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Quinn hesitantly followed Santana and Brittany up the walkway to the lavish pool house. Now clad in her new bathing suit and black sarong, she hugged her towel closely to her chest as she tried to calm her raging nerves and the ever present arousal. Her tail hung slack from the hole Brittany had cut in her bottoms though it itched to dart between her legs. She could already hear the bass from the music thudding through the closed door. Her first real party. She wasn't sure it was the best idea considering her current condition, but she'd already texted Judy to let her know she'd be staying with Santana.

Stepping over the threshold, Quinn was immediately hit with the strong scent of chlorine. It was clear that Mike's family had more money than they knew what to do with. The marble flooring, the expensive looking waterproof furniture, and the large pool all screamed wealth. From what she could see, the house was also equipped with at least one bedroom, a couple of bathrooms, a kitchen, and an entertainment room.

Mike smiled at the threesome as he approached, swim shorts dripping from the pool.

"Hey guys! I'll show you where everyone is putting their drinks." He led the girls into the kitchen where Puck and Finn were preparing drinks in red plastic cups. "Thanks for convincing me to do this Santana. At first I thought it'd be a terrible idea, because, you know, high school party in a house that costs more than my future college education, but this is so fun! And also now my mom doesn't think I'm a hermit anymore! It's a win for everyone! These drinks Puck made me are delicious!"

Tina, who had appeared at her boyfriend's side during his monologue, rolled her eyes with a giggle.

"He's a little drunk."

Santana scoffed.

"Hell yeah, he is. That's the most I've ever heard him say and I've known him since we were in kindergarten. It was almost as bad as Berry."

"What was almost as bad as me?"

Hearing the voice of the girl she couldn't seem to get out of her head, Quinn jumped and swung her gaze towards the doorway where she was met with the most delicious sight of her young life. There stood Rachel Berry, clad in a navy blue bikini. Quinn couldn't seem to tear her eyes away from the smooth expanses of tanned skin, the toned muscles of the girl's thighs and stomach, and the outline of her full breasts. When she finally met the brunette's gaze, her face flushed crimson at the knowing smirk and raised eyebrows that graced the girl's features. Blushing furiously at having been caught staring, she immediately redirected her gaze elsewhere.

"Quinn!" The Felindae looked up from her sandals and guiltily met Rachel's eyes. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

A grin tugged at the corner of her lips in spite of her embarrassment.

"It's good to see you too, Rachel."

The brunette approached her, went for hug, seemingly thought better of it, offered a sheepish wave instead. Though Quinn hated to admit it, the action stung. She was experiencing a natural hormonal fluctuation typical of her species and Rachel was acting as if she had a flesh eating skin disease. She sighed and took a step back from the girl, wrapping her arms around herself self-consciously. An awkward silence settled upon their conversation until a cacophony of splashes caused both girls to jump.

"I guess we should join the rest of the party."

Quinn had been sitting on a chaise lounge several feet away from the pool for the better part of an hour watching her teammates rough house in the expansive rectangular body of water. She had since lost the sarong and her sandals and was enjoying the manner in which Rachel's eyes ever so often slipped her way and focused on her form in what Quinn liked to think was appreciation. She grinned as the tiny brunette was lifted over Puck's head before being dunked under the surface.

Though she wanted no part of actually entering the water, the shrieks and laughter of her friends brought a smile to her face. For the most part, ignoring a few innocent splashes, her friends had respected her desire of staying dry. Nevertheless, when the leviathan that still refused to give up on Rachel's affections climbed from the pool and smirked in her direction, the hairs on the nape of her neck rose.

"Finn, I swear to Bastet, if you throw me in the water there will be hell to pay."

The stupid didn't look threatened in the slightest and continued towards her. She scrambled from her seat and took a more defensive pose, her ears pinned back against her head. She looked toward the pool and rolled her eyes. Her so called "friends" were merely watching the scene unfold with varying levels of interest.

"I'm warning you. Come any closer and the claws are coming out."

But Finn only grinned stupidly and lumbered closer, obviously not realizing that she actually had claws. Really sharp claws that were itching to scratch the idiotic expression right off his oafish face. A low growl emanated from Quinn's throat as her tail twitched menacingly.

"Dude, maybe you should back off."

Finally, one of the teens in the pool spoke up, but Finn only shook his head at Sam.

"No, she's the only one not swimming. If she's scared of the water, she's gonna get over it."

He reached for the blonde girl and looked slightly apprehensive when she actually hissed at him. Nevertheless, he wrapped his arms around her waist and easily hurled her into the pool before she had a chance to swipe at him.

Hissing and spitting, the blonde broke the surface, murder evident in her fiery eyes.

"Hudson, I'm gonna fucking kill you!"

The boy had the decency to look frightened this time, whether it was due to the snarl on her features or the language didn't matter. Quinn was halfway out of the pool, ready to disembowel the incompetent giant when a hand on the small of her back stopped her. She whirled around ready rip someone's face off, when she met concerned mocha eyes.

"Quinn, while I agree that Finn's behavior was completely out of line and uncalled for, I would rather you not be put in prison for maiming him. Why don't we just get you out of the pool, towel you off, and we can put this whole incident behind us."

The blind rage that had consumed Quinn at the initial impact abated and her shoulders slumped in defeat. She hoisted herself out of the pool, looking every bit the picture of a drowned rat. Her ears picked up Finn's sigh of relief and she threw him one more withering glare and a menacing growl before snatching up her towel.

"Touch me again and I'll rip your testicles off."

Finn's face turned white and he slunk out of the room.

Now finally completely dry and back in her sarong, Quinn joined the rest of the club on the carpeted floor of the den area. Regrettably Rachel had also donned her swim wrap and Quinn was now deprived of her view. The other teenagers were in various states of intoxication and were chattering away noisily until Santana stumbled into the room with a wine bottle held victoriously over her head.

"Let's play spin the bottle, bitches!"

There were several shouts and cheers of agreement and the glee club members began arranging themselves into a circle. Unfortunately, Quinn ended up getting sandwiched between Puck and Mercedes instead of being able to sit with Rachel who was across the empty expanse of the center of the circle. Come to think of it, she didn't even know how to play spin the bottle. She shrugged. It couldn't be that hard, right?

"Alright bitches, when it's your turn you spin the bottle and you have to kiss whoever it lands on." The Latina grinned salaciously and added, "With tongue."

Wrong. So very, very wrong. Quinn grimaced as she watched Sugar and Rory swap saliva. So far the group had been subjected to watching Tina and Sam, Brittany and Kurt, and in an exchange everyone would like to forget, Puck and Finn, make out. Quinn hadn't yet had her turn and wasn't sure she even wanted to play. There was only one person in the circle she even wanted to kiss and not many more she could settle on.

"Blondie, take your spin."

"Wha-" Quinn's head snapped to Santana so fast, she was certain she'd given herself whiplash.

"You heard me, Garfield. It's your turn. Unless you think no one would want to kiss you."

Quinn blushed when several people in the circle voiced that they would kiss her. With shaking hands, she reached for the empty bottle, trying to ignore the pounding of her heart. Her fingers closed around the cold glass and she sighed. She could back out of this now and be called a coward or she could go through with it and probably have to share her first kiss with someone she would rather keep at arm's length.

Sending up a silent prayer to the gods, she steeled herself and flicked her wrist, sending the bottle spinning. The other teenagers cheered as the bottle went round and round while Quinn held her breath. Her heart sped even faster when the glass vessel began slowing down. She inhaled sharply as it inched to a stop. She peered down the smooth surface of the bottle across the circle and across to- her heart stopped, she swore it did- Rachel.

"Yay! You finally get to have sweet lady kissed with Rachel!"

Quinn ignored Brittany and continued staring, wide eyed, at the girl across the circle. In just mere seconds, she would taste the lips of the girl she couldn't get out of her mind. As if on cue, the arousal she had managed to keep at the peripherals of her mind all night came roaring back full force. Rachel, for her part, looked nearly as terrified as Quinn felt. Whether it was because she knew of the blonde's condition or because she didn't want to kiss her, Quinn wasn't sure she wanted to know.

"Do you guys mind kissing or something? Mercedes and Blaine already passed out and I'm getting bored."

Quinn broke Rachel's gaze to glare at Artie. She noticed Mercedes and Blaine were, in fact slumped over and sleeping soundly and that the remaining teenagers were watching them expectantly. She sighed and shuffled on her knees to the center of the circle, shivering when Rachel met her halfway and placed her hand on her arm.

"Are you okay with this?"

Quinn nodded shakily in response to the brunette's question.

"I'm going to kiss you now."

It was barely a whisper but Quinn heard the words loud and clear. Rachel's right hand reached up to brush a few errant blond locks from Quinn's face and stroked a pricked ear soothingly before wrapped her hand around the back of the blonde's neck. The girls were now nose to nose and sharing air. Quinn could see every detail of Rachel's chocolate eyes until tanned lids covered them and soft lips covered her own.

It surprised Quinn that Rachel was the first to whimper into the kiss. The brunette turned her head just so to deepen the embrace and Quinn's eyelids finally slipped closed. Lips caressed one another and Quinn became acquainted with the taste that was exclusively Rachel Berry. Her hands went from supporting her weight to running up the shorter girl's back to tangling themselves in chestnut locks. It was her turn to whimper when Rachel's nails raked across the nape of her neck.

Quinn gasped when Rachel opened her mouth slightly to run her tongue along the crease of the blonde's lips and took the opportunity to slip through the kiss swollen lips and explore the cavity of the Felindae's open mouth. Allowing her tongue to tangle with Rachel's, Quinn pulled the girl closer and deepened the kiss even more, allowing her more primal instincts to begin to take over. The brunette growled into her mouth and nipped at her bottom lip, eliciting a surprised grunt from Quinn.

"If you guys are gonna fuck, get a room already. I'm getting tired of watching this soft-core porn."

The girls sprung apart as if they had been shocked. Quinn opened her eyes to find Rachel staring back at her with blown pupils. Both of their chests were heaving wildly. With no small amount of effort, Quinn tore her gaze away from Rachel's and looked around the circle. Her teammates sat silent, their jaws unhinged. Finn was muttering something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like 'mailman.' She didn't even know how long they had been kissing. The pounding between her legs was unbearable and her bottoms were most definitely soaked through. She risked one last glimpse at Rachel and felt her heart clench when the girl wouldn't even look at her. With a pained mewl, she leaped from the floor and locked herself in the nearest bathroom.

Quinn fell back against the door, tears streaming down her pale cheeks. She couldn't believe she'd let it go so far. Her fingers traced her swollen lips. She shook her head. She could never let that happen again. She buried her face in her hands and took a shaky breath.

A knock on the door brought her out of her self-inflicted mental torture.

"Go away, Santana. I don't feel like talking."

She cringed at the stuffed up, nasal sound of her voice.

"It's Rachel. Quinn, I… Please let me in. Please, Quinn?"

Quinn rested her forehead against the cool painted surface of the door before squeezing her eyes closed and reaching for the doorknob. Rachel shimmied through the narrow opening and relocked the door before turning to face her blonde companion. Quinn squeaked when the brunette stepped closer and threw her arms around her shoulders and squeezed her tight.

"Quinn, I'm so sorry. I should have never let it go that far," was murmured into the crook of her neck.

Feeling her heart break at the girl's resigned tone, she finally allowed herself to return the embrace.

"It's not your fault. When I'm like this I don't have much control and when we were… I just lost it." She sighed into Rachel's hair. "You were my first kiss."

Rachel pulled her face from Quinn's neck to look her in the eye.

"Really? But your technique seemed like you had more experience… Now I feel awful for stealing that away from you."

Catching the glint of unshed tears in the singer's eyes, she cupped the girl's cheek in a bold move.

"No! I didn't mean that! I obviously enjoyed it. A little too much, really…"

Rachel looked up from the floor with wide eyes. She shuffled closer to Quinn.

"Can I- Can I kiss you again? Right now?"

Quinn made a little surprised choking noise but nodded nonetheless. Rachel wasted no time in standing on her toes and pressing her mouth to Quinn's once again. The blonde whined into the kiss and tugged the singer even closer to her. Seconds into the embrace, Rachel's tongue had already wound itself into Quinn's mouth. When the heat between her legs became too much to handle without embarrassing herself, Quinn reluctantly pulled away.

"Sorry, I just… need a moment."

Her face was flushed with arousal and she closed her eyes, willing herself to breathe evenly.

"Do you-Would you like my assistance?"

Quinn's eyes snapped open and she look at Rachel incredulously.

"Excuse me?"

Rachel took a seat on the vanity stool and beckoned Quinn toward her.

"I was offering my services to relieve you of your source of discomfort."

Quinn ignored the silent request to come closer and crossed her arms.

"No, you're not. Just leave me alone and let me deal with this myself."

Rachel sighed.

"Quinn, I talked to Santana. She said you've been having a hard time. You need to take care of your body's needs, Quinn. If you spend the whole week being sexually frustrated, you're just going to work yourself up more and more until something snaps. And you're obviously not well versed in the art of masturbation. Let me help you."

Quinn blushed furiously at the mention of her failed attempts to relieve her arousal and made a mental not to kill Santana the next time she saw her.

"I'm fine, Rachel. Can we please just drop it before I die of embarrassment?"

Rachel rolled her eyes and grabbed Quinn's hand, dragging her closer to the stool she was seated upon.

"Come here. We don't have to do anything if you aren't willing, however if you'd just give in, maybe you'll finally be able to get a full night's sleep."

"Okay, one, you need to stop talking to Santana. This is my business and my business alone. Two, please excuse my hesitance to jump into some sort of friends with benefits arrangement with you. I've never come even remotely close to being with someone intimately and the idea of having sex, frankly, is nothing short of terrifying. Three, yes, I am so sexually frustrated I could scream and, believe me, I want nothing more than for you to rip my clothes off and have your way with me, but I'm just a coward."

Quinn cursed the tears that had escaped her eyes and turned her head away from the brunette. She heard a shuffling and then there were warm hands cupping her cheeks and thumbs wiping away the rogue tears.

"I'm sorry. That was so insensitive of me. My fathers have always told me that I lack a filter." She offered the blonde a wry smile that Quinn couldn't help but return. "I'm a virgin too, Quinn. I swear I have no desire to take advantage of you in your current state of mind. I just want you to be happy and I know you well enough to tell that you're not. I didn't mean that we had to actually engage in intercourse. There are certainly other things we could do that would help. Fully clothed things."

Quinn finally met her eyes and swallowed hard, her mouth dry.


Rachel beamed.

"Okay? Really?"

"Let's just do this before I change my mind."

The brunette nodded seriously before sitting back down and pulling the blonde close to her.

"Straddle my thigh."

Quinn flushed but did as she was told, though she felt like a common whore spreading her legs. Her cheeks felt as if they would catch fire when she felt the cold air on the moist patch of lycra between her legs. Deceptively strong, tanned hands gripped her hips and pulled her down until most of her weight was resting on the brunette's thigh. Rachel gasped when she felt the moisture at the other girl's core.

"God, you're really worked up, aren't you."

The blonde gulped and nodded detachedly. She couldn't really focus on anything but the fact that her most intimate parts were touching Rachel with only one fabric barrier of separation. She felt the pair of hands leave her hips to settle on the flesh of her rump. Her tail twitched in anticipation when they pushed her forward on the smooth thigh, prompting her to rock on the firm muscle.

The first taste of friction was delicious. She grunted in appreciation before burying her face in chocolate locks that smelled of coconut shampoo and chlorine. Her ears swiveled back as she began to grind herself against Rachel's thigh in earnest. She peppered the smooth column of the singer's neck with kisses and nips as the feeling between her legs began to intensify. The only noises leaving her lips were mewls and whines. Beneath her, she could feel Rachel's chest heaving against her own. She had never felt so connected to comeone in her life.

"Fuck, Rach. Ngh! Why didn't-ugh-why didn't I agree to do this-mmm-earlier?"

Rachel smirked and flexed her thigh, garnering a quiet shriek from the blonde riding her. Quinn's harsh pants echoed in the space as she neared the edge. It was as if there was a spring in the pit of her stomach being coiled tighter by the second. Every little cant of her hips made sent shockwaves throughout her body, setting her skin and core aflame. With each passing moment, she was moving faster against Rachel's thigh, until she was rocking at a rate that had her abs screaming though she simply couldn't bring herself to care.

"Rach! I'm-I'm…"

Rachel pressed a kiss to her heated cheek.

"Just let it go."

Hazel eyes rolled back before closing tightly as the coiling in her abdomen seemed to snap. Bright colors flashed behind her eyelids and she threw her head back in rapture, her mouth gaping though she was unable to draw breath. Her back arched at an almost unnatural angle and her hips jerked weakly a few times before she lurched forward and collapsed limply against Rachel. Quinn simply panted against the damp skin of the singer's neck for several minutes.

"What was that?"

Rachel kissed the crown of her head and chuckled.

"That was an orgasm. Feel better?"

Quinn hardly had the energy to nod. She hadn't felt quite so relaxed in several days. She melted into the girl beneath her and though she should probably have been mortified by her soaked bottoms and the fact that she had begun purring and couldn't seem to stop, she currently wanted nothing more than to cuddle with the brunette and sleep.

Rachel giggled and held the purring girl tighter. True, lending a "helping hand" or, rather thigh, in this case, had probably made things messier than they should have been; she just couldn't deny her attraction to the unusual blonde. Watching the taller girl come undone had easily been the most amazing thing she had ever seen. She definitely desired more than just a booty call system with Quinn, however she would take what she could get. And anyway, she highly doubted there was any way Quinn felt anything for her aside from misdirected hormones.

Inside Quinn's orgasm muddled mind, a similar battle was raging. Had Rachel only done this because she felt sorry for Quinn? Did the brunette even find Quinn attractive? How would their friendship be affected and how would the young alien further screw that up? Regardless, the next day would certainly be interesting for both girls.