Right now our main protagonist aka our stupid hero is right now shocked of what knowledge of what he have gained at the moment. He was happy, no delighted that he knows that his sister is in another dimension and living a normal life. He also gained the facts that there was an exact copy of him that died and he has the memories of the boy in the chip he stole from Eve. Trust me you don't want to know how he stole it. Anyways he really was desperate to go there and be with his sister but there is some part of him that just wants to keep the life he's living right now. He sighed and thought about the idea once more.

The pleasant things about going to the dimension is that he can be with sister again, he can finally live a normal life, he doesn't need to worry about being a fake because the boy is dead, and he doesn't have to worry about the danger in the world since the is a low percent that will actually happen. The troublesome things would be that the percent of the team getting pissed off and trying to find him and bring him back, he will be forced to lose his own memories and would be replaced by the dead brother's memories, that there is a possibility that he will die too. It sounded risky so he decided to stay longer and think about going there or not.

Time skip (2 weeks later)

It's been two weeks the Rune Slayer had pondered about it. The group had many missions lately and he had to focus more on work though. Yet sometimes after the mission or at break he would mediate upon that question. The group notices that he was spacing out a lot lately and had to bring him back to reality. Chung got worried at his brother and has been asking what was wrong. Eve took notes in case these notes are needed. Aisha would just hit him on the head with her staff just to get him back to reality and Raven would just watch the boy's action.

The Rune Slayer's mind was filled with doubt if he should go or stay. At points he would forget he's on a mission and that was his priority. Finally Elsword came up with his decision when they were back at the house they stayed in. He would take the risk and go to the other dimension.

Around ten p.m. …

Elsword got up out of his bed soundlessly and looked out the door to see if no one was outside. He checked his teammates' rooms to see them one more time before he goes into the other dimension and forgets them completely. He first checks the Void Princess's room, and peeks in the room. There was Aisha sleeping soundly and hugging her bat. Apparently she was snoring so Elsword had sweat dropped at that. He closed the door and looked at the next room to see the Deadly Chaser's room this time. There was Chung, sleeping with all the blankets all over him only showing his face that shows that he's sleeping peacefully. He gave a smiled to the boy since he didn't have a terrible nightmare and checked the next room which was the Wind Sneaker. He checks the room and saw Rena was moving a lot and mumbling about the Elder all. Elsword sighed and went to the next room which was the Blade Master. When he looked at the room, he just saw Raven just sleeping on the bed with no sound. He knew how much he wanted to cure his sins so badly and he wanted to say that Raven already did just by learning from his mistakes. However the man just is going beat the crap out of him. He looked at the last room with was the Code Nemesis. The girl had wires all over her body and Elsword was pretty freaked out how that the information goes into her.

He finally finish seeing his friends and whispered, "Goodbye everyone."

Elsword was going on to his way to the Tree of El, one of the only places that have enough power for him to create a portal to that dimension. He got there and looked the enormous tree gleaming at the night. He smiled at the sight for the last time. He got out a small book and used his right hand to create a portal. Before he went in, looked at the view one more time and went in.

Another Dimension

Elesis was at her brother's grave lying there on the cold bare ground. The tomb was like any other tomb stone except that there was a unique sword right on the dirt where Evan's coffin was buried. She looked at the tomb stone that says, 'Here lies Dae-Hyun Lyang 2024-2037.' That kid may have been annoying but he didn't deserve to die. She wiped her tears as she remembered the day he died.

Flashback …

"Hey! Big sis, I want to go over there!" shouted a thirteen year old red head as he pointed to a shop with many swords on display across the street.

"Okay Dae, just wait for a minute," Elesis replied as she was getting groceries at the time, looking for the ripe fruits and vegetables. She looked at the prices to make sure that it wasn't too expensive.

Right the siblings were at a grocery store, looking for ingredients. Dae Hung was looking for types of quality meat while Elesis was looking for ripe vegetables and fruits. Dae was a very loyal younger brother to Elesis and he would always look up to her. Elesis thinks of her brother as a naïve kid and she loves him. Even though he may cuss at points when angry and that he knows the cruel part of the world.

Anyways Dae was to go the other shop, but he suddenly saw a little girl walking on the streets going to her mom but he saw a sports car coming towards her. He did what he had to do. He ran to the child and pushed her before she got hit. However he got the impact as a sacrifice. When Elesis heard a crash, she turned around and her eyes widen in shock. There she saw her brother lying next to the car, and bleeding all over. She saw how badly wounded he was from the hit .She ran towards her brother and kneels down to his body.

The teen look his sister who was tearing and said, "Goodbye, it's been good being with you. Well thank you for being there with me on my last words." He smiled at her the last time and closed his eyes forever. She was tearing so badly, the girl who was saved was shocked of what happen and felt guilty. The mother was staring at Elesis, feeling guilty. The man, who hit Dae-Hyun, was apologizing for hitting the boy, but he knew that his words could not be forgiven for he killed the best Korean military leader's brother.

Day of the funeral …

It was the day of Dae-Hyun's funeral, everyone that knew him was there. Elesis unfortunately wasn't there, along with the rest of the females who knew him. After all it was not allowed because of the Korean tradition. She felt guilty yet proud that he sacrificed his life. She felt guilty because her brother didn't deserve to die and he didn't live his life to the fullest. Yet she was still proud at him for him trying his best to prevent death. However tears were falling down her face while walking home.

Flashback end …

She put the flowers she brought on the grave. The military leader was about to go home but suddenly a light was shown; she turned to see what happening but the light was in her eyes. The light finally dimmed out and she looked around to see if there was a difference. The minute she looked at her brother's grave, she was dazed to see. There was her brother just sitting on his own grave, alive.

Her brother was rubbing his head in pain and muttered, "God, that seriously hurts Elesis. How the hell am I alive anyways?" Elesis pinched herself if she dreaming. Well she just ended up hurting herself after she pinched both of her brother's cheeks.

Dae roared as he was trying to get his sister's hands away from his cheeks, "Hey! Stop that! It hurts!" Elesis hugged her brother and smiled at him. Of course he accepted the hug and smiled back.

Five Months Later …

The birds were chirping and sunshine was brightening up the boy's room. It was a completely normal morning for Dae-Hyun. Getting kicked in the stomach by his sister as a wakeup call, fixing his hair, and running through obstacle courses that would most likely kill you just to get to the kitchen was just a normal thing to do in the morning. Luckily for our Rune Slayer, he just made it out alive with no scratches.

Dae-Hyun roared with vein on his forehead, "WTF? WHY THE HELL IS THERE STILL TRAPS ON THE FREAKING STAIRS!"

Elesis simply answered, "Oh yeah, I needed to make sure that no one assassinated us yesterday. I must have forgotten about that."

The younger brother got even more pissed and shouted, "HOW CAN YOU FORGET THAT?"

… Later while going to school … (BTW SHIN AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON!)

'God damnit, that hurts. She didn't have to hit me that hard,' he thought as he was rubbing the bruise he got from his sister. Anyways he was walking to school, wondering how things change while he was gone. He stumbled across a girl holding a pile of books. She had nerdy glasses, and braided black ponytails. They eventually bumped into each other and both fell with books all over the place. Dae-Hyun started to pick up some books and gave it to the girl. The girl thanked him however when she looked at his face, her eyes widen in shock.

Dae didn't know why the girl looked terrified and thought there was something on his head. So he questioned, "Um, is there something in my face?"

The girl was stuttering back, "Y-your t-the boy w-who risked-d his l-life for me."

The two stood there in silence for three seconds after that the girl screamed something about the guy is a ghost haunting her.

Dae sighed and assumed, 'That was awkward. Now that I think about it, that girl looked like the girl I save. It was probably her because she was freaking out like hell. Oh well, better get going.'

He walked again and finally got to Moegami High School, the school he was about to go to before he died. He stared at the building then went inside. He looked for his home room which was 2-A. As he looked around people were shocked and frozen. Some passed out from shock. Dae-Hung just sweat stopped and continued his way.

Meanwhile in the somewhat other dimension …

There was one word to explain how the team is doing now. It was absolutely chaotic. Things hadn't gone very well right now since Elsword left. Aisha cussing was so loud that many towns heard bad words and the mother's had to cover the child's ears to keep their innocence. Plus the people who were near her got deaf because of that. Rena got angrier since Aisha couldn't shut up and had mentally horror her. Raven left and did missions by himself since there was nobody to nag him to do missions with the group. Chung is sitting down in the emo corner hoping that his beloved brother would come back. Eve is just watching the scene before her. The Code Nemesis had enough and brought everyone together and started a meeting. By that I mean literally dragging everyone to a room just to settle the problem.

"Okay, I had enough of this bickering. We're going to bring back Elsword and you guys better not complain. I found what dimension he is in. He is in a dimension where it is normal and his older sister is in that dimension which explains a lot. I already have figured out his location. He right now going to someplace called Moegami High for education. So Aisha, you will go into the school as a transfer student and bring him back," Eve announced with her usual monotone voice.

"WAIT WHY ME?" Aisha roared at Eve.

"Because you are best person who can drag Elsword back," Eve stated.

Aisha shrugged "Ugh, fine but I'll need a week to do so."

Week later in Dae-Hyun (Elsword) dimension where he is now

Dae-Hyun's P.O.V

It's been five months since I somehow resurrected from the dead. The day was normal for me. I was immediately back being a Kendo captain again and beat many schools. My friends were shocked that I was alive and hugged me. The girl I save was in this school and apparently is the class next to me. She was quite a shy girl and it took no time for her to warm up to the people. Well now she is hanging out with me and the group. I got an A in all of my classes because I studied like hell.

A familiar voice shouted, "Hey Dae-Hyun!" I turned around and saw my best friend, Gerry coming towards me. "Hey! Have you heard there is a new transferred student? I heard she's hell of hot."

I sighed and replied, "Let me guess, you want me to go with you to see her. Am I correct?"

Gerry answered with a laugh, "God you know me too well, Dae. Anyways let's go!" We both ran to the entrance of the school and saw many guys and girls surrounding something. We looked to see what going on and saw the new transfer student. She had purple pig tail hair and she had oddly purple eyes. She acted all superior and the students who crowded around her. For some reason just looking her wants me to punch her face. Apparently I was giving a deadly aura without knowing and my friend tapped my shoulder and questioned, "Hey are you okay?"

I turned to him and answered, "Yeah, it's just some reason I just don't like her. She pisses me off even though I don't know her."

Aisha's P.O.V.

Many people surround me as if I was some great superstar which I am of course. After all I am the greatest magician ever to exist. I saw a blond haired and red hair boy looked this way. I looked closer and I saw the red head was obviously Elsword. Apparently he seems a more fit and his hair got a little longer. Ugh, same as always. He's such a lazy brat as always. I saw a deadly aura coming out of him. I knew if you want to go to a new dimension it would sacrifice your memories if you're not a master magician. Even though may not have his memories of us his feelings for us would be the same. Anyways Elsword the other kid went away after taking a look. I swear to god that I'm going to bring him back to our world.

… After School

(still Aisha's P.O.V.)

I was just taking myself a tour of this so called school Moegami High School. To be honest to was a pretty fancy, private high school. His sister must be rich and probably most of the students are snobby. Anyways where the hell would Elsword be? I looked at the places where Elsword would be. Later I heard a yelp near the Kendo club's room. As soon as I raced to the room, I saw Elsword easily beat this other snobby school's team. Well of the course red head would anyways, after all he is a freaking Rune Slayer. It makes me laugh that he beating up wimps.

One of his so called teammates went up to him and did a high five for winning and another was shouting for victory. God damn, he's a major show off as usual. Elsword was about to come out this way so I used an invisible barrier around me and saw him walk out. I followed him (*cough* *cough* stalked) to his house. Luckily, no one was home except him. I saw him go into a training room too and followed from behind. When I went in I was shocked. The place was so spacious and had many types of weapons. I saw the stupid red head slicing up many dummies in a lightning flash speed. I observed El and took notes to tell the others. He may have lost his memories but apparently his knowledge of fighting and skills stayed the same. Too bad he forgot how to use his skills. I went out and teleported to my dimension.

There I saw Eve sitting there waiting for information that I got. She questioned, "So what info did you get?"

I answered, "Well basically Elsword really didn't change as much as I expected. Luckily for us, his fighting skills are still attached to him, no more improving. He's going to a school called Moegami High and also he's still the same person we know."

Eve thought for a few seconds then announced, "Bring him back tomorrow, and make sure he's alive and has some minor damage if you need to battle him."

I smiled and answered, "I'll make him suffer for leaving."

Tomorrow morning

Elsword's P.O.V.

I woke up by the sound of my annoying alarm clock. I prepared myself for school. I thought about yesterday's training. My spine shivered as I thought about it. It felt like as someone was watching me yesterday. I swear that someone was watching me ever since I beat that wimpy Tsuki High School. No one else notice the presence though. It's either that I have the best senses ever or that everyone is really dense. Eh, it's probably everyone is so dense.

Anyways I ran to school with my heavy bag that's filled with homework. I saw the purple hair girl walking to school too. She glared at me for some stupid reason and ran off. I mean who the hell does that? Who does she think she is? I bet she's a snobby rich girl. I snickered at the thought and ran to the kendo club.

I got in the room and I saw my teammates working out already so early in the morning. I smiled and look how hard they're training. One of my teammates, Akarui came up to me and greeted, "Morning Dae-Hung."

I smiled at the girl at greeted back, "Yeah morning to you too, Akarui." Anyways Akarui is one of the only girls that are on the kendo team. She may shy but she can pack a punch if you mess with her. She smiled at me and went back to practice some more. I checked my other teammates just one more time then went to the library. I got to the Library and my mouth dropped a little. Like hell it didn't even looked like library! It looked like a mansion for crying out loud! I poked my head in first then I decided to look for books that tell me about different fighting style. At that moment I saw her. At the table, I saw the purple hair girl again and this time she put her hair into a neat pony tail plus she was wearing glasses. She was reading some book.

She sensed my presence and glared at me. She said, "Why are you staring at me, red head?"

I immediately got angrier and replied, "At least I don't purple hair and is showing off."

She quickly answered to me, "Shut up! I don't show off!"

I got even pissed off than usual and shouted out, "NO YOU SHUT UP!" We were silenced by the librarian and the two just sat down.

The annoying girl whispered in his ear, "After school, we duel. Don't bring your friends if you are a coward." She finally got out of her seat and went to her class. Like hell I'm going to accept the challenge.

Aisha's P.O.V.

Predictable Elsword, he's way too predictable. After being with that idiot for three years, it has finally paid off. Elsword would always do something that is over his level and never wants his friends to get into this mess. He has a hero's will yet he's an idiot because of that, a real idiot. I went out of the library and the sun's light shining through. I reached out for my cell phone and dialed Eve's number. The phone ringed until Eve got the call.

Eve said, "Not bad, you are using his own courage just to bring him back."

"Of course, I'm the greatest magician alive. I'm bringing him back whenever he likes it or not," I answered. I hanged up and used my staff to teleport to homeroom.

After School

Third Person Format (using actual name of Elsword)

It was time for Elsword and Aisha to battle. The boy didn't bring anyone with him or tell anyone but the only thing he brought was a bamboo sword that shaped like a Japanese katana. The girl brought a staff that kind of have resemble as an axe. They glared at each other and faced each other head on.

Elsword was the first one to attack. Running towards her, he used his speed and launches his sword to the girl. Aisha immediately teleported and used her staff to hit Elsword. The force of her staff cause a huge surge of wind that pushed the boy back into the walls of the school, making a mark on the school's concrete walls. Elsword back was strained and damaged causing the boy to bleed on the back. He coughed a little from the impact then got up and launched at the girl once again. She was about to teleport again but the Rune slayer slashed her three times. To be honest Elsword didn't know what he was doing, it was as if his body was moving on his own. He twirled around and suddenly a symbol came from his hand and suddenly shoots out a flaming ball with that symbol, in return, Aisha got hit by the flame. The boy stopped and looked at his right hand to see the symbol printed on his hand.

Elsword stood there shocked and muttered, "What the fuck did I just do?" He stood there for a few seconds then recovered. Aisha got up and smiled, she knew his power was unlocking quickly. She attacked Elsword but he did a back flip. She knew he was going to back away. She smirked and used her hell stone and hits him continuously until he landed on his back. She grabbed out a pan and knocked him out.

Back in Elsword's Real Dimension

Elsword is unconscious right now and is on the couch. Looking like he's sleeping peacefully even though he was knocked out by a pan, the rest of the gang is having a discussion at the moment.

Rena came in smiling, "So Elsword back?"

Aisha immediately announced, "Yeah, I had to knock the kid out with a pan."

Chung ran towards his so called brother and saw if he had any wounds on his head. He said, "Aisha! You shouldn't have done that! You know whenever he gets knocked out, he gets hell of angry!"

Aisha replied, "I don't care." Eve walked up to him, stood there, and then slapped him in the face. Everyone looked at her shocked; even Raven who wasn't even paying attention to the rest. Elsword took a while to wake up. It seems like he was in deep thought while in his sleep.

Elsword looked up to his group and finally screamed, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE?" The group had no choice but to explain who they are.

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