Dedicated to Shidonii.

I had this written for a while now, and once I was done I knew it just had to be for you.
—published the exact time you turned 17.

"Hello, this is Pizza Hut. What would you like to order today?"

"Eh? This is Pizza Hut? Yaya thought she called Mama's number! Oh well~ What can Yaya order here?"

"We sell pizza here in Pizza Hut, Yaya-san."

"Wow, sugoi~ Ne, ne, Pizza Hut guy. You sound a lot like Yaya's friend Kairi-kun!"


"Hee, hee, you even stammer like him! Anyways~ Yaya wants to order a Big Mac, medium fries, six chocolate chip cookies, you sell chocolate milk at Pizza Hut? Yaya's super hungry!"


"Hold on Pizza Hut guy. Yaya just got a text message!"



Sent To→ Yaya Yuiki (≧v≦)/

From→ Kairi Sanjo ヽ(∇⌒ヽ)

Subject→ Ace—


—want to have pizza with me at Pizza Hut?

I'll see you in five minutes.

-Sanjo Kairi, sent from my iPhone-



"Nevermind, cancel my order, Pizza Hut guy! Yaya's going to meet Kairi-kun at Pizza Hut instead~ Ack, Yaya has to put on her cute new shirt for Kairi-kun! Bye bye!"




"Okay, see you there, Ace."