Until The Day After Forever – Chapter 1: Carrying On

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NOTE ON THE AU: This is ninjaverse/naruverse/canonverse/whatever you like to call the actual world the anime and manga take place in. However, it is somewhat AU. Pretty much everything is the same, but I'm taking the plot in a more yaoi-ish direction. There is major diversion from the canon plot, but it's still all acceptable and plausible, so don't worry about random OCs showing up to wreak havoc or the main cast turning into vampires for no apparent reason or whatever. That ain't gonna happen. I've written slightly-AU ninjaverse before and canon ninjaverse before, so I (probably) know what I'm doing.

Warnings: This story is a yaoi fanfiction. In case you don't know what that means, which I highly doubt, that means this story is about homosexual relationships with graphic sexual content. I'm not warning you for the gay content – I'm warning you for the sex. That isn't to say there will be no plot. I like having plots. I enjoy writing plotful stories. Therefore you're getting plot with porn thrown in, because I also like writing porn.

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You stand in the line just to hit a new low,

You're faking a smile with the coffee to go,

You tell me your life's been way off line,

You're falling to pieces every time

And I don't need no carryin' on


They day obstinately refused to go right. First, there was no milk left in the refrigerator. Then I couldn't find a clean shirt, so I had to dig the least-worn one out of the laundry basket, rolling the cuffs up to hide the stains. Then I managed to drop a bowl, creating a horrible mess all over the floor that I didn't have time to clean up before work, and there was no way I could be late.

Things finally settled down when I arrived. It was a very ordinary day at the missions desk. The line of jounin waiting to hand in reports was fairly small, but the air inside the room hung heavily with the heat of late summer. At this time of year, working any desk anywhere inside was the worst job possible with the possible exception of teaching overexcited, fidgety pre-genin. It was a miracle the Academy didn't spontaneously combust. Fortunately, we were between terms, so I wasn't needed for a few weeks.

"Next!" I said wearily, tired smile still lingering on my lips, eyes drifting towards the door. Just a few more reports, then I could go home and not move for the next several hours. It was too hot to do anything else. I tugged at the collar of my shirt as another report fell on the desk in front of me, the ninja to whom it belonged escaping before I could ask any questions.

That, of course, was the smart way to go about dropping off a report. There were a number of incredibly stupid ways to drop off a mission report and much to my dismay the veritable master of abysmal reports was next in line.

As soon as he realised I was looking he stepped forward, visible eye curving into a smile to match my growing frown.

"Yo, Iruka-sensei!" Kakashi Hatake called, despite our proximity. I tried my hardest not to grimace. It wasn't that I didn't like him; more that we just never really got along. We never managed to see things quite eye to eye on the few times we were forced to interact.

"Good afternoon, Hatake-san," I said stiffly, looking up.

"Just call me Kakashi," He replied. Messy, side swept hair, hands shoved deeply into pockets and a posture that would kill the back of any normal human being. One hand slowly rose to scratch the side of his face hidden by his ridiculous mask.

"We aren't friends, Hatake-san; therefore I'm uncomfortable addressing you personally," I scooted my chair forwards a little, sitting up straighter. Something about his overly casual appearance prompted me to be as stiff and as formal as possible, just to be different. It was childish and contrary, but at least it was proper.

"Maa, everyone else does-"

"Do you have a report or not?" I raised an eyebrow as it appeared in his previously empty hands. He let it go, my eyes following it as it fluttered to rest on the surface of the desk. Closer up, it was very apparent that this was yet another masterpiece. "This is not a report,"

"What is it, then?" He asked. My fingers contracted into fists under the table.

"About three sentences surrounded by childish drawings. Your handwriting is illegible, you've written in barely any detail, and it's covered in-" I waved my hand over the slowly drying wet patch that took up most of the corner, carefully avoiding making contact with it. "-whatever this is. How is anyone supposed to log this? It's completely unacceptable. Re-do it,"

"But Iruka-" He started, but I refused to let him finish.

Somewhere in my brain, I registered how unreasonable I was probably being. This was pretty standard behaviour from him, and it wasn't like I got perfect reports from absolutely everyone. For all I knew, nothing had happened on the mission, hence it warranted only three lines. Maybe the doodles were illustrations of exactly what had happened. Even so, I couldn't honestly let something like that go into the archives.

"No arguing, Hatake-san! I want this report done properly and handed in tomorrow!" I snapped. "Next!" I called, hoping to get rid of him, only for my hopes to be shattered once it became apparent that everyone else in the room had cleared to the sides to watch the unfolding argument.

"Or what, I'll have to stay behind after class for a stern talking to?" I didn't have to see his face to know he was grinning, and that was the final straw. I stood up, hands colliding with the surface of the desk and sending papers skittering to the ground. It would take ages to re-order those reports, but I wasn't thinking straight any more.

"Exactly! If you're prepared to behave like a pre-genin, you can expect to be treated like one!" I barked, mentally cursing myself for making such a mess. It was just another list of things I'd have to fix later; if this carried on I'd be fixing the furniture, too. "Honestly, just because you're a jounin doesn't mean you can-"

"Actually, it kind of does," He drawled in reply, tipping his head to the side. Silver spikes rearranged themselves with maddening ease.

I took a deep breath. There wasn't any point in arguing. I was just feeling irritable. I should have just accepted the report with a smile and added it to the pile of reports to be archived. But instead, I just had to fly off the handle. It was irrational, stupid, and a waste of time, but it felt good to vent. It was a little bit more weight off my shoulders. Besides, the likelihood of seeing the famous Kakashi Hatake outside of official buildings was very slim, so I could avoid him if necessary. It wasn't like I wanted to spend time with him, considering his unnatural ability to set me off for no reason.

"No it doesn't! What part of 'responsible adult' didn't you understand upon accepting your position?" I took another dig at him, watching as the loose line of his shoulders stiffened. Evidently, I had touched a nerve.

"I didn't-"

"Tsunade-sama wants to see you two," Kotetsu announced from the doorway, diffusing any tension. The other people in the room seemed to radiate back into the middle of the room, waiting to deposit their almost certainly superior reports to much less tetchy chuunin.

"About what?" Kakashi asked as he turned his back on me.

My shoulders fell forward as I leaned heavily on my arms, a nearly silent sigh escaping my lips, conveniently covered by the growing babble in the room. Thank the gods Kotetsu arrived when he did. I didn't need to accidentally murder anyone any time soon. Or attempt to, since I would likely horrifically fail if I attempted to murder someone so distinguished. I'd probably be dead before I closed the gap between us. I was horribly outclassed and I knew it.

Not that I needed to remind myself of something so obvious. I wasn't going to do anything stupid. The day was nearly over, and then I could go home to a nice, normal evening in a comfortable chair with a book, or I could plan the next term's work for when the students returned to the academy, or I could even go to bed early. I didn't have anything to worry about. Of course, that was dependant on cleaning up the mess on my floor and sorting out any other little situations that I was veritably bound to come across today, since nothing was going right.

"She didn't say. Just go to her office and try not to kill each other on the way," Kotetsu added before disappearing. We both stood still for a second, neither quite sure who was going to move first.

It would have been sensible to apologise for my harsh words right there, but I couldn't spit it out. The words formed a choking ball at the back of my throat that I couldn't manage to hack up. With a forced smile, I peeled my hands off the desk and walked out from behind it, only to pause before I really got anywhere.

"Are we going?" He said slowly, noting my pause. I nodded once and strode forward, overtaking him, only for him to catch up effortlessly. Infuriatingly, his casual stroll was enough to keep pace with my irritable strides.

Whatever the Hokage had to say to us couldn't possibly make it worse.


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