing his arms as his grin widened. "So…Roxas…what kind of reward would you like?"

For three and a half seconds, Roxas scrambled for an answer to a question he didn't even believe he'd heard. Can I keep my job? Can I go now? Please don't tell anyone, please don't fire me? Please fire me? Forget this ever happened? Did he really say…

"No suggestions? No problem. I have a perfect reward for you." Axel leveled impossibly sharp green eyes at the blond, taking Roxas' breath away with a look, and the vice president's voice dropped to a wicked purr as he finished, "Come here and blow me."

As if making sure Roxas didn't get lost – wondering if Axel had actually said that or if it was just another fantasy – the vice president made himself crystal clear with a quick gesture to the front of his pants.

Unable to breathe, Roxas gasped, "Wh-wha…?"

"You heard me." The tone was still light, but not at all joking. Axel always meant exactly what he said. "I told you to come over here and blow me. That means you're going to need to have my cock in your mouth in the next 30 seconds, or things will stop going well for you."

What. The. Fuck. Roxas knew he shouldn't have been able to react to something like that, let alone be able to obey. He should have been too shocked to respond…but unfortunately, Roxas was also an aroused young male, faced with an invitation from the man he yearned for. It was ludicrous, impossible, and downright wrong, but he was already taking the final step to close the distance between himself and his boss, and whatever his mind and heart knew, his body didn't care in the least. His body was screaming for Axel, and he was too infatuated to even pretend to resist.

Inches apart, Roxas paused. He glanced up into sharp green eyes and involuntarily shivered – Axel was so close. Roxas could catch his scent from here, could just feel the heat from his body… Am I really going to do this?

A glint, and the grin stretched again. "On your knees. Now." Roxas melted to the floor, still staring upward into those unrelenting eyes. Axel nodded slightly and whispered, "Do it."

Roxas' answer was a shaky sigh – barely audible, yet it felt loud in the silent office. "Yes…sir." Hands shaking, he unbuttoned Axel's slacks and tugged the zipper down. The vice president lazily tossed his tie over his shoulder to get it out of his employee's way. And then…

Roxas shuddered. This is…his. His boss's cock was warm in his hands, and Roxas couldn't think or breathe or believe this was happening. All he could do was stare, fingers trembling as they moved slowly over the member. It began to swell in his hands, making Roxas lightheaded with desire. He heard a chuckle above him.

"You really want it, don't you?" Strong fingers dug into his hair, pulling his head up at an angle and forcing Roxas to look up.

"Yes. Please…" Roxas swallowed, hard. His throat felt dry…

With a slight tug, Axel pulled Roxas' face closer to his half-hard cock, purring, "Go ahead then, my slutty little intern. Suck me."

Oh God yes, say that again, call me your slut… With a soft moan, Roxas gave in and did it. His tongue slipped out between parted lips and tentatively licked the length – once, slowly, from tip to base. Axel's taste hit him, full and strong – male. Heat surged through Roxas, heat and want and instinct, and his hesitation vanished. Opening his mouth wider, Roxas began working his tongue around his boss's fast-hardening member. His own erection strained in his pants – it had taken only a moment for Roxas to get fully hard again. He moved rapidly, coating Axel's cock with his saliva, feeling him swelling even bigger. When his boss was fully erect, Roxas moaned lustfully and slid his mouth down over the head, working his tongue around hot flesh as he opened his throat, swallowing as he sucked more and more of Axel into his mouth.

"Mmmh…I figured you'd be good at this…my pretty little slut. A face like that…perfect for fucking." Axel's hips jerked forward slightly a few times, forcing his cock deeper into Roxas' mouth. Roxas moaned again, swallowing around the cockhead deep in his throat while kneading Axel's sac with one hand. The flavor of precome on his tongue made Roxas whimper, and his own slacks were agonizingly tight. Growing desperate, he let his free hand creep down, quickly opening his pants and grabbing hold of himself. Too aroused to think, Roxas began masturbating hard and fast, aching for release as his boss's cock thrust between his lips.

"Hey!" A powerful yank to his hair dragged Roxas away, whimpering in protest, still wanting more… "Did I say you could touch yourself?" Axel's deep voice was low and soft – dangerously serious.

"Sorry sir…" Roxas gasped as he was dragged to his feet. Axel yanked him forward, crushing Roxas against his chest. This close, Roxas' head had to crane back to look up into Axel's eyes. He felt the hot shape of Axel's erection pressed against his stomach. Roxas' hands were trapped between their bodies, and the feel of Axel's firm chest made him tremble. He felt crazy with longing, with Axel's beautiful face so close, so composed, controlled… Roxas panted, trying to stretch upward, yearning to taste those irresistible lips…

The hand in his hair squeezed into a fist and held him still. "Oh, no you don't. I'm not interested in kissing a mouth I've just fucked." Axel's tone was deceptively light, a tiny smirk curling the corners of his mouth. "Don't get greedy, little intern. If you're really that crazy about me that you'd jerk off in the office, I imagine you'll take what you can get, right?" Roxas shivered as Axel's other hand slid down behind his body, grabbing a handful of his ass and kneading. His voice was a hot whisper, his lips hovering so close, now… "You'd love to be my little fucktoy, wouldn't you?"

Roxas couldn't stop himself – his answer came out in a desperate rush. "Yes sir, yes…I love it. I…" He looked up to meet Axel's thrilling green eyes. "I just want to be near you. I don't care what you do to me…just let me be close to you, and I'll do anything you want. And…please don't fire me." Roxas added the last bit almost as an afterthought. It was an important point, but…at the moment, his mind was more focused on Axel, and the fact that Axel was aroused – because of him.

"Oh, I won't fire you. I never waste a good slut." Roxas shivered at the word, his face a mask of pure want at he stared as his boss's lips as if silently begging him to say it again. "Heh. You like that, don't you?" A hand cupped his chin firmly, tilting his head back even further as Axel gazed down at him. "You get off on me calling you names? How naughty." He leaned down, purring, so close to Roxas' lips…almost… "So, how would you like to be punished, my naughty little whore?"

He couldn't hold back his deep, aroused moan. "Uuunnh, please…use me."

A little flicker that looked like surprise lit green eyes for just a moment before Axel smirked. "Well. Since you're so honest…gladly." As he spoke, he pushed, and the next moment Roxas found himself pinned with his back to the desk – and then Axel's hips snapped forward against his own, and Roxas gasped. Dribbling precome from Roxas' aching erection smeared against his boss's saliva-coated penis as the man thrust again, again, again, his body a hard wall above Roxas, caging him against the desk as Axel gripped their erections together and thrust harder, grunting a little with the effort. Roxas' voice broke as he cried out, clinging to Axel's arms and responding on pure instinct, throwing all the force he could manage into answering Axel's movements, grinding his arousal up against the other man's, feeling the jolt of almost painful pleasure when the ridges around their cockheads rubbed together.

Without warning, Roxas' orgasm exploded, semen splurting from his penis as waves of pleasure reduced him to a shivering, gasping mess. He felt Axel's hand catch the sticky fluid, spreading it over their cocks as he thrust even harder, pounding his hard length against Roxas' fading erection relentlessly…until he burst as well. Roxas felt the tremors as it began…and then Axel released him, and before Roxas could open his eyes to see what was happening, he heard a deep moan…and felt hot fluid hit his face. Shaking with post-orgasmic pleasure, he opened his eyes a crack – just enough so that he could watch Axel's come shooting out of his slit. So close…

When Axel stepped back, Roxas' legs gave out, and the edge of the desk digging into his lower back failed to support him. He sank to his knees in a daze, feeling warm fluid dripping from the tip of his cock…running down his face… A hand drifted up to touch, and Roxas stared in amazement at his boss's sticky white come on his fingers. Realization began to dawn on him, bringing emotion with it, and Roxas' first thought was, He felt…good. Happiness and hope flooded him, filling his wide blue eyes as he looked up at his boss, unable to withhold the question – "Was it…good? Did you enjoy it? Did I…give you pleasure?"

The vice president's face was expressionless, but his eyes were a complicated mixture that Roxas couldn't figure out. Surprise? Amusement? Shock? Arousal? He didn't know. The corner of the man's mouth curled up in a slow smirk, and he answered with at least a touch of amusement, "You're good enough. I came, at least." Then he bent down, touching Roxas' face with trailing fingers – smearing the white fluid around…then pushing his fingers into Roxas' mouth. His lips parted willingly, and he eagerly sucked the bitter flavor. "Not bad for starters. We'll see how you do with other types of…fun." A low chuckle. "You don't want me to get bored, do you?"

The hand was removed, and Roxas gasped quickly, "No! I want to make you feel good…I'll try my best to please you, sir."

With an approving nod – and with a few efficient, quick movements that had the man dressed, briefcase in hand – Axel opened the office door. "Excellent. See you first thing on Monday, then, Roxas."

The intern shivered on the floor of the VP's office…already wishing the weekend would hurry up and end.