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The Marriage Scheme

Katase's P.O.V

The moment I wake up, my eyes automatically sought out the girl I loved. My body was numb from sleeping at the couch but I couldn't help the smile that stretched my lips as I watched her sleeping so peacefully. She looked like an angel and I lost count of my wishes for her to be mine. It was too impossible to come true let alone happen in reality but even though I know that, I didn't stop wishing.

Damn, I really love her.

Not wanting to wake her, I tucked the stray strand of her hair that had escape from her ponytail and watched her closely. As if sensing my stare, she snuggled closer to me, sighing and murmuring in her sleep.

Damn it, she's too cute.

I glance at my wristwatch, noting that we had been asleep for almost four hours. It couldn't be help; we were too busy working on our joint project for the company. I grin at the memory of it. She was too dedicated to her job it was contagious. She was the one who have been nagging me to finish it overnight. Of course I didn't turn the idea down. It was the only way to spend time with her. It was enough for me. I might be a fool but my heart still beats for her even though I know that hers beats for another guy.

It had been five years since she rejected me for Otohata. I wouldn't pretend that it didn't hurt because it did….until now. It pained me more to watch her struggling with her life, now that Otohata had been married to Kotobuki.

I groaned at the memory of her crying after the wedding. It was heart breaking to see her crushed and I hated Otohata even more for that ,and even now, he still hadn't realize he had Aya's heart.

I worked harder to earn the job in the sister company of the corporation she's working at and my plan didn't fail. In fact, I was lucky to have her curled next to me now. I could pretend that we were lovers but I already know that it wouldn't last long the second her eyes fluttered open.

Everything that happened next passed by like a blur.

I hated it….I hate that she didn't feel the same way.

The second her eyes rested to my face, she bolted up quickly and moved away as if being near me burned her. She murmured apologies for sleeping beside me and many more things that she had unconsciously done not knowing that I like everything, from her snuggling closer to gripping the hem of my shirt.

I wanted her and if the sight of her tousled hair that gives off the impression she had a nice roll in the sheets last night is making me drool, her vanilla scent had been a replacement for oxygen. Yes, my very own brand of survival.


Her soft velvety voice that was still hoarse from sleep pulled me out of my thoughts. She was blushing furiously now, her eyes escaping mine every time I tried to hold it with my gaze. She looked uncomfortable and I muttered a curse for being the reason for it.

"I'm sorry." She said for the umpteenth time.

"It's all right, it didn't bother me."

I stood up with a small smile and punched some numbers in my phone. I know she was hungry, we haven't had time for dinner last night.

"Is pizza okay or do you like burgers instead?" I asked, slightly moving the phone out of hearing range.

She blushed again and God knows how I wanted to kiss her every time it happens.

I cleared my throat. I should stop thinking about that.

"I'm fine with it." She said with a smile. I even thought that the blush was my imagination.

"Okay." I said our orders and turn towards her. She was organizing the papers messily stacked in the table. I hastened to help her, wanting to be closer for the remaining time.

Our orders arrived shortly after a few minutes. We ate and had casual conversation, I even offered her a ride but she decline politely saying she needed to go somewhere else. I had a faint guess that she doesn't want to be with me any longer and I guess this is the end of it. It would take time to be able to see her again.

"Thanks for the hard work." I said.

She smiled warmly but still polite. "It was a pleasure to work with you. Goodbye Katase."

With that she left taking my heart with her and I doubt if I could ever have it again.

A Month Later…..

The project was a complete success but since then, I haven't seen her again. I guess that I was just lucky to work with her for a short period. I smiled sadly at the memory and head for the elevators. Once there, I punched the button for the first floor and patiently waited. I was hungry. I didn't have time to grab some breakfast now that I'm too busy working on different projects.

I stepped out of the elevator and headed for the café. Once there, I ordered my usual lunch which was coffee and cheeseburgers. It definitely wasn't healthy but it's the only thing I want to eat today. I sighed and sip my coffee when my eyes involuntarily fleeted to a table not a foot away from where I was sitting.

A familiar vanilla-strawberry scent reached my nostrils as my eyes rested to a petite woman in a blue dress that matched her long hair. I unconsciously took a gulp of my coffee and curse when the hot liquid burnt my tongue and throat. The waitress was quick to give me water. I murmured my thanks and look back at Aya. Her form was stiff and I could sense she was uneasy from where she was standing. My eyes strained to whom she was talking to and felt my heart clench. It was Ran and Rei.

What are they doing here?

I curled my fist as I saw the pain that momentarily cross her eyes when it flew to Ran's slightly rounded belly.

She's pregnant?

I clenched my jaw as I tried to eavesdrop at them.

"You're not getting any younger you know, you should marry too. Don't you have a boyfriend?" I heard Ran throwing questions at her. She annoys me a lot, until now.

I got up from my seat, surprising Liza, the waitress who had been a friend and made my way towards them.

My whole purpose was to save her from answering those questions and dragged her away but it seems she had something in mind when she saw me.

She gasped and without warning her arms curved to my neck, pulling me closer to her. It was easy to regain from the shock of it but it seemed she had trouble doing the same. I could feel her trembling in my arms.

"Shhh…I'm here now." I whispered near her ear and sent a small smile to the couple watching us in confusion. She breathed out a sigh and whispered.

"Just play with what I'm going to say, please."

She spun around with an apologetic smile in her face and grasped my free hand. My other hand unconsciously rested on her waist. She leaned closer to me. What she said next stopped my erratically beating heart from her close proximity.

"He's my fiancé"


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