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When Emily left the classroom she looked around the obviously basic corridor it was no different to one she would expect to see in an ordinary high school. She suddenly bumped into a black haired boy "Move it herbivore" he growled out softly pushing past her, he looked scary "Fuck you she retorted" her mouth had engaged before her brain had a chance. The boy glared at her with a determination and blood lust she had onky seen in one anime. Katekyoushi hitman reborn.

She was shocked. Hibari kyoya. THE Hibari Kyoya. She began to back away "I didn't mean it!" she cried out hoping he wouldnt bite her to death. Thankfully he began to chase a small green creature. Was it a frog? With a yellow star on its chest "get back to class green herbivore" Hibari growled at the creature "Make me dummy" the green creature back. Emily had only seen this creature in one anime also. SGT frog. Keroro looked at her "a new one in the game of madness? she even has a face".

Emily was confused, but before she could asj a question she was in a peculiar dark , place a man with dark bkack hair she recognised him as nightmare. "Well someone couldnt take the atmosphere here" Emily looked at him the last thing she remembered was staring at the chase "you retreated into your own mind because you ran out of oxygen in your brain"

"All i have to say" he began "is wekcime to the games of madness"