The drive home is… hell. That is the only word I can use for it right now. Brittany is driving, and it seems like I'm in a movie scene where the good guy is being chased by the bad guy. She constantly drives too fast, and the radio isn't really helping, playing these slow sensual songs that are absolutely perfect for the love making that is happening in approximately ten seconds after we reach Brittany's house. I get that she is anxious to finally get me naked again, but I'm seriously afraid for my life right now.

''Britt, baby slow down. We have loads of time.'' I say while putting my hand on her thigh. She puts her hand on mine and slows down immediately. She squeezes it softly and glances towards me. You know when she looks at me like that, those cat-shaped eyes looking at me like I'm the only girl in the world, make my heart swell and flutter and do flips. Especially when she just smirks and stays silent, like right now. She focuses back on the traffic, and before I know it we pull up in her driveway. She parks the car and gets out the car.

''Stay there for second.'' She tells me when she closes her door. I look in the side mirror and there she appears, she opens the door for me and holds out her hand.

''M'lady.'' She says, making me blush. I take her hand and we walk towards the front door. Taking her keys in her hand, she opens the door but doesn't walk in. Instead she turns around and picks me up, bridal style, making me squeal in both fear and excitement. I love it when she's being chivalric.

''Babe put me down, your shoulder.'' I warn as I pat her still injured shoulder, even when Brittany thinks it's magically healed after she had the heads up from the doctor.

''Yes boss.'' She grins as she puts me down in the hallway. It takes about 0.5 seconds before I'm pinned up against the wall and her lips are on my bare neck. She sucks, kisses and licks her way up to my jaw, and when she reaches my lips, fireworks explode behind my eyelids. I tilt my head to give her better access and I can feel her smirk against my skin.

''My God I want you so bad right now.'' She pants onto my lips. I feverishly nod back, because yeah, I'm pretty sexually frustrated at this very moment. We exchange a few pecks before she mumbles we should take it upstairs.

Do you know when you were younger and you always had these races with your siblings or friends? Whoever is upstairs last is a loser. Yeah. Even when really turned on the childish side Brittany possesses shows. She practically runs upstairs yelling for me to hurry.

When I reach her bedroom I see her hopping on one leg, while pulling on her shoe. She seems pretty desperate to get that shoe off, and it makes me laugh. I walk over to halt her movements.

''Baby, relax. Take a seat on the bed.'' I purr into her ear. She obeys, and I crouch down to take her shoes off. Once I'm done, I pull on her hands, motioning for her to stand up. I love it when we're both barefoot. She's still taller than me, but I think our height difference is perfect. I wrap my arms loosely around her neck and start kissing her jaw, her chin and eventually my lips find hers. It's slow, sensual and I feel goose bumps appear everywhere when her fingers find their way under my shirt and caress my lower back. Her hands wander, and they land on my ass, which is no surprise, Brittany really is an ass girl. I play with the hairs in her neck, but after a while I really want to get her naked, so my hands travel down the hem of her white V-neck. Her hands leave my behind and she puts her hands in the air so I can take her shirt off. She does the same to my blue button up shirt, and there we are, both in our bra's and denim jeans. Her hands graze my stomach while my hands explore her whole torso. Her arms, her abs, her boobs. God, her body is gorgeous.

Her hands come to the front of my jeans. She fumbles a little with the fly of my jeans, but once she got it the zipper comes quickly undone and she pulls my jeans down my legs, just below my butt.

''Babe.'' She giggles against my lips when I tickle her sides. ''Babe, get those jeans out of the way.'' Brittany is now cupping my almost bare ass; all I'm wearing is a black thong and my matching bra. When I step out of my jeans and toss them somewhere on the floor, I'm hoisted up in the air and practically thrown on her bed in a matter of seconds. She crawls in between my thighs and kisses from my stomach upwards to my lips.

It's a blur of hands roaming, and after a while of touching, caressing and squeezing I'm not sure where her hands are, or my own for that matter. It's just a big blur of touches that make my brain dizzy. In my haze I don't notice that my sneaky FBI agent already unclasped my bra and is now slowly dragging the piece of clothing down my arms. Before I can comment, her lips wrap softly around my nipple and my eyes roll into the back of my head. Her tongue swirls around it and she releases it while kissing her way towards my other nipple. When she is done playing with my twins I wait before she kisses her way back up before rolling us around, so that I'm on top.

Jeans. Those need to come off and they need to come off right now. I tug at her jeans, and surprisingly they come off, without opening the fly or the zipper. I sit back on my knees and pull until they are inside out, but off of her legs. Her bra and panties are next, and when she's fully naked I sit back on my knees again, taking in the beauty in front of me. Running my hands on her upper thighs, I try to take in every detail of her body. Her muscular thighs, her defined yet feminine abs, and the scar on her shoulder. It's really small and perfectly round, when you would see it in a flash it would look like a birthmark. I lean forward and kiss the soft pink spot below her collarbone. She hisses and I don't know if it's a good or bad hiss.

I ask her if it hurts, but she shakes her head. A good hurt. It must be sensitive. I kiss the scar a few more times before my right hand goes from her boobs, to her stomach, to her pelvic bone and when I cup her, she bites my earlobe and moans.

''Baby, you're not naked yet. Not fair.'' She wines when my middle finger slides along her slit. I just smirk at her, and when my palm grazes her clit I feel like she forgets about me still wearing my panties. But I don't have that feeling for long. When I want to kiss her I make it as far as an inch before our lips touch, because my breath hitches in my throat. Her hand has snuck under my thong and she is circling my clit so fast I forget my own name for a second. Taking advantage of my moment of weakness, she flips us. She keeps fingering me, but sadly my hand has left the warmth between her legs, as every fiber in my body focuses on the pleasure she is currently giving me. And when her long, slender fingers enter me, I literally see stars. She manages to keep her hand moving steadily, as the other one tugs at the garment still around my hips. When it's off, she smirks at me like she just won a Gold Medal.

Now both hands free, she pumps in and out of me with one hand, while the other one circles my clit. My moans are embarrassingly loud right now but I can't help it.

I'm in pure ecstasy.

Pump after pump, stroke after stroke, and kiss after kiss. She knows all the buttons on my body and she knows how to push them. I feel like I'm about to burst. No, even better, I feel like I just climbed the Mount Everest and ready to jump off of it. I keep holding my breath longer and longer, only long hard moans come from deep within me now. She notices it and finally leans over me, her body finally touching mine, her hand leaving my clit, now using her arm to steady herself as she pumps harder and harder.

''Baby I uh, I'm gonna… I'm gonna come.'' I whisper against her lips. She just kisses me and it takes about two more strokes before my whole body tenses, every muscle tightens. I see fireworks behind my eyelids, rockets launch in my lower stomach and I can't seem to stop shaking. Britt's fingers slowly move in and out of me now, gently bringing me down. When I finally stop heaving like I just ran a marathon, she retracts her hand and places it on my stomach, just caressing my sweaty, slick skin.

''Finally.'' She breathes as she lets her body rest on top of mine, her face tucked into my neck. I feel her lips move against my skin and it makes me smile. God, she is amazing. However, being the energetic self that she is, it doesn't take her long before she starts kissing me again, probably leaving hickeys all over my neck by the feeling of it.

''Babe, I'm still sensitive.'' I hiss when she starts kissing my collarbones, obviously making her way down.

''I know.'' She mumbles, her lips not leaving my skin. ''That is the best part.'' She husks before her lips connect with my core, and an actual scream comes out of my mouth.


After another half hour of Brittany pleasing me, I'm absolutely exhausted. Not only did she manage to make me climax three more times, she got me blacking out after my fourth orgasm, that's how intense her lovemaking is.

Like, wow.

I can definitely say now, without a doubt, Brittany is the best I've ever had. She just made me feel so wanted, so sexy, so… loved. And that in a span time of just mere weeks since I met her. The fact that she almost risked her life for me counts really big in this too. But it's just her overall personality which makes me fall for her like a fifty pound brick being thrown of a skyscraper. I keep falling and falling, and I wonder if my feet will ever touch the ground again.

''What are you thinking about, beautiful? I can see your brow furrowing.'' She says as her finger skims my forehead. I can't help but smile when she calls me beautiful, or gorgeous. It comes so natural to her, which shows me she's really comfortable with me. Well that, and the fact that we're still butt naked on top of the blankets.

''Nothing. Just thinking about you. How special you are to me.'' I whisper as I turn my head towards hers. She just grins like a fool, before she leans in to kiss me.

''Yeah?'' She whispers back.

Instead of answering with words, I'll let my actions speak for me. I hope she knows what she's in for; I have a very skilled tongue.

I tease her first, like she did with me. But I don't take that long, purely because of the fact that I just want to touch her, equally as bad as she wants to be touched right now. So when my tongue darts out to taste her, I close my eyes and savor the taste. She tastes sweet, just like I thought she would. She always drinks fruit juices, that has something to do with it, I'm sure. But it also fits her personality. Sweet and bubbly one moment, serious and focused the next one, which also explains the musky, little bitter taste I get on my lips when she comes with a long, breathy moan.

After my mouth it's time for my fingers. Knowing the female physique, I know that when I curve my fingers a certain way I'll probably tap her G-spot. I do after a few thrusts, and her being as sensitive as she is from her first orgasm, Brittany comes again, harder and longer this time. She doesn't make as much noise, but my ego is still stroked when I look down at her and see her eyes roll into the back of her head and her mouth and jaw slack and wide open.

Mission accomplished, is the last thought that floats in my mind when I crawl back up to her and we both fall in a deep slumber.


First of all, I wanted to apologize for my lack of updating. I do have a good 'excuse', if that's what you want to call it. I'm still dealing with the loss of a person who was very close to me and my family.

That being said, I just wanna let you guys know, that suicide isn't a way out. If one of you ever had thoughts about it, or even attempted to end your own life, please seek help. I speak from experience when I say that you leave your relatives and friends with so much pain, it's almost unbearable. Tell your parents, go talk to someone. But don't even end your own life. It's just not an option.

Second somber message: RIP Cory Monteith. I felt really bad for updating now actually, seeing as Finn Hudson is kind of the bad guy in this fic. But, you guys deserved an update, so yeah. I hope you guys can still read this fic even though the picture of Finn, AKA Cory is going to be in your heads when you read this. I promise I won't let any of the characters die, especially not Finn.

I really liked Cory. The tall, awkward goof has been a part of Naya's and Heather's lives, so yeah. We might not like Finn, but please try to see him separately from Cory, because he was a genuinely good person. Again, RIP Cory. We miss you.