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"Is something wrong, my princess?"

"It's nothing Tamaki." A young lady sat on a small chair drinking tea with the blonde.

"There must be something wrong. Please tell me. After all, I can't slay this dragon that guards your castle if I don't have a sword."

"If you are talking about Excalibur, you would be better using a rusty nail. That guy is a pain." Liz sat over a clipboard, possibly jotting down notes on possible types of the host members. Possibly.

"Yeah. If Kid or Big Sis can't handle Excalibur, then neither can you. And why do ya have to kill the poor dragon. It could have been nice ..." Patti was drawing a picture of a rose, due to utter boredom and strong influence from the decor. Despite what she what concentrating on, Patti still managed to take in the surrounding conversation and understand every word.

"Do you mind?" Tamaki glared at the pair seated on the edge of the entertaining table.

"Fine, grumpy pants. We are going to watch some other person because you are boring and bland. " Liz said coldly and turned around to go creep on another customer-host pair. Upon hearing the remarks, Tamaki collapsed on the floor. Two twins started to poke him with orange roses. Weird.

Liz and Patti walked over to another table and pulled up chairs and watched the couple talk. This particular host had three customers at his side.

"Oh Haruhi. How could you have grown up without a mother?"

"Was it difficult to adjust without her?"

"Please tell us Haruhi." The three acted quite worried.

"Huh. This must be Haruhi Fujioka. He seems kinda...girly." Liz said to herself. Haruhi smiled and said to Liz and Patti, but still facing his customers, "If you want to say rude things about me, why not have the courtesy to say it when I am not beside you. Anyway ladies, it's not really a big deal. Yes it was tough at first, but now it's as natural as breathing." Somehow this mess of sappy words mad the girls tear up and jump and hug Haruhi.

"That's so sad!" Patti sobbed. "Yeah. I'll never say a rude thing ever again to you, you poor thing. Never again, even though it kinda feels like you are wearing a bra, ya know. Cross-dressing is okay. And if you are, then you look good as a guy and – " Liz was cut short due to the orange-headed twins briskly whisking them away. Then they blacked out.


"Sorry to ask this of you, I mean, we only just met, but would you happen to know where I might find my two friends. We got separated a while back." Kid asked ever-so politely.

"Do your friends happen to be female?" Nekozawa creepily asked.

"Indeed they are. Do you know where they are?" Kid raised an eyebrow at the statement.

"Not for sure, but I have a pretty good place to start looking."

Kid's eyes grew bigger with every word. "Yes?"

"The Host Club, most likely. Follow me, if you will." The two walked down a long hallway to a music room.

"Right here." Nekozawa pointed to a door and Kid hastily opened it. A wave of rose filled the young reaper's nose. "Liz? Patti?" Kid called into the room. His jaw dropped as he saw the most perfect thing ever.

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