Olivia's (POV)

"Everyone, these tests were horrible. Everyone could have done better" said Ms. Lynch, as she began passing the tests. She gave mine and my friend's back. "Good job, Olivia, Katie, and Rachel" she said. I looked at my test. It had an A+ on it. I smiled, pleased as I made another A. " What did you make?" asked Harry Styles, as he snatched my paper. "Hey!" I shouted. He ignored me. "An A, really livi?" he asked. "Yes, really, now give back my paper and don't call me livi!" I said, trying to grab it. He held it out of my reach. "Hey, guys, livi here got another A and so did Katie and Rachel!" he said. "I growled. Harry thinks he's all that. He and his friends are in a band called One Direction. You have probably have heard of them. They have great music, though, I hate to admit. Harry and his friends love to torture me, Katie and Rachel. It wouldn't be so bad, except we all used to be friends, until they let fame overtake them, now they "think" they're all popular. Why can't it go back to the way used to be? I snatched the paper back from Harry, and glared at him. Right then, the bell rang. Time for Lunch. Katie, Rachel, and I got in line for lunch. Today was Taco Tuesday, so yay. Tacos are my favorite.