I just had an idea for a Brittana story, and I'm gonna run with it. The real reason I'm writting this will be revealed in later chapters. I'm just building up to it now. So, moving on. This is my first Fan Fiction and I hope you enjoy. Plusif you could let me know what you think, than that would be awesome and appreciated. Now, on with the show.

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Rated K, but will be rated M in later chapters.

Today is my first day at my new school, McKinley High. It's my senior year and I'm gonna make this one count. My family moves a lot due to my dad's "job", so at my old schools I flew under the radar, but this year I'm gonna come out on top. I'm gonna be noticed no matter what.

Walking down the halls at this school is intimidating. As I walk, I get slammed into the lockers by some red head with a mullet, who keeps yelling something about his "stick". Before I could sink into red metal a strong arm wraps around my frame, pulling me up. I look around, and all commotion in the hall has stopped. Everyone was staring at me. Well, I know I wanted to be noticed, but not like this.

I was drawn out of my thoughts when I realized I was still being held by someone. I stand up straight, brushing him off me. An attractive male with green eyes and a brunette Mohawk smiles, "Hey, are you alright?" I nod, too embarrass to speak.

He puts his palm over my head on the locker and looks me in the eyes. "Names Noah, but everyone calls me Puck. Haven't seen you 'round here.." With his eyebrow raised and his head slowly shaking from side to side, I assume this is his way of asking me what my name is.

"Brittany, my names Brittany," I said. His smile grew a little wider, before saying, "That's a pretty… ahhhh" everyone gasp as Puck turns around holding his ear.

Behind him stood a girl, slightly shorter than me, in a red cheer uniform. She had tanned skin, a high pony and a hard line between her mocha eyes.

Puck looked at her yelling, "Damn Santana! What they hell is your problem!"

She just smiled and used her hand to push him away, making room between him and me. Her petite body now stood in front of me. I look down at her with wide eyes, I just meet her and yet she's making me nervous. "Who the hell do you think you are", she spat. I open my mouth to teller her my name, but before I could get it out, I felt a stinging pain flash on my face. It didn't take long for me to realize she had slapped me.

The crowd who had already been watching with wide eyes, still watched in shock, watching every movement, and listening to every word.

I refocus on the brunette cheerleader in complete shock, "What the hell was that?"

She started to giggle, like my words amused her. "Oh, I'm sorry my hand just wanted to meet your face."

I have never been hit before, and I have no idea what to do. All I know is that I'm embarrassed and angry. My hands ball into fist and my face is completely red right now. All of this didn't go unnoticed by the Latina. She continued to laugh, "Oh, the poor baby is angry," she said in a mocking tone. The spectators all burst into laughter. I look around nervously, and my eyes make contact with Pucks, who gives me an 'I'm sorry' look.

Puck put his hand on Santana's shoulder, "I think that's enough." The laughter dies down as she only turned her head to say, "It'll be over when I say." Taking her hand she throws Pucks off her shoulder, while looking back to me, with fire in her eyes. "If I catch you EVER talking to my boyfriend again, I will ends you. You got that, Blondie?" Rage filling my body I glared at her, slowly lifting my fist. She looked at me and laughed, again. I couldn't help but think, 'What the hell was so damn funny?'

"And what do you think you're gonna do with those, huh? Hit me?" A few second have passed and the hall was dead silent as they watched, waiting for me to move, but I couldn't. I still stand frozen, I want to hit her, but I don't want to get into trouble.

"Yup, that's what I thought. Well, don't just stand there, do something' or get the fuck out of my face." I still couldn't move, every time she opened her mouth a lump would fill my throat preventing me from speaking. As she turned happily on her heels, I quickly thought to myself, 'do I want to be known as a push over or a bad ass.'

I don't know what took over me, but I yelled at her back," Don't worry, I won't bother Puck. He's not my type anyways." 'Bad ass it is.' Santana has stopped dead in her tracks, eyes wide. Puck looked slightly offended at my comment. The crowd looked as if I has just committed some kind of awful crime.

Finally with the ball in my court I continued, "Looks like he's really into, Bitches, so you're perfect for him." If every jaw wasn't dropped in the open corridor, than they must have been deaf.

Looking down, I could see her fist clenching at her side. Feelings like I should keep this up I say, "Oh, the poor baby is angry," mocking what she said to me earlier. Everyone watching started to laugh, and stopped immediately after Santana gave them a look, that if looks could kill McKinley's student population would be halved.

She turned so quickly that I had no time to think. The next thing I knew, I had lifted my hand and slapped her. I felt so bad as I watched her hold her face and turn it back toward me. I knew that I showed her fear she would kick my ass, so I decide to play it cool.

"I'm sorry," I said faking sincerity, "Your hand got to meet my face, and mine just wanted to meet yours." I was going to walk away, but I had one thing left to say, "Oh, and my names not, Blondie. It's Brittany, Bitch."

I made a huge mistake by turning my back to her, because as I did she lunging at me grabbing a fist full of my hair, yelling something in Spanish. I screamed in agony as she held on for dear life. Puck quickly grabbed her, forcing her to let go of my hair.

Once he got her under control he released her from his grip. I took this as a sign, and grabbed her by her shirt and slammed her into the lockers. We were so close that her warm breath hit my skin and I shuddered a little. 'What the hell was happening' I thought. I was so tired that we stayed like that for a few seconds.

Once I thought it was over, she swiftly flipped us and slammed my back into the lockers, knocking some air out of my lungs. This move must have taken all her strength, because she was heavily panting into my ear as she held my wrist firmly against the cold red metal. I tried my best to suppress a moan. It was silent, but I think she heard it. She lifted her head back and looked into my crystal blue eyes. I don't know what was going on, but as I looked into her mocha orbs I felt something deep down, and for some reason I wanted to kiss her.

I was taken out of my thoughts when a large pale hand pulled Santana off of me.

"Santana Lopez, this girl hasn't been her 24 hours and you've already picked a fight. I mean this is crazier than a chicken makin' an omelet." A tall manly looking women, or at least I think it was a women, wearing a coach polo with the word "Beast", embroidered into it with matching shorts, and white knee high socks, said.

Something in Santana shifted. A few seconds ago her face had relaxed, but now it was just as hard as it was when I met her. "What, she's not so innocent herself," Santana said. Beast took Santana and I by the arm. We both winced at her tight grip. "What are ya'll still doin', standin' 'round? Go!" she yelled at the students who just watched history take place. Someone stood up to Santana Lopez.

They all disperse quickly, while we were being dragged to the Principles office.

After 30 minute of arguing, and being yelled at Santana and I still sat in front of the school principle, Mr. Figgins. "3 days of after school detention for you both and that's that," he says. Santana lets out a huff of air in annoyance. He then set his eyes on me. "Oh and I almost forgot, that you're new here." A smile replaced the anger in his face. "Welcome to McKinley."