So another long wait. A month to be exact, but I worked really hard to make this Part 2 go the extra mile. There's a few things I've never written before, so it was a bit difficult. I strongly suggest you reread part 1. It makes it so much better. Anyways I really hope you all enjoy this SPECIAL chapter… :]

"Pull my pants down?" she says confused.

"Yeah, I need you to so I can see and fix whatever the damage is."

After a moment of hesitation, she replies, "Okay." lifting her hips off the table she uses one hand to pull her pants down to her thighs, before sitting back down on the table. I look at her to get the okay to pull the rest of the soaking fabric off. With a nod I reach up and grab the exterior, careful not to touch the soft skin that's being revealed as I slowly pull her pants toward me.

Trying to be as professional as possible I place her pants beside her, and try not to stare at her in her underwear. Which by the way are striped with white and pink horizontal lines. The contrast between the pink and her skin made it hard not to notice, especially because the water made the white lines see through and I… NO… Don't look. As hard as it was I look up at her face and see how delicate her features have become in such short amount of time. She looks so scared and innocent, like a child. I feel my face relax and cool at the sight; all other thoughts went out the window.

Finally I take a look at her knee and look over the laceration that resides under it. I can see exposed yellow fatty tissue which means one thing for sure. "The water mixed with your blood made it look much worse than it is, so that's good. But…" at the word I felt her body tense and watch as her eyes get glassy. They look as if she blinked the glass would break, releasing everything she struggled to hold in. She pulls her bottom lip into her mouth chewing on it as I hold onto her damp pale skin and gently squeeze her calf urging her to look at me.

Our eyes meet and I can feel myself continue to shatter. Seeing Brittany like this is something I never wanted.

"Britt Britt, you're going to need stiches."

And there it goes, whatever strength she had was now gone. Tears trail down her cheeks one after the other, leaving behind the path they took. Soon the pathways blend together, and not one tear could be told from another.

Letting go of her leg I reach down into my father's bag and grab the essentials I will need to close her wound. I go into the kitchen and grab an ice pack out of the freezer, before returning and placing it on her wound.

We sit in silence for some time, neither of us know what to say, or at least I know I don't. I flick my finger near the wound receiving no response from Brittany. Now that her leg is numb I can continue. I use a few alcohol wipes to wipe away all the fresh and dry blood.

Reaching back into the bag I pull out a lighter, rubbing alcohol, latex gloves, a candle and needle and thread. I light the candle and sit it on the table. The noise brought Brittany out of her daze. Her calm demeanor is now panicky like before. "What is all of that?" her voice shakes along with her body.

I light the candle and soak the thread in the alcohol before I slip my hands into the gloves and thread the needle. "Just try to relax, if you don't look you won't feel it." She lays her back flat against the table; a shallow noise from her wet shirt confirming it. I run the needle through the fire a few times to sterilize it.

Grabbing a part of Brittany's leg that wasn't numb, causes her to jump up into the sitting position. "I need you to stay still; you don't need many so it won't take long." Her body is still tense, so I attempt to calm her in the only way I know how.


"Weak. I had been crying and crying for weeks. How'd I survive when I could barely speak? Barely eat on my knees."

I focus on her wound placing the first stich in and securing it. I can't bring myself to look up at her, but I can feel her eyes on me.

"But that's the moment you came to me. I don't know what your love has done to me. Think I'm invincible, I see through the me I used to be."

Taking in a deep breath I stop, realizing that I'm singing. Not the in the car my favorite songs on singing, but like really singing. And the lyrics. I never meant to sing this song, but it was the only one that seemed right. After thinking about it, I knew instantly why I subconsciously chose it.

"You changed my whole life. Don't know what you're doing to me with your love. I'm feeling all superhuman you did this to me. A superhuman heart beats in me. Nothing can stop me here with you."

Finishing the last stich, I cut the remaining thread. Still not able to face Brittany, I place all the supplies back into my father's bag, pulling out a roll of white gauze. Lifting her leg I feel her watch my every movement in silence as I slowly wrap the gauze around the bottom of her knee.

My song choice maybe confusing to Brittany, hell it's confusing to me, a lot has happened in a short time. I don't completely understand so I close my eyes and continue singing, hoping the lyrics will help.

"It's not a bird or a plane, it's my heart. And it's going gone away. My only weakness is you. Only reason is you. Every minute with you, I feel like I can do anything."

Looking up, I open my eyes to see bright blue ones holding back tears. I don't know if it's because of my song, or the stiches, but I stare into her eyes trying to convey all I've felt since the day we met, until now. A shy smile appears on her face, causing mine to mirror it. My cheeks warm my body as I watch Brittany tilt her head to the side and smile at me. We just sit staring at each other for a while. I repeatedly run my thumb over the gauze slowly. After some time, Brittany breaks the silence.

"Santana." Her voice is quite, but her message is loud. By that alone, I know she understands. My eyes tear up at my revelation, but I don't want her to see me cry. Wiping my tears, "I uh…" I look around desperately trying to find a way out. "… I need to get out of these wet clothes." And with that I took off up the stairs.


I am so lame. I mean I basically told Britt that she changed me and I need her, and then I ran. Literally ran, and now I'm in my room like an idiot. This is not the way I thought things would work out.

Making my way over to my mirror, I stare myself in the face. Looking myself over, I think this is the second time tonight I've looked at my reflection and was left disappointed at what looked back.

No more! I'm tired of taking the easy way out. Brittany helped me change, but now it's my turn.

I grab the top pair of shorts and a t-shirt from my pajama drawer and race back downstairs. Brittany wasn't where I last seen her. Panicking, I mentally face palm myself for leaving her alone. Disappointed I shake my head and look down. My head stops all movement as I notice wet foot prints on the surface of the carpet. Following the trail I walk out of the dining room, through the kitchen, and into the back TV room where the trail stops. I look up and see the bathroom light is on.

Approaching it cautiously, I tap the door and wait for a response. In no time the door creeks open, slowly exposing more and more of the blonde. All of her weight was shifted to the right as her left remained hovering above the ground.

"I brought you clothes to change into," I say not making eye contact. Long arms reach out and grab the clothes. Soft fingertips glide across my hands before they retreat to their owner and the door shuts.

Back upstairs I take all of my wet clothes off and check my pockets. Finding a cherry Jolly Rancher I unwrap it and put it in my mouth, sucking on it as I dry myself off. Reaching back into my pajama drawer I pull out red Soffee shorts and my long sleeved Superman shirt. Throwing them on, my eyes start to itch. After rubbing them and finding no relief, I decide to take my contacts out. Yes, contacts.

I walk over to my ensuite bathroom, and riffle through the cabinets to find my contact box. Upon finding it, I pick up the light weight box and sigh out in frustration.

"Damn it!" I forgot that I used my last pair this morning. With no other choice I reach for the only draw that remained shut, opening it. The drawer is empty except for one item, my glasses. I slide them on and look at myself in the mirror. Expecting to be disappointed again at what I saw, I was surprised. I look hot. My hair is wavy and still a little wet as it falls over my right shoulder. And I already knew I'd look good in my oversized Superman shirt, but wearing it with my glasses makes me look even better.

When I walk into the living room to wait on Brittany, I was surprised to find her already there. Cautiously I made my way over to her sitting far enough away to give her space, but not too far to be awkward. I sit with my back to the arm rest, looking at the blonde in front of me. Her smile makes an appearance as she takes in mine.

"Santana Lopez wears glasses?" suddenly I feel embarrassment run through me. My cheeks heat up at her statement. "They're cute." My face still burns, but for completely different reasons. Finding it hard to speak, I say nothing.

"Santana." Looking up I'm met with bright genuine eyes, and a shy face. I watch her, waiting for her to continue. When she doesn't, I shift closer to her lifting her injured leg and placing it over my lap. The faint smile on her lips grows as I nod her to continue. "I really like wearing your clothes." She says shyly as I laugh and take a look at her in them.

She sits there in a long sleeved black shirt with the yellow Batman symbol in the center, and yellow Soffee shorts to match. Cute barely described what she looked like right now. "Yeah. They look cute on you." Before I could process what I said it was too late. Immediately I look at Brittany to see her reaction. If it was possible, her smile seemed to grow wider than I had ever seen it.

"Thanks." She said simply. "And I also liked it when you sang to me. You're really good."

Shrugging my shoulder I nod her my 'thank you', as I give her a shy smile. I'm glad she liked it. We fall into another round of exchanging smiles and looks in silence, before it was broken yet again.

"Santana. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." I say as the reminder of my candy dissolves.

"Why do you always look at me like that? Ever since the day we met, when you had me up against the locker you would look at me like you are now."

Thinking back I did always look at her like I wanted to tell her everything, without having to say a word, but did I really want to tell her that?

Making one final decision, I decide that eventually I was going to tell her, so why not tonight? I move closer to her moving her leg off my lap. Her left foot is planted on the ground and her right leg is Indian styled on the couch. Taking her hands into mine I encourage her to look me in the eyes. We've made eye contact before, but something about this was stronger. It feels like my heart is being pulled toward her, literally. I can feel it beat against my chest harder than it ever has before. It's trying to escape, as if it didn't belong with me. And it doesn't. It belongs with Brittany.

I take a deep breath and hold back nothing. "Britt, I didn't know how lost I was until I met you. You interest me. The way you view the world is so unique and beautiful, and most people think that that makes you dumb..." blue eyes well with tears. I reach up caressing the side of her face with one hand, still holding hers in my other. "…but I think it makes you a genius." Tears fall freely from her eyes, and I wipe them away just as gently as they fall.

Bringing her hand up, she places it on her face on top of mine. "Really?"


Snuggling into my hand she closes her eyes. "What about Puck?"

Honestly I completely forgot anyone else existed, and I'd like to get back to that, but I know I can't leave her with more questions than answers. "Puck and I never really dated." I stated simply in hopes that it wouldn't be a big deal and ruin the moment.

Opening her eyes she takes our hands away from her face and places them between us. "What do you mean?" her question was only laced with pure curiosity.

"I mean that Puck and I only pretended to date to hide the fact that I'm a lesbian." Looking away, I play with our fingers. "I was just really scared of all the stares and the whispers." I look back at Brittany dreading that she'll feel hurt or angry, but the way she looks at me tells me otherwise.

"I understand." She says with a nod.

Leaning my head to the side I ask, "You do?"

The grip on my hands gets tighter, "Santana, I know this can't be easy for you, and I don't judge you for wanting to protect yourself."

I watch her in silence as she catches a few of my tear, I didn't know had fallen. "I don't know about everyone else, and honestly they don't matter to me, but you do." I look at her through glassy eyes watching her every movement as she speaks. "I like you Santana, a lot, and I don't want you to be afraid."

A few more tears fall before I speak. "I'll never figure you out, will I?" A smile graces her face as she shakes her head. "I didn't think so, but if you'd let me I'd really like to try." She processes my words. before nodding.

"I'd like that." My smile grew and I feel my muscles strain, because smiling this wide wasn't normal for me.

"Thank you."

A flash of confusion crosses the blonde's features along with an unsure smile, "For what?"

I wanted to say for everything. Just for being herself, helping me in so many more ways than she can imagine, but I decide against it.

"All this time I've felt like everything in my life was heading in the right direction, like everything was perfect, then you came along and changed my mind. Like you never know you were broken until you've been fixed." The confusion on Brittany's face only grew as I spoke. "Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

"Not really, no."

I take a second to pull my thoughts together, before continuing. "I found something when I met you. I didn't know what it was then, but I know now." I make sure to look deep into her eyes and expose my weaknesses, opening myself up for her to see. "Brittany when I found you, I found what I've been missing."

We sat there in a comfortable silence once again, searching each other's eyes. Brittany's features turned from relaxed to an even more delicate state. "Let's play a game." Her voice is calm, but I can tell she's excited.

"What kind of game?"

"The kind where I tell you what I want to do, and you let me. We'll take turns."

I'm really not sure about this, but it's not like I'm going to tell her no. "Okay, you start."

"I want you to come here." I'm starting to think I should have gone first.

She shifts down the couch until her head rest comfortably on a throw pillow. I lean forward placing my body hovering above hers. Looking through the space between us I ask, "Move your leg." I wanted her to move it further into the couch, but to my surprise she moves it in between my legs. My breath hitches as she lifts her thigh into my center. "Brittany, what are you doing?"

Looking into her eyes, I notice how they were once as blue as the sky, but now they're as deep as the sea. "I'm doing what you asked." Her voice is dripping in lust, causing my body pulsate in some places more than others.

"Britt…" I'm cut off with a soft pale finger gently placed on my lips.

"It's my turn." She removes her hand and places it on my back slowly pulling me down on top of her. As I slowly descend on to her, I feel my heart vibrate within my chest. My breath gets heavier, and I'm finding it harder to breathe. I lie body to body with Brittany S. Pierce, and nothing seems real, but the heat radiating from her body convinces me it is.

"I want to kiss you." I lean down to close the distance between us, before I'm stopped once again. "No. I want to kiss you." Unable to resist the way her breath hit my lips, I capture her lips in mine.

The moment her lips touch mine I feel something ignite within me, all my word are replaced as all of my fears are erased.

I break our kiss and look down at Brittany; her eyes open and she looks at me. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to steal your…" again I'm cut off, only this time it's with her lips. Her lips catch mine, and we fall into a comfortable rhythm. Just as I feel content, I feel a warm liquid swipe across my bottom lip. Opening my mouth I allow her to deepen the kiss and explore my mouth as I hers. She pulls away from me with a smile on her face.


"Do I taste cherry?" she says with a giggle.

I laugh along with her, completely forgetting, "Yeah, it was a Jolly Rancher."

"Hmm, cherry Jolly Rancher. Not exactly Chapstick, but I like it."

Brittany leans up to kiss me again as I adjust myself on top of her. Completely by accident I push my knee into her center, causing her to moan into my open mouth. Now I'm not a 100% sure, but it's been around 10 minute since we dried off, so why is she wet?


I feel a warm liquid on my thigh. I'm not sure if it's hers or mine, causing my center to ache even more. I open my mouth to speak, but before I could Brittany's lips crash into mine. Her hips grind into my leg as her breathing gets audibly thicker.

"Brittany, stop." My voice isn't very demanding, as she continues. I lift my leg grabbing her sex over her shorts with my hand forcing her to stop. It seemed like a good idea in my head, but having Brittany in the palm of my hand was overwhelming. Everything I felt on my leg was amplified as the slippery substance avalanched onto my fingers. Not much time passed before she began to grind into my hand, letting me feel everything.


"I can't." Her eyes where shut tight as she pushes into me slower but harder. I really don't want her to stop, but I know that we have to. My breathe hitches as her sex gets hotter. I hate what I'm about to do, but this needs to stop. I remove my hand and sit up. "It's my turn, and I need you to stop." Brittany remains lying on her back with her eyes shut. I watch as her chest heaves heavily.

Eventually her breathing evens out and her eyes open. The blue I'm used to is present and I smile at the sight. "Sleep with me."

My smile drops and the throbbing I thought was gone slowly came back. "Britt?"

Her smile was lazy, but cute. "No, not like that silly."

I let out a laugh, "Sure."

She moves leaving space behind her for me to lay. I'm careful to not hit her leg as I situate behind her. My arm finds residence around her waist as I whisper into her hair. "I don't want you to think I don't want you, because I do. One day we'll be ready, just not tonight."

Brittany snuggles into me, but says nothing. I can only hope she understands.

Sometimes in life you get hit with the unexpected, and tonight I never expected to fall in love.

So let me know what you think, how you feel, or what's on your mind... Until next time. :]

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