Title: seven years bad luck

Pairing: Rose/Scorpius.

Summary: The mirror breaks and you find that your blood isn't as blue as the people at school led you to believe. Huh. Freeverse.

Notes: This actually has a happy ending - promise - so bear with me. Mentions of cutting and mental instability. All the inbreeding, you see. But please, read and review (responsibly)!

The first time is an


You slip on nothing - again -

because you're Rose Weasley,

and you're as clumsy

as they get.

Teddy Lupin's got nothing on you.

The mirror breaks -


{seven years bad luck}


The mirror breaks and you find that

your blood isn't as blue

as the people at school

led you to believe.


It matches your hair.


{red like flowers,

red like blood}


For the first time in a long time -

for the first time,

you feel clean.

Halfbloods bleed just as easily

as purebloods,

did you know?


{you wonder about Muggleborns,

but leave that fantasy

for later}


Thing is -

thing is, you're smarter than this.

You're Hermione Granger's


and surely -

surely that means something?


{something, anything,



But happiness overrules logic -

as it is wont to do -

and then,


You're free!


{free to do what, exactly?}


Thing is -

thing is, you're braver than this.

You're Ron Weasley's


and maybe -

maybe that might mean something.


{maybe, might,

could've, should've}


But you're just -

you're just the girl with the faint


You're nothing -

no one.

Well, you're Rose Weasley,

but that doesn't mean much,

now does it?


{does it, does it?}


This time -

this time you do it on purpose.




Your hair is red;

people say it's the colour of


You say it's the colour of blood.

You know that now.


{set your facts straight}


Thing is,

you can't have him -

so you cut, squeeze, scar.

Maybe, though, maybe -

maybe he'll catch you.


{like catching smoke}


It's a long time before

you realise what you're doing

to yourself.

You're still part of the

PotterWeasleyLupinScamander clan

and you should be proud

of it!


{pride - the one sin you've left

to conquer}


But then -

then he does catch you.

You fall so hard,

he kind of has to.


{physically and metaphorically}


The last time is an accident too.

He slips on the blood

on the floor

even though he's

Scorpius Malfoy,

and clumsiness isn't in his repertoire,

so full of Slytherin pureblood pride.


{you've always thought he suited

blue better}


The mirror breaks -

again, again -

the mirror breaks and

it shatters.

You bear the worst of it,

but there's still a sliver

of dirtyfilthynotsopureblood blood

on his forearm.


{you half expect him to flinch}


{he doesn't}


"Are you okay?"

"Are you hurt?"

"How many fingers am I holding up?"


{the answer is two}


Even as he catches you,


you both start to fly.


{spread your wings, don't look down}


The last time is an accident,

but it's definitely the

last time,

because you don't need blood

to ground you;

you're flying free.


{you want to die before

you hit the ground}


You've got Scorpius Malfoy,


and he's all you've

ever needed.


{don't look down}