A/N: The main reason I wrote this is because I feel that Hiro needs some friends. I mean, yeah he sucks as a meister, but he looks kind of cool and he's weird. So I made him some friends.

Chapter 1: Antonio and Leon Romano; The New Weapons of Hiro?

This is the story of how a meister who has always been neglected by the rest of the school for being plain and useless was going to have his life changed forever. Today, two new students entered the Demon Weapon-Meister Academy all the way from New York, New York. They were both weapons who were looking forward into studying at the DWMA. They were actually brothers; Antonio and Lyon Romano. Antonio, the older one, was wearing a black long sleeved collared shirt with a pair of black pants and black sneakers. His sleeves were rolled up to his arms and with his black outfit; he wore a red tie that hung from his neck all the way down to his waist. Leon, the younger brother, who was about the same height as his older brother wore a white attire: a white collared shirt, a pair of white pants, and some white sneakers. He wore a tie as well but his tie was dark pink.

Hiro was walking down the hallway carrying a bag of food that he bought for some students when he bumped into the two brothers.

"Watch where you're going?" Leon threatened.

"Sorry, my bad," Hiro said. "I wasn't looking where I was looking."

"Then what were you looking at?" Antonio asked.

"What was distracting you in this hallway?" Leon asked.

The brother began gaining up on Hiro. Hiro didn't know what they meant so he just answered.

"The bag?" He didn't know if that was a correct answer. Antonio and Leon each placed one of their hands on both of Hiro's shoulders.

"You, sir, are a wise man," Antonio said in a serious tone. "Making sure that the bag is safe from harm."

"Risking your life to watch that bag is honorable!" Leon went to tears at the thought of Hiro's bravery and courage.

Then the two pushed Hiro along and cried tears of sadness. "I hope you the best, you glorious bitch!"

"What?" Hiro had no idea what was going on.

"I hope we meet again, in the next life," Leon said as he turned away from Hiro with tears pouring down his eyes. He wasn't worthy of looking in the same direction as Hiro anymore.

Leon runs away in tears as Antonio looks back at Hiro one more time before he leaves as well. "Make us proud, son!" He runs away with his arms wiping away the snot that was dripping down his face.

Hiro had no idea as to what he was put through, he just looks back at them running away, in slow-motion which was odd because everyone else was walking at a normal pace, and walks back to his quest of returning the snacks to his so-called friends.

Later that day, during the middle of one of Stein's dissection lesions, Sid enters the room and asks to speak to Stein privately. As the two whisper and discuss in the middle of class, the rest of the students takes guesses as to what the professors were talking about.

"What could they be talking about?" Maka asked the rest of her friends.

Black Star was the first to answer. "Of course, they must be talking about me, their god BLACK STAR! Haha!"

"Oh give it a rest Black Star!" Soul said as he was trying to read their lips. "I don't know but it seems big if they needed to interrupt class for it."

"Do you think it's about the Kishin?" Kid asked as he entered the conversation.

It's only been a few week since the Kishin's been freed to the world and Maka was worried that he made a move already at the DWMA.

"What happen if the conversation is about me?" Crona asked. "Maybe they think that I am a problem and they want to get rid of me. I can't be homeless; I just can't deal with that. I don't want to smell like trash and beg for money."

Ragnorok appeared from Crona's back. "Don't worry, we'll just sell your body to make the money."

"I can't deal with that! I don't want to be an organ donor."

Crona didn't fully understand the joke but Maka did and Maka Chop the black devil on Crona's back.

Sid left the room and Stein walked back to his dissection table as if nothing had just happened.

"We are going to be having new students tomorrow, class. Their names are-"

Before the doctor could finish his sentence, the Romano brothers kicked down the door and entered the room. Antonio looked out at the class as his brother was staring at the professor.

"Is this the room, Leon?"

"I think so. The professor is the same as the description."

"Thank goodness," Antonio said as he lied on the floor, ready to take a nap in the middle of class. "I was getting tired of searching for this room. And this floor is actually comfortable."

"Wake up, we need to say focused in class." Leon looked up to see Hiro in the upper rows of the class. "Antonio, it's him! The hero!"

Antonio got up from the floor to look up and saw Hiro sitting down, looking down at them. Antonio ran up the stairs and sat next to Hiro.

"Look at who we have here, the hero." Antonio said all of this is a more sarcastic and disrespectful way. "Looking down at us while we were down. You make me sick."

Leon walked up the stairs with a pissed off expression. "Why are you looking down as us? Just because you're up and we're down doesn't mean you can look down at us. Why don't you look up next time? Save us the trouble and keep it up."

The Romano brothers took their seats and sat by Hiro. Everyone was confused as they stared at the boys so Antonio got up to explain himself.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen and the rest." He was looking at Crona when he said "the rest". "I would like to introduce myself. I am not Leon Romano and my brother is not Antonio Romano. We are the Romano brothers, aka the Hey-Stop-Right-There, aka Salt and Pepper, and aka 47's! We are the weapons of this kid right here."

Everyone was shocked to hear the Hiro had weapons, especially Hiro. This is the start of a horrible friendship