It was supposed to be a normal Satuday night for her. Go out with her best friends Rachel and Puck, drink a lot, and stumbling home at the end of the night, passing out next to the small Jewish girl and waking up hungover in a chokehold. (Rachel is very cuddly in her sleep.)

But tonight, Brittany S. Pierce's world is gonna be turned upside down. The tall blonde is currently standing in her bathroom, applying her make -up and fixing her hair next to her best friend. Laughing at the funny open-mouthed face Rachel makes when applying her mascara, Brittany tries to find her perfume.

''So, I guess we will see Quinn again tonight huh?'' Brittany asks Rachel with a grin. The short brunette lets out a hum of acknowledgement, but Brittany doesn't miss the way her cheeks turn a slightly redder shade than a couple of seconds ago.

You see, every Saturdaynight they take turns in deciding to which club they are going to for the night. Puck always chooses this club called Wonder. It's a nice club, with good music to dance on. But Puck doesn't like going there for the music. No, Puck actually thinks he has a change with one of the bartenders. The girl is slightly shorter than Britt, with short blonde hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes. Dresses like she goes to church every day, but Brittany knows better. Last week, they went to Wonders again. Only when Brittany had to go to the restroom, she spotted two familiar faces, well bodies, pressed to the wall, heavily making out. After couching, Rachel and Quinn jumped apart, and the short haired blonde made a bee line for the exit, leaving a flustered Jewish girl behind.

''Well, we haven't really talked since that night you walked in on us.'' Rachel explains as she snatches Brittany's perfume and sprays it on her wrists and neck. Brittany just smiles at her, and continues to fix her hair.

''Didn't you get her number?'' Britt asks. Rachel blinks slowly, and shakes her head in defeat.

''After she walked out I haven't seen her since. I guess she panicked.'' Rachel sighs. Brittany takes a step towards her friend, and presses a soft peck to her cheek.

''It's gonna be alright though. We're going to party tonight, and you're going to forget her for the night. That is if Puck chooses something else tonight.'' Brittany chuckles. Rachel smiles and nods. Hopefully this will be a fun night.


Another sleazy guy with a lot of money. Luckily he isn't allowed to kiss her, otherwise she would have brushed her teeth about 15 times this evening already. It's 10:30 pm. Pretty early for a strip club, but some men have a curfew. Wouldn't want to make the wife worried, who is probably putting their kids to bed, while their loving husbands are waiting with a dollar bill in their mouths, waiting for one of the dancers to come and get it.

There are usually two ways of 'collecting' the bills as the dancers would call it. Either they pull their boobs together and the guy puts it there with his mouth, or they can just put it in the waistband of their panties. And then there are the private lapdance you can buy. 20 dollars for about five minutes in a small booth, which turns as soon as you take place in it, shielding you from the rest of the club, and giving you some private time with the dancer. If they like you, they go completely naked. If they don't, you're probably just going to see boobs.

And then there is the dance for 50 dollars. The dancer takes the costumer upstairs, towards a couch, and goes all out. You're allowed to touch, just no kisses. It's fun for about twelve minutes. Hey, whatever the costumer wants right?

The club looks really classy for a strip club. Not at all what you would think of when you think about a strip club. When you walk in, immediately to your right is the bar, where you can buy drinks, or change your money for one dollar bills. Right across from the bar is a huge stage, with two poles. The stage is used for solo performances, or the whole group at once. If you work the whole night you might get two or three solo performances, and you'll do probably two group performances. For the rest the dancers walk to the club, drinking, and doing private lapdances. That brings in the real dough.

The dancers are currently preparing a group performance. It'll be the first one of the evening, and you can tell that there are some nerves, as always.

''Hey Santana, do you think you're going home with the most money again?'' Her co worker Lindsay asks as she walks over to the tiny Latina and pulls her into her lap. Santana lowers her mouth to Lindsay's neck, and places a soft kiss there, earning a soft sigh from the tall blonde girl.

''You know it Linds. I need to pay my rent tomorrow. I may have to go naked half of the time.'' Santana sighs. The raven haired beauty is definitely a favorite. With her body of steel, abs nicely visible, legs that go on for days, even if she's the shortest of them all, and her face and hair that just make every guy melt, Santana definitely knows how to use her looks in her advantage.

''Just imagine they're hot girls San, you can do it.'' Lindsay says as she kisses Santana softly on her lips. You see, Santana is not attracted to men at all. She finds them disgusting most of the time. And Lindsay is a lesbian too. They use each other from time to time to blow of some steam so to speak. She wouldn't call them fuck buddies though, they're good friends. Plus, Santana regularly takes home a girl from other clubs in the neighborhood. All one night stands though, usually they are already gone by the time she wakes up.

''Yeah I know, I'll live.'' She says as she kisses Lindsay one last time before standing up and walking over to her own station, applying a new layer of lip gloss and body spray. Then a tall man with short dark hair walks in, looking stoned as ever.

''Girls, show time in five.'' The man says to the girls. He throws a wink at Santana's direction, who just rolls her eyes in response. Finn apparently doesn't know the meaning of the word 'Lesbian'. She stands up, and walks over to where the stage is, along with the other 5 dancers.

''Okay bitches, let's do this.'' The Latina says before walking up on the stage.


It's 00:30 am. Time to go into town.

Drinking a whole bottle of wine before you go out? Not the best choice. Brittany is already stumbling across the sidewalk, occasionally being held up straight by Rachel or Puck.

''So Puck, where are we going tonight?'' Rachel asks. Natually she hopes he will say Wonders. However, when she sees the sly grin on Puck's face, she has a bad feeling they are going someplace else.

''Were going to spend a lot of money tonight.'' Puck responds. Brittany who is trying to do an impression of Michael Jackson by moonwalking on the sidewalk, snaps her head up when she hears Puck talk.

''What do you mean? Where are we going Puck?'' She asks. Puck just shakes his head, and chuckles.

''Somewhere you girls have never been before. And believe me when I say you're going to love it.


''Thanks baby.'' Santana says as a chubby guy with foggy glasses stuffs another dollar bill in her panties. Ugh she thinks. Those guys are so gross. Glad I just have to keep it up another three and a half hours.

It's now time for Santana to walk around the bar, and seeing if anyone is interested in a private lapdance. She sits next to Lindsay on one of the couches, and sips on her drink. She looks around, and doesn't see a guy she finds even slightly attractive. Tommy, the bartender comes up to her, and gives her a description of a guy who just paid for a lapdance from her. She walks over to him, and taps his shoulder. When he turns around, Santana almost bursts out laughing, but she is a professional, so she just winks and takes his hand, dragging him to one of the boots.

The guy is probably just insecure about himself, because the way he sits down and carefully palms his crotch, Santana can tell he is not used to beautiful women around him. Trying to put him at ease, she straddles his lap, her boobs in his face, and the guy pushes his glasses further up his nose and stops breathing for a second. She takes her top off and throws it towards him. He doesn't catch it, he is too mesmerized with her boobs. She guesses he never saw those before either.

She walks over to him again, swaying her hips to the beat of the music, and turns around, before lowering herself and grinding her ass into the guy's lap. Is that a..? Ewww! Santana thinks as she feels something hard poke her left but cheek. God, men are disgusting! This is the third already this evening! Backing away, she turns around and dances for the guy with a foot of distance between them. After a couple of seconds, the lights go off in the booth, the dance is over. Patting him on the shoulder, Santana slides the booth open, and goes backstage to freshen up and to put her bra back on.

A couple of minutes later, she walks back into the club, a sultry smile playing on her lips, what she would like to call her pokerface. Another easy twenty bucks. On to the next one.


''A strip club? Seriously Puck?'' Rachel scoffs at him as they stand in front of a club called Hands Off. Brittany on the other hand seems very happy with Pucks decision, as she already walks inside. The security guy looks at Brittany like he is seeing a ghost, because girls almost never go to strip clubs. Puck and Rachel walk up to her. Puck is the only one who has to pay for entrance, which is free for the ladies. They walk inside, and Puck goes to order drinks for them, while Rachel drags Brittany towards a good place to sit. They find a table close to the stage, and sit down, looking around. Hmm, this is not so bad as the image she had of stripclubs, Brittany thinks. Maybe this night will be fun after all.


Santana is relaxing on the couch for the dancers, when three new costumers walk in. Her eyes nearly bulge out of her head, and she almost spits her drink out. Because inwalks the most gorgeous girl she has ever seen. She can tell right away that she's drunk though, but Santana doesn't care. She just hopes the girl wants her for a private lapdance, because she can't freaking wait to get up in her grill.


Brittany is looking in awe at the sexy dancers all over the club. But one especially stands out. Gorgeous black hair, caramel skin, and a body to die for. If Brittany buys a private lapdance, it will definitely be from her. Puck comes back with 3 tequila shots and 3 glasses of Jack Daniels and coke. After they drank their shots, Brittany begins to slowly sip on her Jack. Sure she is completely wasted by now, but she still wants to remember something of this night.

''So Britt, ready for your first lapdance?'' Puck asks as he fishes a twenty dollar bill out of his pocket. Brittany grins, and nods excitedly.

''Okay tiger, who in here do you want a lapdance from?'' Puck asks. Looking around, Brittany spots the beautiful Latina again, this time she's talking to one of the guys, but he has his hands on her thighs. A spark of jealousy jolts through her body as she points at the breathtaking girl.

''Her. I want a dance from her.'' Brittany says to her friend.

''Okay you got it.'' With that, he walks away, and pays the bartender. Behind her in the mirror, Brittany sees the sexy Latina walk up to her. Suddenly she becomes nervous. But those nerves disappear as soon as she feels a warm hand on her back, and lips on her ear.

''Come on sexy, time for your treat.'' The raven haired beauty speaks in a raspy voice. Brittany just smiles goofily and let her being led to one of the booths. Santana guides her to sit on the small seat, and turns the booth. She throws a few coins in a machine, and the lights go on. Brittany is hypnotized. The erotic dancer turns around and sways her hips seductively from side to side. Her lacy red bra comes off first, and Brittany almost explodes in her seat. Her perky dark nipples are right there. If she stands up, she could just push the dancer to the wall and.. No, stay put Britt. It's her job. You're just another costumer.

But as the caramel colored beauty straddles her lap, and basically pushes her boobs in Brittany's face, the blonde girl can't keep her hands to herself. Her hands come to rest on the back of the smaller girls thighs, and she places a shy kiss to the girls collarbone. If the dancer doesn't accept it, she'll just blame it on the alcohol.

But the dancer doesn't. She keeps grinding her hips in the girls lap, and whispers into her ear.

''What is your name baby?'' The dancer husks in her ear, letting her lips graze her earlobe. Brittany almost can't process everything that's going on, she is that turned on. But her brain manages to process the question.

''B-brittany.'' She stutters. She hears a throaty chuckle, and the erotic dancer backs away from her, and sways her hips again. This time she hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and pulls them down smooth long legs. Brittany stops breathing for a second, her eyes focused on the Latina's nicely trimmed pussy. Damn she wants to touch it. But she knows she's not allowed to. She doesn't even know for sure if she's allowed to kiss Santana's body.

''Well Brittany, tonight is your lucky night. I'm Santana.'' She says with a sultry voice. She walks over to the tall blonde again, and lowers herself on her lap again, effectively straddling the drunk girl. Santana wraps her arms around Brittany's neck and licks her earlobe.

''You know what Brittany'', Santana whispers as she hears a soft whimper coming from the girl she is straddling. ''You are a very nice change to all the guys that come here. Really nice.'' With that, she grabs Brittany's hands, and guides them to her stomach.

''Usually you're not allowed to touch or kiss, but I'm going to make an exception for you.'' With that, she guides Brittany's hands to her boobs, and leans in. Just as their lips are about to touch, the light goes off, and the spell is broken. Brittany hears Santana sigh and buries her face in her neck.

''I want another lapdance from you.'' Brittany says softly, as Santana puts her panties and her bra back on. Santana winks and slides the booth open.

''Can't wait babe.'' With that, the small dancer walks backstage again, and leaves Brittany with a small smile on her lips.


''So, how was it?'' Puck asks her with his drunk smile on his lips. Brittany just smiles as she sees Santana walk into the club again. She holds her hand up in Puck's face, and follows Santana. The Latina is about to sit down, as Brittany grabs her hand and spins her around.

''Come on, I paid for another lapdance.'' The blonde girl says in Santana's ear, causing the dancer to grin wickedly, and drag her again to one of the boots. When they pass Puck, Brittany winks at him, and the boy stands there with his jaw on the floor and his eyes almost out of his head.

Santana drags her to the same booth, and throws coins in the little machine again, making the lights jump to life again. However, this time Brittany wastes no time as she jumps up from her seat, and pins Santana against the wall. Her lips go to the dark haired girl's neck, and places soft kisses on the bare skin her lips find.

''I want you so bad right now.'' Brittany whispers hotly in her ear. Santana uses all her power to push Brittany off of her and sits her back down, immediately taking place on her lap. She leans in, brushing her lips over the taller girl's lips. Brittany decides she can't wait any longer, and captures soft full lips with her own. At first they move really slow and sensual. But Brittany is drunk and horny, and decides for the both of them that she wants to feel Santana's tongue. She traces the wet muscle along Santana's bottom lip, who moans in response and opens her mouth, welcoming Brittany's tongue to play with her own. Pale hands begin to wonder, and eventually land on a tight ass. Kneeding the flesh in her hands, she feels Santana searching for friction. Detaching her mouth from soft plump lips, Brittany begins to lick and suck on the dancer's neck.

''Come home with me after you're get off.'' She hums against warm skin. Santana opens her eyes in surprise, but nods eventually.

''O-okay'' She manages to whisper before claiming Brittany's lips again. They make out for God knows how long after that, but when they finally break apart, the lights are already off. Santana makes a move to stand up again, but Brittany holds her in place.

''You're in for a ride tonight baby'' She husks as she kisses Santana one last time.

Oh yeah. Santana thinks. For the first time, in a very long time, she doesn´t want to make more money for the rest of the night. She just wishes it was 04:00 am already. Glancing to the clock on the wall backstage, she sees it says 02:30. Only one and a half hour to go Lopez. You can do this.

Two shot? I say yes! If you like this so far, please let me know in a revieuw okay? Thanks for reading! Xoxo.

PS: This actually happened to me irl. I went to a stripclub for the first time in my life, and I guess the dancers there were pretty excited to see a girl. Anyways, I immediately spotted a super hot girl, and bought a lapdance from her. I was so drunk that I don't even remember her name anymore, but damn, she could kiss. It makes my head just dizzy thinking about it :$