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Warnings: bastard Roy, OOC and naïve Ed, too much drama, sex!, good Envy and it's probably silly! Read at your own risk!

It starts on the roof, with Ed and Envy conversation

Otherwise, enjoy ;)



"That's not true, chibi-chan. I love you. I don't care if you have metal limbs or scars. You are human and no one is perfect. Besides, in my eyes you are beautiful. Please, let me take your pain away, let me love you." He moved his face closer and lightly kissed him. Ed gasped, but didn't push him away. Envy kissed him again, this time a little more confidently but still kept it soft. Ed closed his eyes. A few tears still fell on his cheeks. Envy moved a little away but when he spoke his lips were brushing Ed's.

"Please, Edo… I will take care of you, I will make you happy. You will forget about that bastard."

"You promise? That you won't leave me? That you won't hurt me like he did? That you will love me, like I wanted him to?" Ed was whispering, his voice strained. It was a hard decision to trust a homunculus. Only because he has helped him once and stopped his pointless killing? But he liked Envy, somehow, even though he was annoying and dangerous as an enemy, he always had some affection for him, very little but enough. And it grew when Envy saved him. He remembered the fear and humiliation when Greed pinned him down on the floor, ripping his shirt apart. With one hand he managed to hold his hands above his head, straddling him, while the other lazily touched his chest. That bastards heavy breathing above him felt disgusting and the hand repulsive. Yet, he couldn't get free. And then, when he lost all hope and Greed was about to tear at his trousers, Envy came to his rescue. He was mad, shouting and snarling, he got Greed away from him in a flash and pinned the bastard to the wall. Then he proceeded with beating the shit out of him and finally threw him out of the room. Ed was still shaking and shocked by the situation. He didn't know why Envy helped him but knew better than to trust him yet. But the only thing Envy did was wrap him in a blanket he found in the room and help him get away. After that, Envy kept visiting him and talking. He wasn't violent. He explained that he has left his family and that he stopped his killings as well. Ed was on his guard around him still but found his company pleasant every time nonetheless.

"I promise. So will you give me a chance?" Envy asked, pleading.

Ed slowly nodded and kissed him. Roy closed his eyes, standing there. He was too late. Ed found someone who wasn't afraid of showing love, someone who saw in Ed more than a kid, who saw the real Ed. When he opened his eyes again he saw Envy cradling Ed in his arms, his back to Roy. They didn't notice him there. Envy kissed Ed lovingly once more and said "We are out of here, o chibi-chan."

"Stop calling me short!" Ed said, but there wasn't any of his anger.

"That's my endearment for you, love, so get use to it." He grinned and leaped of the roof. Roy panicked, the bastard just jumped of the fucking roof with Ed in his arms! What the fuck? He run to the edge and realized that the homunculus knew what he was doing. He landed nicely on his feet and run away. Roy signed. He has lost Ed. Because of his stupidity and refusal of action. He was afraid that Ed's love really was just a teenager crush and that he will end up hurt but instead he had hurt Ed. Well, he deserved to end up alone then. Ed will be happy with that psycho, that much was clear. There was also a fact that the boy was beautiful and Roy lusted after him. He just thought that claiming this body wasn't worth all the trouble Ed always caused. He was very stubborn and Roy was only human. He believed he could indeed fall in love, something he didn't wanted. He preferred a casual relationship, purely focused on physical pleasure. Well, it didn't matter now anyway. Roy took a deep breath and went back to his papers.

When Ed came back to the office next day, Roy couldn't believe his eyes. He seemed to be glowing, his smile was true for the first time since he confessed and Mustang realized it was because his eyes were smiling now. Sure, he knew all along that Ed was attractive, anyone who have ever looked at him had to notice the fact, but now, happy he looked stunning. Simply gorgeous. First pang of real regret shot through Roy. Maybe he should think about his feelings one more time?

"Good morning! I'm sorry I got away early yesterday but I had some private matters to attend to. But I've finished my paperwork in exchange! And it's on time!" He grinned at Riza and handed her his work. She looked startled, being a witness of his sadness and finding him completely happy after just a day?

"Edward?" Riza asked, confused. "Why are you so… happy today?"

"Well, I guess I just decided to move on and leave the hunting past behind." He answered, truthfully. Another pang of unwanted emotion hit Roy – this time along with regret there was hurt. Could Ed really forget about him so easily? If so, then he didn't love him. No one can just cast aside love like that. He felt disappointed but then he mentally slapped himself. He didn't have any right to feel that way. He was the one who has rejected Ed and broken his heart. Yet, his selfish side growled, irritated. He won't give up. He finally noticed he actually wanted Ed, so he will have him. Lust like that couldn't simply be avoided. Roy smiled his most brilliant smile at Ed and asked him to come inside his office. Fullmetal looked dazed for a second and Roy cheered inside his head. It will be easy, wooing the boy into his bed.

"Please, close the door, Ed." He asked sweetly and motioned him closer. "We need to talk."

"Uh, Colonel…? What's is this about? If it's about yesterday, I'm really sorry for disappearing like that in a middle of a day but…" Roy interrupted him with yet another smile. "No, no, Ed. I just wanted to apologize, that's all. I finally realized that I really hurt your feelings." He looked down, like in shame. He knew he was a good actor. If he manipulated this right he will have a willing blond in his lap tonight. Screw Envy, he'd roast him if he tried anything.

"Thanks, I guess…" Ed looked shy but happy at the apology anyway.

"Do you still feel the same about me, Ed?" He asked, looking him straight in the face, his voice serious. Ed blushed and didn't answer right away. "I… It's not that easy…" He said finally. "What do you mean? If you have ever loved me for real, you couldn't have stopped so suddenly…" He baited and waited. Sure, Ed's head shot up and he denied quickly "I didn't stop! I still love you!" Then he realized what he said and closed his mouth with a snap. His face was red and he looked away. He also looked guilty.

"Ed…" Roy stood up and approached him. He took his chin gently in his palm and moved his head up to face him. "Ed, I really am sorry for rejecting you."

Let the show start, he thought, trying hard not to smirk and succeeding. He had to sound sincere. "I was scared. You are so young, I couldn't believe you really felt that strongly about me. If I risked everything on this and you decided it wasn't what you wanted I would be left with nothing but aching heart. I guess I wanted to avoid getting hurt but in exchange I hurt you." He looked into his startled eyes. "Will you give me a second chance? To make it up to you?" Roy asked huskily and leaned in to kiss him. He kept it chaste and soft not to scare him away.

Ed melted into the kiss, shutting down a part of his mind that screamed guilt showing him a face of Envy. This was what he wanted for a long time now. When they separated he looked into Roy's gaze, full of lust.

"R…Roy? Why are you…?" He was so confused, he didn't know what to think. Did Roy mean it? Did that kiss meant more or was it some kind of an apology?

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"It was amazing, Ed. You are amazing. I'm really a fool. I almost lost you, didn't I?" He asked. Ed suddenly realized that he just had cheated on Envy! The sin would be hurt and what was more likely could turn violent. Well, he couldn't do anything else but to face him. He deserved a beating after that.

"Um, Roy…?" He was shy to ask but he had to. After all of that, surely…? "Are we… together now?" He asked quietly. Roy smiled and kissed his forehead finally moving to dress himself. Ed stopped him and clapped, getting them both clean again.

"Of course we are together now, Ed. I'm not going to let you go that easily. But we need to keep it discreet. I'm sure everyone will get suspicious anyway, when I suddenly stop going on dates."

They were both presentable finally, and Ed looked at him, unsure. "Could that fact get you in trouble somehow?"

"Nah, I can stop getting dates when I feel like it, don't I?"

Ed was really relieved, he didn't want Roy to keep that kind of cover. "Good, because I don't share!" He said possessively and kissed him.

Roy smiled and replied "Me neither, so whoever it was that made you smile like that today have to go." Roy wondered if Ed would say him who it was? Sure, he knew but he hoped he actually wouldn't have to deal with that bastard. Maybe Ed will get rid of Envy himself.

"I… uh… How do you know there was anyone?"

"What else could it be? I didn't see you smiling like that for ages, which is my fault by the way and you said something about moving on. So I it suddenly hit me that I would lose you. I had to act before it was too late."

Ed hugged him. After awhile in his warm embrace he finally made his leave. He was so happy! Roy wanted him! He thought he was beautiful! Ed couldn't stop his grin. Even the thought of informing Envy they were over before it began didn't destroy his good mood.

Actually informing Envy did get rid of his happy grin but not for the reasons he thought. He didn't get angry, didn't attack him or shout. The sin simply started crying. Ed stood there, shocked. How was it possible that a homunculus, a one who believes himself better than humans, was shedding tears over him? Ed felt like a real bastard.

"Envy, please don't cry! Please! I'm so sorry…" He tried to hug him but was pushed away. "It happened so suddenly. I was sure he didn't want me but then he asked if I still loved him… I couldn't lie. He apologized, explained that he was afraid of getting hurt… I didn't want to have sex with him just then but he almost attacked me!"

On those words he finally got a reaction "What? He had hurt you like that? That bastard, I will kill him!"

"No, no Envy! Sure, I asked him to stop, but the way he was acting… I am attracted to him after all, so finally I gave up on protests. In the end he didn't force me." Ed admitted, ashamed of himself.

"Maybe it wasn't rape, but he sure took advantage of you. Well, chibi-san I haven't cried for a long time now. I guess I will just leave you be. But if that bastard hurts you I will make him pay!" With those words, he left.

Ed felt really bad about the homunculus, he didn't know he can express emotions like that. But what should he do? It's not like he promised him anything.

Days passed and he was happy with his relationship with Roy. They couldn't go on dates but they usually ate together at Roy's place, sometimes one of them would even cook. The sex was exciting as well but Ed wished that it could be gentle once in the while. But Mustang laughed at this idea, saying they both enjoyed it the way it was. Ed let it be, after all he didn't know anything about it.

It took him a while to realize that not everything was as good as it seemed. For one, Roy was almost violent when it comes to sex and Ed found himself frowning at their intimacy. It was still pleasurable but he didn't enjoy it like he thought he would. And Roy was never affectionate, every kiss he gave him led to brutal sex. Ed realized that it wasn't what he wanted from a relationship. They weren't spending too much time alone, they weren't talking either. Only some small talk over dinner and then their evening would end in bed. Ed tried to tell Roy about his feelings but he got brushed off again. He felt sad actually. And Roy had never answered when Ed said he loved him.

Envy appeared again after some time, looking smug like he always did. Ed felt guilty but he opened up to the homunculus. He needed someone to talk to and he felt his heart was about to be broken again. When the sin heard about the way Roy treated Ed he got so mad he rushed to beat the shit out of him. As they were meeting on top of the roof, it took Envy less time to jump off and find Roy than for Ed to run down the stairs. When he arrived at Roy's home, he heard the fight. He sneaked to the living room doors to listen.

"You fucking bastard, how dare you treat Edward like some cheap whore? How can you act like that, he loves you!" Envy's voice was mad as hell and an equally mad voice of Roy answered

"It's not your fucking business. Leave now before I burn you to the crisp!"

"Not my business? I care for him, but it seems you don't!" Envy charged at him getting one hit on his face. Roy answered with his flame but the sin managed to dodge and only got one arm burned. While fighting they were still shouting at each other.

"So what? He is mine to do as I please. I am aware that he loves me, I have him wrapped around my little finger so back the fuck off! I will use him as I want and he will enjoy it!"

"Oh, so you treat him like your sex toy!" Another punch that sure will leave the Colonel face bruised.

"So what?" Ed cringed at that. He couldn't believe it! Roy really saw him only as a sex toy? "He is beautiful. I'm sure you want to lay your dirty hands on him, hm? I could let you have a one go if it meant you disappeared out of my sight!"

Envy practically snarled at him, trying to punch his face again but missing this time. Roy's flame burned his chest but he didn't pay it any mind. "You fucking bastard! I would have never done something like that to him. Do you even love him?"

"Love? Don't make me laugh. I don't do 'love', it's inconvenient. Now, get the fuck out or I will kill you!" He snapped one more time to get his point across.

Ed felt like crying after hearing all this. So Roy didn't really want him. Sure, he lusted after him but that was all. Envy finally got a punch on Roy that send him flying towards the wall. Ed had had enough.

"Stop!" he shouted and the sin actually listened for once. Roy looked at him with a smile but it fell when he saw Ed's crying face.

"So you don't really love me, huh? I guess I was naïve." His voice was soft and rejected. His eyes, full of tears seemed hollow. "Envy, thank you for opening my eyes. I was stupid, leaving you for such a bastard. Please, leave him be, it's my fault for believing him. Farewell." He said and turned around, running away. For a minute they stood there, shocked. Then Envy run after him and Roy did too. He didn't want to loose such a good fuck! He knew he could still lie his way out of it.

What they saw after finding Ed, though made him change his mind. Ed was sitting on the roof against the wall and his arm was bleeding. He had cut himself alongside the main vein on his arm with his automail blade. Tears were running down his face but he didn't make a sound.

Roy couldn't believe it. He had made the most brave man he had ever met to try and commit suicide. Envy rushed to Ed's side and shook him.

"You idiot! What the fuck you think you are doing?" he tried to stop the bleeding but it didn't help.

"Envy… I'm sorry… I just… want it to end…" Ed was still crying, even more so than before. The homunculus snapped out of his shock and did something strange. He put his hand through his own body and it came out bloody. Ed gasped.

"What are you doing?"

"I need to heal you." He replied and shown him the red stones in his grip. Then he crushed them and massaged it into Ed's arm. The boy shouted from pain but Envy held him still. Soon, the wound started closing itself. After a minute, there was nothing.

"Impossible…" Ed breathed, looking at his arm in awe. "I'm not a homunculus now, am I?" he asked, scared.

"No. But you may have some healing abilities left. But don't check it out." Then he hugged him tightly. "That was so stupid! Why? Did you do it because of that bastard?"

"I… I'm sorry Envy… I was so heart broken… And I lost you as well… I guess I was feeling like shite for a long time and it was a last straw… I don't deserve your kindness."

"Chibi baka! I love you. Your idiocy won't change it. Sure, it hurt when you left me for that son of a bitch, but I forgive you. Just promise me you won't leave me again!" he said and kissed Ed. Fullmetal kissed back. Roy decided to back off completely. His lust wasn't worth ruining that young life. He actually felt ashamed. Suddenly Ed moved in a blur, so quick Roy didn't have a chance to react. His metal fist hit him so hard in the face that he found himself on the ground. He looked up, shocked to see those burning eyes. Ed was furious now.

"You deserved it, you bastard. Now, leave me alone. If you need a good fuck then find someone else. And tell them your intentions first, you deceiving son of a bitch!" He snarled and turned around to leave. Envy added a kick to Roy side for a good measure and went after the small alchemist. Roy grunted in pain and signed. He knew he deserved it. He totally screwed up. He should have known that Ed wasn't like one of those women he used for fun before. His determination to make Roy believe in his feelings should have shown him that. He was an idiot.