Author's Note: Ooops...I think I might have spilled a tiny bit of plot on my PWP...I hope it doesn't stain... XD

The vice president lived in a luxurious penthouse apartment – spotlessly clean, with sleek, modern furniture. Roxas had taken it all in with a quick glance, his heart pounding in his chest over the miracle of being summoned here. Axel had even offered him a glass of wine, pouring them both a drink from an elegant bar adjacent to the dining area, before leading Roxas to the sitting room and lazily relaxing on the couch.

…And ordering him to strip in a soft, even tone.

With shaking hands, Roxas obeyed. He didn't flaunt himself as he did it – he wasn't confident enough for that right now – but he did as he was told and slowly removed his clothing. Then he stood in front of the vice president, completely nude, and waited for his next command as sharp green eyes raked over his body, studying every detail. Forcing his breathing to remain calm, Roxas waited, refusing to give in to the urge to cover himself in any way. His penis was thickening without even the slightest touch as Axel stared at him – and when burning green eyes rested on it, Roxas felt even more blood rush to his stiffening shaft. He was half-erect already, and becoming more aroused the longer his boss stared at him…licking his lips as the corners of his mouth quirked up in a small smirk, his gaze lingering on Roxas' genitals for a tortuously long time before he looked up again – and Roxas caught his breath when their eyes met.

"Take a seat in that armchair behind you," a little nod toward it, "and masturbate for me."

Eyes glancing behind himself for a moment, Roxas located the chair – and immediately stepped toward it. Will watching me…arouse him? His heart thudded heavily in his chest – giddy with hope. Roxas had never dared to imagine that a man like Axel – who had countless beautiful women to choose from – would ever enjoy the sight of a slender, short male body. At best, he hoped his body didn't turn Axel off, and Roxas would be able to sexually stimulate his boss enough to satisfy him in spite of his looks and gender. As he sat down in the large chair and slid his hands up the insides of his thighs, stroking fingertips along his penis and bringing his erection to full size in front of Axel's gaze…Roxas was almost shivering with nervous anticipation. If he watches me and gets hard…

"Oh, by the way, there are some things in the table drawer beside you. Use them."

Roxas glanced over at the end table, reaching for it with one hand while he let the other slide down his shaft and cup his own sac, gently squeezing and rolling as he pulled a large tube of lubricant out of the drawer. Licking his lips uncertainly for a moment, Roxas glanced at Axel…and popped the cap. Drizzling a generous amount of slick gel over his groin, he began to stroke himself, spreading the wet mess over his hard cock and soft, heavy balls. Trickles of extra lube ran down between his legs, and Roxas panted, opening his thighs further as he masturbated harder. One fist around his shaft, he stroked himself with a firm, steady pace. He let his other hand roam – over his lower abdomen, his inner thighs, the swell of his sac, the wet, shining cap of his penis. He played with his own slit, and his body jolted in the chair, tense. Moaning, he managed to open his eyes a crack – Axel was watching. Sipping wine and staring at him. Roxas panted, sweat dripping down the side of his face, droplets tickling him as they ran down his neck. Want me. Please…want me.

Unexpectedly, Axel purred a new order, "Now…finger yourself." He didn't need to tell Roxas to make sure he could see. Shifting immediately, Roxas planted first one foot, then the other on the wide armrests, spreading his legs even wider and opening himself up for Axel to see. His lube-covered fingers slid down, tracing the seam of his testicles and reaching the puckered ring of his hole. Embarrassed and aroused, he caressed the tight entrance, smearing lube and watching hot green eyes follow his every movement. Then, taking a deep breath…Roxas pushed a slippery finger inside. He slid the digit in as deep as he could reach, gasping and arching on the chair – the feeling of penetration made his body burn, made him desperate for more.

Almost immediately, he was pushing in another finger – and another. He pushed in as deep as he could every time, feeling the stretch in his ass, the throbbing heat in his cock when he brushed his prostate. Both hands worked together as Roxas fingered himself for his boss, occasionally letting one hand slip free, moving up to squeeze the length of his cock – collecting droplets of precome that leaked from the head of his penis…and using it as extra lube. Soon, he was a gasping mess on the chair, his stretched hole quivering for something more…something bigger.

"Please, sir…please, I want…ahh, I want it…!" His eyes begged his boss, yearning for Axel to get up and come to him…unzip his pants and pull out a throbbing erection…force himself between Roxas' spread legs…thrust inside him and fuck him hard and fill him up with his warm seed…

"You may use what's in the drawer," the VP's cool voice responded. Roxas panted, trembling, but he managed to gather enough strength to reach for the table again – and his hand closed around something hard. He brought it back and looked – black plastic. A dildo. Axel was telling him to use the dildo.

Roxas bit his lip as tears of frustration leaked from the corners of his eyes – but he did it. He glopped more lube onto the plastic toy and worked the tip into his entrance with a circular pressure. Then…he shoved the whole length inside, hard. His toes curled as he cried out – even though it wasn't Axel, it was bigger and deeper, and Roxas wanted so badly to come. He pulled on the toy and shoved it in deep again, fucking himself with it desperately. Hot pressure built in his cock, and he took hold of his erection again, pumping rapidly. "Please let me…!" He gasped, barely able to focus on the form of his boss on the couch. "Please, sir…I need to…please let me come!"

The answer was spoken so softly, yet Roxas could hear it clearly – and the sinful smirk the tone carried. "You may come. Drench yourself for me, Roxas."

On command, his orgasm exploded. Screaming, Roxas came – ribbons of fluid burst from his cock, a few drops splattering on his face. The rest of his orgasm decorated his chest and stomach. The last dribbles ran down his genitals, down over the base of the dildo that was still buried deep inside his ass.

Flopping bonelessly in the chair, Roxas struggled to get enough air into his lungs, his body humming with heat, sweat beginning to dry on his skin. It took him a few moments to catch his breath – and to notice the silence from his watcher. When Roxas had pulled himself together a bit, he looked up, wondering why Axel hadn't said anything yet.

The vice president was still watching, staring at him over the rim of his wine glass. When Roxas met his gaze, Axel smirked at him, set the glass aside…and crooked a finger in a "come here" gesture. Roxas pulled himself to his feet and crossed the space between them on wobbly legs – the toy shifted inside him when he moved, but he limped forward anyway. He felt as if Axel's gaze was physically pulling him – that, and the yearning wish to touch and be touched…to see Axel aroused and to taste his pleasure…

Calm green eyes wandered over his body as Roxas stood in front of his boss. When they looked up into his own, Roxas shivered. "You may suck me a bit before I fuck you today." The tone was causal, almost friendly – a strange contrast to the dominating command, but Roxas didn't care. He sank to his knees obediently, his stomach fluttering happily – He said he's going to fuck me. He'll enter me again! Reverently unzipping his boss's slacks and untucking the front of the button-down shirt, Roxas let his fingers glide over the shape of Axel's penis, concealed by only his underwear. He's…hard. Roxas felt breathless as his hands pressed over the erection already nearly bursting out of the last bit of clothing covering it. He really did get hard watching me. With a moan of bliss, Roxas tugged the underwear out of the way, burying his face against the thick length of Axel's erection.

Fingers threaded into his hair and clutched firmly as Roxas began to eagerly mouth over his boss's penis. This erect cock was becoming familiar to him now – the shape, the taste, the way the soft skin slid over the hard column of flesh, the way the beads of fluid leaked from the tip…the way Axel's breath caught in his throat when Roxas suckled hungrily at his moist slit. It was becoming familiar…but he never got tired of it. He could suck Axel off until his whole mouth was aching and still want more. Being the one to give Axel pleasure – kneeling here between his thighs and touching him this intimately – aroused Roxas so much it nearly drove him out of his mind. As he filled his mouth with Axel's throbbing penis and worked his tongue around the thick length, eager for the taste of his boss's semen, Roxas' own spent cock quickly began hardening again. His ass clenched around the toy still inside him – Not enough. Not big enough, not hot enough, not deep enough… His hands caressed the heavy weight of Axel's balls as his throat opened around the man's cockhead, and fingers tightened in his hair…and Roxas' penis twitched, dripping a little onto the carpet, almost ready to come again…

A two-tone chime sounded through the apartment. Roxas froze, startled.

Sighing, Axel reached for an intercom on the nearby end table. "Who is it?" He asked, pressing the button.

The singsong voice from the speaker box sounded female. "It's me, darling."

Axel released the button with a slight snarl. "Fuck. That bitch." Then he looked down at Roxas, who was blinking up at him nervously, still lightly grasping the VP's erection. With a frown, Axel tightened his fingers in blond hair again, shoving Roxas' face back down against his penis. "Who told you to stop?"

Heart thudding, Roxas swallowed. "But…"

The moment his lips parted, Axel was pushing his cock between them again. "But nothing. You keep sucking. Stop before I tell you to, and you're fired."

Fired? Eyes widening, Roxas sucked the hard penis deep into his mouth again. As in…not just losing my job, but also losing…? He bobbed his head quickly, obeying the order. He squeezed his eyes shut as Axel pressed another button, blandly calling out, "Come on in, babydoll." It doesn't matter, I don't care, as long as he lets me do this, nothing else matters…

He heard a door open, high-heeled footsteps, a light voice as the woman rounded the corner, "I thought you were going to call when you got done with…eeeeeek!" Everything stopped with that shrill scream.

Opening his eyes a crack, Roxas glanced up at Axel – smiling flatly at his guest, eyes cold – then at the woman – a well-dressed strawberry blonde with a generous bosom and a lot of makeup, face frozen in a mask of pure horror. Wincing, Roxas shut his eyes again, bobbing his head. Oh God, don't look…oh God, oh God…

"Axel, what the fuck is this!"

"This? This is called a blowjob, babydoll. I know you're not very good at it, but I thought you'd at least recognize…"

"Shut the fuck up!" The voice that cut Axel off was pure acid. "What the fuck are you doing with a…a…!"

"A man?" Axel supplied, his tone still light and a little mocking. "Having sex, dear. Obviously."

"You fucking bastard! How dare you…?"

"Sweetheart, honestly, what are you so surprised about? You think I don't know what you have been up to?"

"You manipulative, cheating…" A tirade of profanity followed, the furious woman throwing every insult in the book at Axel while Roxas tried to shrivel up and disappear – without stopping the stiff, up-and-down motion over his boss's cock. Quite of bit of her rant sounded rather familiar – it reminded Roxas of the last two women who had dumped Axel, one in the office, one right outside the building, in front of half the employees. Long diatribes of hateful words about what a cheating son-of-a-bitch he was…until the woman finally seemed to run out of insults. Or air.

Stifling a slight yawn, Axel smiled up at his seething woman. "Right…so…you still wanna get married?"

A moment of stunned silence. "You…how… I don't believe this!"

"No?" A hand patted lightly in Roxas' hair. "I'm gonna fuck him in the ass in a minute if you wanna stick around and watch. Will that convince you?"

Roxas could almost hear the woman's jaw working uselessly for a minute, tiny whimpers of horror the only sound…until she finally managed to hiss, "Fuck. You."

Then, stomping heels retreated without another word, the door slammed with a shattering bang, and Axel…sighed rather happily, relaxing and letting go of Roxas' hair. "Well that went well, I think." Roxas glanced up to see him sipping his wine again. "Oh, you can take a break for a minute," he added. "The mood's a bit lousy now, anyway."

Very true. Roxas' erection was gone – even Axel's cock was softer than it had been. When Roxas released the member, it dropped to the couch – still engorged, but not stiff enough to stand up tall. Apparently, the VP hadn't been quite as unaffected by the nasty scene as he'd seemed. Roxas sat back a bit – being careful to keep his weight off his ass – and glanced up at his boss uncertainly. "Your…fiancée?"

Unconcerned green eyes glanced down at him. "Hmm? Her? No, not really. Although she was trying to be."

"Oh." He fidgeted. Axel sipped. "So you aren't…really with her?"

A big grin. "I'm not now." Roxas frowned, and Axel added, "Don't fuss. She was shit, anyway. Now I don't have to waste my time fucking her – I can let you have as much of this," he took hold of his cock and stroked it once, right in front of Roxas' face, "as you can handle."

Desire stirred in Roxas' gut, but he bit his lip. "So…you were having…having sex with her? Even after you started…with me?"

Narrow green eyes watched him, Axel's tone going soft and cool. "Yes. I was."

Roxas' stomach sank miserably. Of course, he shouldn't be surprised…he had accepted this without asking for faithfulness… But still. He bit his lip, trying not to blurt out what he was thinking. I hate that.

"Do you have something to complain about…" The soft voice continued, a hand grasping Roxas' chin and lifting his eyes to Axel's. "…Slut?"

I know. The reminder wasn't needed – Roxas knew he had no right to complain. He knew he shouldn't say anything. Axel was as good as telling him that he was on thin ice if he did anything except silently go back to sucking the man's cock like a good little whore. He knew, but…

"I hate that."

Because I love you.

The gorgeous face was blank, expressionless. Watching him. "Excuse me?"

Taking a deep breath, Roxas forced himself to look up. "I don't want you to have sex with other people. I want you to be only mine. Only do these things with me. I…I won't ask you to…to care for me, but…" Another deep breath, and Roxas straightened his shoulders. "But I have these feelings for you, and you…you should at least respect me enough to not cheat on me."

"What gives you the right to say that?" Axel's voice was still soft and emotionless.

It's over…I knew it. Blinking rapidly, he couldn't quite meet the vice president's eyes anymore. "Nothing. I know I'm not…" Not your lover, not your equal, not anyone special. "…But still. If you want to have sex with me…I don't care how you treat me. Make me your toy, your slave, it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. But you have to be faithful to me." Roxas squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to let the tears escape. I'm so fired.

For several long, slow heartbeats, there was only silence. Roxas held his breath, waiting. Finally, he heard a slight rustling and felt the couch shift, just as the hand gripping his chin lifted his face…

Warm. Soft. His eyes popped open in shock. Axel was kissing him! Barely-open green eyes met his stunned stare as the man's lips pressed his own gently. Roxas blinked. There was an emotion in that gaze – he wasn't sure what it was, but it was deep and intent…complicated. It made his heart beat painfully hard in his chest…and then Axel's eyes slipped closed, and his mouth pushed against Roxas' at a different angle. He felt the wet press of Axel's tongue against his lips and he opened his mouth without thinking, letting his boss slip his tongue in softly, moving with slow purpose in the kiss that made Roxas feel faint. Why was Axel kissing him? What was happening? And… This is…the first. He's never kissed me before.

Tears slipped from the corners of Roxas' eyes as a choked sob escaped him. Axel's hand slipped behind his head and pulled him deeper into the kiss, and Roxas found himself winding his arms around the man's neck and kissing him back with sudden urgency, sucking and gasping as he pushed forward, climbing awkwardly onto the couch and straddling Axel's lap to get closer. The vice president's arms wrapped around him fully…and Roxas moaned with strained, desperate longing.

When they broke apart, gasping for air, Roxas couldn't think of a thing to say. All he could do was stare at Axel's flushed face – His eyes…they're so…warm. His bare skin felt hot where Axel was touching him, the soft brush of the man's clothing caressing his nude body – except in the one place where Axel was naked. Roxas gulped, suddenly noticing the hot pressure of their bare groins pressed together. Axel was hard again – very, very hard. Roxas felt his own need pulsing against his boss' exposed cock. He had no idea what was going on, but God when Axel kissed him, he couldn't control how much he wanted the man.

"You…" His boss breathed against his wet lips, "You are so honest. It's wonderful."

Torn between hope and fear, Roxas stuttered, "I…I don't…u-understand."

With a soft sigh, Axel kissed him again, then moved – kissing his cheek, moving back toward his ear…then down to nuzzle against his neck. His words were moaned between kisses as he explored the sensitive area. "You have no idea…it's so refreshing. I've never been with someone who would just say exactly what they're thinking, what they feel and what they want. All the women I've been with…they just play these endless mind games. I can't trust anything…gold-digging bitches…I know I'm a bastard to them, but they always tell the first lies. I just want someone brave enough to tell me the truth…and oh God…you." Arms pulled Roxas in, tight, squeezing…teeth bit down on his shoulder, making him whimper. "You! Even when you only stand to lose…how you can be so honest…" He broke away suddenly, looking up into Roxas' eyes, trapping him in an intense gaze. "I won't cheat on you anymore. I won't touch anyone else, as long as you never lie to me."

Oh my God… Roxas couldn't grasp that. It almost sounded like Axel was saying they would be…together. "You won't? That woman…?" That one, other ones – You won't touch anyone else at all?

"That woman will get a restraining order if she tries to come within a mile of me again," Axel growled. "She was one of the worst bitches of them all. She was fucking my brother, trying to get a proposal out of him, and then when I started doing better in the company, she came around to seduce me. She's been fucking us both, trying to figure out which one she wants a ring from – which of us is going to be richer." He buried his face against Roxas' chest and hugged him tight. "I'm so sick of women like that."

That made things a little clearer, for Roxas. Things were starting to fit together – the strange difference between Axel as a boss and Axel with women, and the way he'd treated Roxas from the beginning of their sexual relationship. It had always been a little hard to believe that such a capable and personable boss could be such a bastard to his girlfriends – but no one had ever doubted it. They'd seen how he reacted to his public break-ups. And Roxas hadn't questioned what had made Axel call him a slut and use him for sexual release with such detachment, when only the week before he'd been so friendly as he helped Roxas with a work problem – but it made sense, in a way, if Axel was always having to guard against betrayal in relationships. And it made Roxas sad. Resting his cheek on red hair, he squeezed Axel's shoulders and murmured, "I'll never lie to you. I just want to be with you. I don't care about money or whatever." His voice dropped to a whisper. "I love you…" Axel drew back, looking into his eyes with unbelievable tenderness. Roxas grinned weakly. "And…I guess you don't need to worry about me aiming for a ring."

Smiling, Axel pushed forward, and the sudden heat in the passionate kiss took Roxas' breath away. Axel ravished his mouth deeply, making him moan, then pulled back just enough to speak. "That just makes me want to give you one."

Too happy to do anything else, Roxas laughed a little, breathless. Axel chuckled too, bumping foreheads and rubbing noses together…and then Roxas stopped laughing with a gasping cry as a big hand, which had been wandering down his back, firmly took hold of the toy still embedded in Roxas' ass…and twisted it.

Back arching, Roxas clutched his boss as the man angled the toy inside him, rubbing the dull head around until he found Roxas' prostate. Roxas cried out again, tensing and shivering as Axel began to slowly ease the toy out, then thrust it back in again, grinding against the most sensitive place inside, forcing renewed arousal to flood his entire body. His penis quivered, dribbling fluid onto Axel's cock – probably the last of his previous orgasm finally leaking out. He squirmed, feeling the incredible heat of Axel's large erection rubbing against his…feeling their balls pressed together, testicles shifting inside the soft sacs when Roxas rolled his hips. Axel's sac felt so…full. It made Roxas dizzy with need, wanting to feel his boss penetrate him, thrust inside him…and pump him full of his wet orgasm until they were both drained and exhausted.

With a slow drag, Roxas felt Axel pull the toy out of him. The tip popped free, leaving him feeling empty…and hot. His hole still dripped with lube left over from before, and there was no need to stretch the ring of muscle any more…

Rising up on his knees, Roxas pushed forward. Axel's erection slipped between his legs, and Roxas reached back to take hold of it, guiding it to rest in the cleft of his ass. His eyes locked with Axel's as the man pumped his hips in response, rubbing his cock against Roxas, getting smeared with some of the excess lube. Panting with lust, Roxas didn't wait for an order. He just stared into burning green as he shifted, changing the angle and guiding Axel's cockhead to press into his softened hole. When he felt the ridge around the head breach his opening, Roxas let go and sank down, fluidly taking Axel in to the hilt, his voice raised in a loud moan. Axel's cock was stretching him, spreading him open as Roxas impaled himself with the man's rock-hard penis – and it felt wonderful, so much better than before. Green eyes watched him without that cold, smirking distance they had held before, and Roxas trembled with worship at the deeply affectionate look Axel was giving him now.

He almost wanted to apologize for acting on his own, or ask if it was okay…but Axel leaned in to kiss him again, and Roxas knew things were different now. He was allowed to take the initiative – to do things that would give pleasure to both of them. And, as Axel kissed him deeply and Roxas felt his boss's heat throb inside him…he knew his desire was more than matched. Axel really did want him…and the happiness he felt from knowing that nearly made him cry again.

Instead, Roxas answered the deep kiss eagerly. Axel ravished his mouth, and Roxas sucked hungrily on the man's pleasuring tongue. Fabric under his hands frustrated him, and Roxas fumbled with the buttons on Axel's shirt, trying to get it off and touch skin. He couldn't see what he was doing, but after a moment Axel's hands joined his, and they both quickly stripped off the garment. Then, Roxas leaned forward with a sigh, feeling their sweaty chests sliding against each other, raw want swelling within him as his naked body rubbed the other man's hot, wet skin. A large hand slid around to his front, caressing Roxas' chest, and a sharp tingle of pleasure jolted through him as Axel fondled his erect nipples. His ass clenched around the man's cock, still embedded deep within him, and Roxas suddenly couldn't wait anymore – he needed thrusting.

Rising up on his knees again, Roxas began to ride Axel's cock. He felt the thick shaft sliding out as he lifted, then driving back in again as he bore down, hard…and Roxas made no effort to stifle his moans of arousal. Axel's hands shifted to his ass, gripping the cheeks and squeezing, urging him to move faster, to grip Axel's cock tighter, to make the sex hotter, wilder, more passionate.

"Ohhhh, Roxas…Roxas! Oh you feel so good…" Axel nipped at his neck, then licked over the love bites. "It's so hot and tight inside you…you're driving me crazy, beautiful. I want to come inside you so much…"

Shuddering, Roxas gasped. His own erect penis was rubbing over Axel's lower abdomen with each thrust, and he wanted more, wanted it harder, but his legs just weren't cooperating. Every penetration made his hips and thighs tremble with the strain of moving – he was already so exhausted, but the need to climax was driving him crazy at the same time. "Ahh! Ah, Axel! More…unhh, Axel more! I c-can't…!"

"It's all right, beautiful," Axel's voice rasped hoarsely in his ear, arms tightening around his body. "I got ya. Lie down, okay?" As he spoke, he turned their joined bodies to the side, easing Roxas down on the couch. Roxas lay back, the tension in his legs relaxing at last. Axel kissed him again as they shifted position…but then he broke away with a muttered, "Fuck."

Blinking, Roxas glanced down to see that Axel was getting tangled up in his slacks, which had never been removed and were now stuck around his thighs. With a frustrated grunt, he eased his cock out of Roxas' body and sat down, stripping the last of his clothing away viciously, frowning in irritation at the offending garments. Oh God…he's so cute. Roxas stifled a giggle as he watched…then caught his breath when Axel looked at him again. The vice president was completely nude, now – rising onto his knees and turning toward Roxas with a feral gleam in his eyes, his thick cock flushed and dark…ready. Still smiling but breathing hard, Roxas spread his legs for his boss, one hand creeping down over his own throbbing erection and lower – fingers slipping into his waiting entrance, spreading the opening for Axel. The man groaned deeply as he watched, then crawled forward, closer, settling himself between Roxas' thighs, pressing the tip of his penis into Roxas' hole…and driving himself in with one stunningly deep thrust.

Throwing his head back, Roxas sucked in his breath – hard – and then let it out in a long, broken moan. His hands sought something to grip and found Axel's toned arms, flexed as the man braced himself above Roxas. Roxas shivered as his boss drew out again almost immediately, beginning to roll his hips in a steady, insistent rhythm. Forcing his eyes open, Roxas gazed at Axel's face. His expression was tight with pleasure and barely-restrained lust when he looked at Roxas…and when Roxas' backside gripped his thick member as he moved inside the intern's body. That made Axel gasp sharply and snap his hips forward a little harder, and Roxas moaned, grinning weakly. Then he squeezed Axel again.

"It makes me so happy to have you inside me," he whispered up at the vice president. "Since the day I started work, I wanted to be connected to you like this. I used to touch myself every night, fantasizing about you thrusting into my ass – and I had no idea your penis was this big. It feels…nnnh! So good… Nnnh! Unh!"

Axel answered his whispered confession by increasing the pace, slamming his cock into Roxas hard enough to make them both grunt. "You beauty…nnnmmmh, tell me more. Tell me how you want me…"

He's asking me…what I want? Stomach fluttering with bliss, Roxas could only moan the absolute truth. "Ohhhh Axel…I want you to go deeper." Axel immediately obeyed, adding power to the next thrust…and depth. "Ngahh! Yes! Oh, deeper, more! I want all of you, Axel, deeper…!"

"How's…this?" Axel rammed inward so hard and so far that his hips pressed against the soft curve of Roxas' ass – his cock was so deep inside him that Roxas thought he might be breaking. It was wonderful.

"Yes! Ahhhhh, Axel, yes! Like that…more like that, harder! Oh G-God I always…always wanted to feel…nnnaaahh, fuck, I l-love it, l-love…love you…!" He was clinging to Axel's arms now, gasping and crying out with every agonizingly deep, powerful thrust as Axel took him, pounding into him. "D-dreamed…about you…wanted…couldn't stand it, ahhh! Axel, oh fuck, Axel…please…kiss me, I'm going to c-come!"

As soon as he asked for it, Axel pressed his mouth over Roxas' with a groan. Roxas met the other man's tongue eagerly, shuddering as Axel gasped into his mouth, "Nnnh…Roxas…me too. Come with me, beautiful, ohhhh I'm going to fill you…you're…mine!"

Unable to bear it anymore, Roxas threw his head back, screaming Axel's name as he released. His opening and his insides quivered, clenching rapidly around Axel as a fresh spray of fluid joined his first orgasm, splattering over his chest and stomach. He was almost crushed in Axel's arms as the man thrust powerfully into him a few more times – and then Axel came, too. His body jolted against Roxas, who gasped with tears welling in his eyes as he heard his own name being moaned over and over. He could feel hot semen pumping out of his boss's cock, filling Roxas with Axel's sticky release, even as his own cock continued to pulse over and over, still dribbling the last of his seed as Roxas looked up into hot green eyes, meeting the intense gaze with his own adoring stare. Roxas whimpered slightly as his orgasm subsided, reaching up for Axel, who let him join their lips in another long, warm kiss as they both slowly relaxed, melted by their shared ecstasy.

We just made love. Tears slipped down Roxas' cheeks. He took me…like a lover. He didn't just use me. Roxas could barely breathe, and it had nothing to do with Axel's body weight as he eased down onto Roxas, his spent cock sliding out of the intern's body, a wet trickle of come following. Oh my God, what do I do? I'm so happy… Roxas shivered as Axel's warm breath caressed his neck, the vice president beginning to slowly mouth over his sensitive throat. There was so much sensation, so much emotion and warmth… In a soft whisper, Roxas said the only thought in his mind.

"I love you so much…"

A soft chuckle answered him, but Axel's voice murmured kindly. "That's funny…I believe you."

Twisting his head to meet Axel's eyes, Roxas blinked, a little furrow of distress appearing between his eyebrows. "That's funny?"

"Ugh!" Axel's forehead dropped, thudding lightly against Roxas' sternum. "That's not what I meant…" His voice was muffled, hot breath against Roxas' chest before he picked his head up, wincing. "I think I just need to apologize in advance for all the bullshit things I'm probably going to say before I can stop myself. I'm really a lousy boyfriend. Dating me is going to suck."

Still frowning a bit, Roxas murmured, "The sex is pretty amazing though…"

With a short laugh, Axel answered, "Yeah, the sex is incredible. You're incredible." He propped his head on one hand, letting the other arm rest over Roxas' abdomen, lightly caressing his chest. "I'm a bastard, though. Old habits die hard. I'm so used to driving women away…" Green eyes became serious. Worried. "I hope I don't drive you away…"

Sighing as Axel's fingers traced his clavicle, Roxas spoke softly. "Well…if you say something that hurts my feelings, will you apologize?"

"If I know I've hurt you – definitely. I want…I want to keep you."

"Then," Roxas smiled again, "don't worry. I'll tell you when I'm upset. Then you can apologize and we can make up."

Green eyes wandered over his face, soft and affectionate. "It sounds so simple."

Laying his hand over Axel's and gently squeezing, Roxas replied, "Well…it's not. It will be very hard to actually do – for both of us. But…" He snuggled a little closer to Axel's warm body. "I don't think you're really that nasty, deep down. I think you just need someone you can learn to trust. But even if that doesn't help…I fell in love with you anyway. I loved you when you didn't see me, and I loved you when you treated me like a sex toy. I'm not blind to your faults…" Roxas grinned wider, nudging his nose into Axel's, "…Sir." Axel chuckled and kissed his lips briefly. Roxas murmured against the gentle contact, "But I love you anyway. So I won't let you go."

With a breathy moan, Axel kissed him again – much deeper this time. Slow and sensual. "And that…is why I'm already yours."


Axel didn't cheat, and Roxas didn't lie. Axel did offer Roxas a permanent position after his internship ended, which Roxas happily accepted – the vice president's personal assistant. It was an ideal job – it required a wide range of skills, and Roxas was able to learn a lot working directly with the vice president. And, of course, as a personal assistant for a busy young executive, Roxas was required to spend long hours with his employer, and lots of overtime.

He didn't mind in the least.


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