Journey Home From Space

It was a nice day out while I was on my way home. In the past few weeks I have felt that I was being followed, but nobody was ever behind me, so I thought I was going crazy. I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend Geo when I felt like someone was fallowing me yet again, so I told Geo I would call him in a little while, but I will never be able to return his call. I was getting closer to my house when I felt a presence behind me and the only thing I saw was a black van, so I continued on my way home not knowing the dangers that are about to come. I was just walking when I noticed that the van was still following me and I have no idea why, so I continued walking. I was just about to walk across the street when all of a sudden the black van that was following me drove right in front of me blocking my path, so I tried walking past the van, but the van kept following me. I walked up to the van and yelled "what are you doing blocking my path assholes."The only response I got was the doors opening up and two men grab me, but I don't follow willingly I fight them as much as I could, but they were to strong. They dragged me into the van and stuck a needle in my arm and the next thing I knew I was unconscious not able to do anything to get help. I woke up three days later and I nearly had a panic attach because I have no clue what-so-ever where I am or the most important question who these people are.