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The wind was bitterly cold and sharp pinpricks of freezing rain were hissing against her skin. The sky was cloudy and grey and she was sure she was slowly catching hyperthermia. The sweat on her body from her morning run froze almost as soon as it came. It was a pretty stupid idea to go for a run, but she needed to clear her head and it wasn't that bad when she left. She shook her head and was tempted to head slap herself. Of course it was bad, the wind was well above thirty miles an hour and there had been a ninety percent chance of precipitation when she checked the weather channel which had said freezing rain, and she still went, and the temperature was well below fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally she did head slap herself. It wasn't just a stupid idea, it was plain suicide. Her feet were numb and her fingers had long since become useless. The tips of her ears were most likely red and she wasn't sure if she had a nose anymore. Her apartment was only a block away though and a hot shower was probably a smart idea. They were only on call today so she could shower and curl up in a blanket on the couch after.

Pushing herself harder, she reached the door to her apartment building and fumbled for her keys. She reached into her pocket and felt around. Nothing. Reaching deeper in to her pocket she pulled out what remained, a couple fluffy pieces of lint, an empty gum wrapper, and a small rock, how that got in there she had no clue. Sighing, she stepped up to the call button and hit apartment 114, the room across from her.

The speaker crackled to life with a wonderful display of static and hissing, "Hello?"

Ziva leaned forward to speak to her elderly neighbour. "H-hello Mrs. Huston. It's Z-Ziva. Could you buzz me in?" It was a miracle that she was been able to stop her teeth from chattering on every word, "I forgot my keys in my a-apartment."

"Ziva!" her elderly neighbour exclaimed happily, at least Ziva thought it was happily, it was hard to tell through the heavy static. "Of course just give me a second to," her voice trailed off as she seemingly tried to find the button to let her in. "Ah. Here it is. There you go, dear."

"T-thank you," Ziva breathed. The door made an off-key ding and she grabbed the handle in her numb hands and yanked it open and stepped into the semi-warm lobby. The wind followed her in and swirled around the room, chasing what little warmth there was out and kept the door from closing. She threw her body against it and it shuddered close against the wind, which howled it's anger at being forced out of the building.

Ziva turned and took the stairs two at a time, rubbing her arms to try and get a bit of warmth in them. Mrs. Huston was waiting for her outside her door. "Ziva! Why in the world you go for a run in this weather?" she was holding a blanket and wrapped it around Ziva as she came closer. Mrs. Huston's bones creaked nosily as she embraced her much younger neighbour. Ziva shrugged and her teeth chattered together. "Well, it wasn't a very smart idea, my dear." Ziva nodded and Mrs. Huston continued, "I let up a very handsome young man into your apartment as well, said he knew you would do something like going for a run."

Ziva frowned as she tried to think of who would know her that well, but with her entire body shaking and her teeth chattering together uncontrollably, it was just on the other side of difficult. "T-thank you, Mrs. Huston."

"Your welcome, just go inside and warm yourself up before you catch a cold," she replied, her joints crashing together in a symphony of creaks and groans.

Ziva smiled as her neighbour shut the door quietly behind her and turned to try the doorknob, just in case she had left it unlocked when she. Not expecting it to turn and the door to give way, she stumbled into the entrance way. She almost tripped over the pair of expensive Italian shoes laying beside her coat closet. Her hand automatically moved to her SIG before she realized that someone invading her home wouldn't take off their shoes, that and she recognized the worn expensive Italian leather.

She kicked off her runners, shut the door behind her, and walked to her living room to see two steaming cups of something hot sitting on her coffee table, the sound of a shower running and steam coming from the bathroom, and a figure sprawled out on her couch.

"Tony, what in the world are you doing here?"

The figure sat up with his hair sticking up all over the place like he had just rolled out of his bed only to slump on her couch, which made her smile slightly, but his eyes were bright and awake. "Well, I figured you would try something crazy, like going for a run in this weather, so I came here and brought some hot drinks and started a shower for you."

"And how exactly did you get in here?"

He grinned and held up a lock-picking kit, one she had gotten him so long ago she barley remembered what it had been for.

Ziva squished the water out of her hair and shivered. Something warm and comfortable started to pool inside of her. She took a step towards him and gave his hand a gentle squeeze, "Thank you."

The blanket started to slip from her shoulders and he grabbed it and held it on her, she shivered again, but with something very far from cold. He chuckled nervously and she could have sworn that his face turned slightly pink. "It was nothing," he mumbled.

She smiled at him, "No, really, thank you."

"Don't tell anyone, I have a reputation to protect," he winked at her secretively.

He winked at her and she laughed. Releasing his warm wrist and patting him on the cheek. "Sure you do," she said, turning to go down the hall to the bathroom.

He yelped and moved away from her freezing hand when her words processed, "Hey," he called as she started to shut the door, "I do have a reputation."

Her musical laugh drifted down the hallway, "You keep thinking that."

She emerged from her bedroom dressed in a pair of flannel pyjamas pants and a sweatshirt of Tony's that was about three sizes too big and hung down past her mid thighs. Her hair was drying in a dark halo around her head, and she looked much warmer than before.

She plopped down on the couch beside Tony and wrapped herself in a blanket. He nodded at the movie playing, "True Lies, 1994, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold-"

"I know," she laughingly cut him off, "I watched with you a couple years ago."

"Oh, right," he replied. "Still cold?" he asked when she shivered. She nodded and he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her against him, even through the blanket she felt cold.

He leaned forward and grabbed the still steaming full cup on the coffee table and passed it to her. Her arms came out of the blanket and he could see the gooseflesh on it. She sipped the hot drink and hummed her appreciation as the liquid warmed her like fire going down her throat. It was warm and gooey and chocolaty, "Why hot chocolate?"

He chuckled and tightened his hold on her into a half hug. "Because, if I gave you coffee, you wouldn't be able to sleep."

She craned her head to see the clock on the wall, "It's only nine o'clock in the morning."

He laughed again, "Exactly, we are going to watch movies all day, that and sleep."

She grinned at him and wondered when it became so easy to let him invade her weekends, and her life.

She took another sip of her hot chocolate and smiled as the liquid slid down her throat and started to thaw her. Tony mouthed the words along with the movie and realized that it had always been easy to let him in.

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