Chapter 13: Final Goodbyes and Farewells; Is This the End of the Story of Hiro?

From Antonio's backpack, Leon took action and pulled out a first aid kit. He rushed by putting bandages on his wounds as Antonio used his walkie-talkie from his backpack to call in some help from the academy. In only five minutes, a black helicopter with Kid's skull symbol on it came to the scene. A few people from Shibusen's Rescue Center carried out Hiro into the helicopter on a stretcher. The Romano brothers were sitting next to the unconscious Hiro, praying for him to be okay.

Upon arriving, the specialized rescue workers rolled Hiro into the the academy's infirmary. Antonio and Leon followed but were told to wait outside to not interfere. Hours passed and the school's nurse, Nygus, walked out, covered in her own bandagaes and a nurse's outfit.

"What happened?" asked Leon. "Is Hiro going to be okay?"

"We did all we can," Nygus replied. "Now it is the time to wait and see."

"Can we at least see him?" Antonio asked.

"Okay but do not touch him! He is in a very critical condition!"

The Romano brothers gently slid open the door and stepped into the room. The first thing they saw was Hiro, lying down on the hospital bed covered in gauges with an IV connected to him. After seeing him in such bad shape, the Romano's left the room and walked down the hallways without making a sound.

The search stopped when they found Kim talking with her partner Jacqueline next to the school's water fountain. They slowly walked up to her without her realizing it and grabbed her. Antonio held her legs as Leon held her upper body. Kim struggled to free herself from their clutches with Jacqueline transforming her arm into a lamp but the brothers didn't stop to even bother explaining what they were doing. They carried her the entire way to the infirmary, and then placed her back on her feet.

"What are you doing?" Kim asked. "Why did you kidnap me?"

The Romano brothers got down to their knees.

"Please help Hiro!" Antonio begged.

"The way it looks, we might lose him!" Leon begged.

"We know that you can heal people so please help him!"

"We are down on our knees! Please have a heart!"

Jacqueline finally caught up to the kidnappers. "Why should she help you? You just kidnapped her! Kim you don't have to put up with this. Let's just go!"

Kim looked down at the tears they shed at her feet as they pleaded more and more with their heads down in the ground. She looked towards the door and opened it to find a half dead Hiro on the bed. She placed her hands on him, chanted a few magical words, and proceeded to cleanse him of his injuries.

All of his wounds were gone and his clothes were bloody but put back together. After it was over, Hiro's eyes began to open. The Romano brothers ran into the room, hugging their awaken meister and crying tears of joy. Kim also healed the two of their minor scars by placing her hands on their faces and chanting more magical words. After she walked out the infirmary but she looked back on more time and saw that the two brothers were on their knees again.

"Thank you so much!" Antonio cried out.

"Words cannot describe how much we are in your debt!" Leon replied.

Kim could have easily turned this into a cash opportunity but she continued walking away.

"You know, all you had to do was ask and I would have helped."

With those words, both of the girls walked away.

"Those guys are just idiots!"

"Yeah, but their loyal idiots."

Back in the infirmary, Antonio and Leon hugged Hiro constantly but Hiro didn't do anything back. He smiled but sat up and looked down at the sheets under him.

"Come on, Hiro!" Leon said in a playful manner. "You made us into death-scythes and you defeated Vellian."

"Yeah, this should be the time for celebration!"

"Bring out the strippers!"

"And let's eat curry and drink sodas until we explode!"

"Literally! I want pieces of me to fly everywhere!"

"But it was my fault to begin with!" Hiro shouted at the two, silencing the room.


"If I didn't open that Pandora's Box of yours, I wouldn't have gotten mad. If I didn't get mad at you guys, I wouldn't have bumped into those two witches. If I didn't bump into witches, I wouldn't have taken that black pill. And if I didn't do that, Vellian wouldn't have been created in the first place."

Leon and Antonio couldn't think of something to say.

"It was my fault that thousands of people were trapped in madness. It's my fault that you guys are so hurt to begin with!"

Leon placed his hand on Hiro's shoulder. "You can't blame yourself, you were controlled by madness."

"But I-" Hiro didn't want to say what he was thinking. "I kind of liked the madness!"

Leon took his hand off his shoulder in shock. "What!"

"I know that it was bad but that sense of being in charge and in control felt so good. I tried my hardest to free myself from the insanity of my mind but I slowly enjoyed that power! It makes me sick to say this but it's true!"

"But we saved the country of Italy and gained two witches' souls in the process. I say that everything worked out at the end!"

Antonio's words didn't help Hiro at all since he just remained in his bed, sitting up with his knees in front of his face. Antonio and Leon looked at each other and without saying a word, came up with an idea. The two of them transformed into the weapon forms and landed in the bed, in front of Hiro's feet. The confused technician picked up the golden yo-yos; one in each of his hands, and wondered what they were planning to do.

"Hiro!" Antonio said in Hiro's left hand. "We want you to close your eyes!"


"Just shut your eyes!" Leon added. "We promise this time that we will not unleash a boar at you!"

"Whatever," Hiro said in a sad tone.

Hiro closed his eyes and sat in his bed, waiting for them to tell him to open their eyes. After two minutes, he still hasn't received any cue to open his eyes.

"Antonio? Leon? If there's another boar in the room, I will kill it!"

He heard nothing. He got tired of waiting and opened his eyes. He appeared to be in a dark room, the same dark room that Antonio and Leon visited that Vellian used to force them deeper into the insanity of the black blood. The dark room had a few notable features: articles of Evan's death were complete covering the walls and a table with a projector in the middle of the room. The projector was active but no images were being projected to the screen in the front of the room. On the ceiling, there was a small light bulb that light up the dark room.

"Leon? Antonio? Anyone!"

Hiro called out their names again but there was no response. Suddenly the two of them came to be in front of Hiro's eyes.

"Wassup?" Leon said happily.

"What? Where am I?"

"This is what we call our Soul Room!" Antonio replied.

"Soul Room?"

"A room created from our soul! And since we're close as brothers, each of our souls takes up half the room. Left side is mine and right side is for Leon!"

"We come here when we use Soul Resonance!"

Hiro took a look around the dark and mysterious room. "If this place represents your souls, why is it so dark and corrupted? I imagine you guys to fill this room with curry and better pictures of Evan."

"This is to prove of how our souls are in despair just like yours."

Hiro was silent. He just stared into their once happy faces becoming drowned in despair.

"We've always had a need for revenge for what those witches did to Evan!"

"Even after we absorbed their souls, we've still don't feel satisfied!"

"We just feel emptier inside! Like all of this wasn't enough! We want vengeance against the world!"

As they talked more about revenge and payback, the room grew blacker and blacker. The darkness started to consume the paper around then, making the room darker.

"Guys, you should stop now!" Hiro shouted. "You shouldn't feel this way! Revenge is consuming your souls in the madness! Look!"

Antonio and Leon turned to the wall that was already pitch black then turned back to Hiro. "We know!" they said simultaneously.

"So we're showing you," Leon said. "You're not alone when you say you feel guilt. We feel guilty for putting you in this mess to being with."

Hiro sheds a tear as he smiles at the two Romano brothers. "You guys are quite literally the greatest friends I ever had."

Antonio put out his hands in the center of all three of them. "That's why we're going to make you a king! Because you're our friend too!"

Leon placed his hand on top of his brother. "No matter what happens from here on out, we're going to make you our dedicated meister! We can't keep on looking back at our past because they past is done with! We gotta look towards the future and as far as I can see it, it involves you!"

Hiro wipes the tear from his face. "To becoming a king!" He puts his hand on top of their hands and completed the team.

As soon as Hiro put his hands in the middle, the room began to change. The articles of Evan began to burn off the walls, revealing the light that was hidden underneath. As more of the pages burned into the ashes, the walls brighten the entire room with a blinding gold light grew so bright that neither three of them couldn't look directly at it. They closed their eyes, shielding away from the light.

When the light dimmed down and went away, they opened his eyes and noticed how the room looks completely different. In an instant, the black room became a throne room. The room grew bigger with walls of golden with red banners hanging from the ceiling. At the end of the room was a throne with golden steps that lead to the royal seat. On the left of the throne was Antonio wearing golden armor of a knight with a black crown emblem on its back and on the right side was Leon in the same suit of armor with a white crown emblem on its back. Above the throne was a glass dedicated to Evan's memory. And sitting at the top of the throne was Hiro, wearing a golden crown that was tilted to his right.

Hiro stood from his throne and ran down the throne, looking at the confused armored Romano's.

"What just happened?" the king asked.

"I don't know," Leon the knight replied. "But I feel like this is for the better."

Antonio placed his hand over where his heart is. "I feel like a giant weight has been lifted from our souls!"

Hiro takes on more look around the room. "I just this is what happened when you accepted my as your meister!"

"Not bad!"

"I'm not complaining!"

Hiro started to laugh out loud, which cause the other two to laugh as loud. The three of them just laughed at each other's appearances and walked through the throne room's golden doors with new passion in their hearts.

Hiro woke up in the infirmary with both his demon yo-yos in his hands. The yo-yos transformed into long strands of string and returned into Leon and Antonio's human forms.

"So now what?" Hiro asked of the two.

Antonio came up with an idea. Antonio ran out of the infirmary and the other two followed in confusion. They ran out of the school and back to Hiro's apartment. Hiro used his key to open the doors and let the excited brother inside. When Hiro opened the door, he saw that nothing had changed. Everything was just like he remembered.

"Wow, nothing's changed in here!" Hiro said surprised.

"That's because we never entered this place since you left!" Leon answered.

"Aww…you couldn't handle the memories that we shared here?"

"Eww…get your mind out of the gutter! We just lost our key!"

"Yeah!" Antonio added as he ran into their room. "We spend the past weeks in the academy because we were homeless! Next time, if you're going to leave us, give us a copy of the key!"

"Oh, I make a spare set then for you guys!"

Antonio walked out of the room with the black box in his hand as he walked to the apartment's balcony. Leon and Hiro were unsure of what he was planning on doing with it so they followed him outside. Antonio placed the box down and removed its lid to reveal its contents: a red journal and a pile of old newspaper articles.

"What are you going to do with that?" Hiro asked.

Leon picked up the book from the box and pulled out a DWMA lighter from his pocket. "Get rid of it, of course!"

Antonio picked up the picture of Evan, Leon, and he from the black box. "I'm holding onto this one!"

In one click, a little fire emerged from the lighter. He placed it under the book so that the tip of the fire would touch the journal, slowly burning the pages. He threw the burning book into the black box so that it could burn the old newspaper articles along with it.

"Why did you do that?" Hiro asked. "Aren't these your precious memories of Evan?"

"Yeah but the box is just a constant reminder of the revenge we sought out."

"And besides, we're your demon weapons now! So you're the only meister we should be worried about."

Hiro teared up at those final words as the box was burning away into nothingness. The ashes flew away into the sky as the three of them watched them fly off into the drowsy sun setting.

"Farewell Evan," Hiro shouted from the rails of the balcony.

"We will never forget you!" Leon said waving at the ashes.

"We're going to make you proud of us!" Antonio said as he waved goodbye.

Hiro was very happy at this picture perfect moment, as he knew that this was a new start in his legend.

The End!