(Not) So Similar

"What do you mean you are sending me away?"

Those were, relatively speaking, the words echoed in two different households. One – loud and hurt. The other – quiet and excited. They were talking about the same thing, little would either of them know.

"It's just to another sector in the city."

Those were, relatively speaking, the words returned to the children asking the question. One: an attempt at calm that was failing. The other: an attempt at not being offended at the excitement that was failing.

"But that's forever away!" said Alfred in despair.

"So far away," said Kiku in awe.

"No it is not," both fifteen-year-olds were told (the latter of which heard 'aru' at the end of that sentence).

And at the beginning of the new year both were swapped like trading cards.

People are people, no matter where they are.

This story is filling a request to me by DivineProjectZero: "Arthur and Yao decide to swap younger brothers (Alfred and Kiku) as a temporary arrangement (AU or canon setting, take your pick). You can take it however you want; it can be utterly hilarious or rather heartwarming, depending on how the swapped siblings get along/irritate each other, and you could have the ex-British empire family/Asian family interacting with the new sibling, if you want. I don't mind if it's just familial or somehow America/Japan (because I love them and you write them awesomely). Just have fun with it :)"