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Chapter 2

Vanilla Strawberry

~Katase's P.O.V~

I sighed wearily, willing myself to get some sleep before the clock strike 9 p.m. but it was useless. Every time I closed my eyes, a certain dark blue-haired girl invaded my senses and sleep became quite unreachable. I glance up the ceiling reminiscing how our confrontation went today.


"So I guess I owe you an explanation?" Aya asked, playing with her fingers. I resist the urge to smile at her uncomfortable squirming. She looked cute that way but on second thought, she looked cute to me in a lot different times.

I nodded and watch her lips twitched to a frown. "I was-" She closed her mouth, opened it then closed it again.

"You were?" I prodded though I already know her reason for it. It was pride, no doubt about that.

"I was ashamed." I leaned closer when she all but whispered the last word. Big mistake though cause I could smell her strawberry vanilla scent and its making me deliriously hungry. I shook my head and concentrated back at her.

"Ashamed to whom? Otohata?" I asked her, my mouth pressed tightly in annoyance.

I hate him and I admit that I am envious just because he holds Aya's heart in his ice-cold palm not of his status, looks or whatever Rei Otohata is made of because I have those too. Too bad that the only girl who had captured my heart didn't find it as attractive as Rei's.

She bit her lip and nodded solemnly. I reigned the jealousy that would surely turn me to a green-eyed monster. I nodded stiffly instead and sat back on my swivel chair.

"You still love him." It was a statement and I waited patiently for a confirmation but Aya just avoided my questioning gaze and purse her lips.

"I'm sorry. I'll straighten everything up." She said quietly in response, avoiding my question.

"No you won't. I refused to appear used Aya."She gaped at me. Stammering she defended herself. "N-No..I—I didn't mean it like that!" She cried but I cut her off.

"It would look like that even if you didn't mean it. I suppose I need to play the role from now on." I said heavily, waiting for it to sink in to her.

She reddened. "I'm sorry Katase. I wasn't thinking right!"

"Yes you aren't." I nodded and bit off my grin as she grimaced.

"What do you suppose we should do now?" She asked timidly though her gaze was literally begging me not to back out. I stared at her intently.

"I guess this means you are my fiancée now."

She blushed as her eyes widened incredulously. "You'll still pretend with me?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't have a choice do I? but frankly I need some help to win my ex girlfriend back again."

Lie. It wouldn't hurt to make up one. I shouldn't appear too willing to help her.

She looked down her lap, contemplating my answer. What she said next surprised me and gave me a faint hope that somehow the thought of me having a girlfriend bothered her.

"You still love her do you? Could I know her name?"

I smiled softly. "Aya-me." It wasn't a total lie. I just add "me" to it.


I grin at her. "She had dark blue hair with bright amber eyes and the cutest pout." I wasn't thinking at Ayame at all. It was her I'm describing but it looks like she didn't get it that way. How could a girl as gorgeous and bright as her be so nut headed in this type of thing?

"B-but still, what if they prodded on wedding details, how we met or-" My grin got wider when she blushed hard.

"-how we fall in love." She murmured quietly. I tried to keep my smirk from getting wider but its' just so damn hard not when she looked this adorable.

"That's easy. We'll go out every weekend, or maybe have lunch or dinner everyday." I shrugged my shoulders with that suggestion making it look like not a big deal to me.

"Go out?" She squeak.

"Yeah, I think it's the best solution, we could make up things about our relationship so it would seem more real. We need to get comfortable with each other too." I explained to her.

"Err..what do you exactly mean by comfortable? Like know our favorite food, color and everything?"

"Yes and let's throw kisses and hugs for desperate situations in that 'comfortable' topic shall we."

I didn't know it was possible for her to redden more. I bit my lip to stop my amusement from showing.

"Hugs and..kisses? We'll do those?" She exclaimed, her eyes wide in embarrassment.

"Well, were in a relationship and they wouldn't believe anything just with us saying we're in love. They need to see the affection." I said mentally smacking myself. I felt like I'm taking advantage of our situation though I really am but it couldn't be help, not when I finally have her so near.

"I-I guess..but—"

"We'll do it for desperate situations only so don't worry Aya." Another lie, guess when everything did came according to plan and I finally made her fall in love with me, there will be a lot to confess. I groaned mentally because honestly, those desperate situations might just be everytime we are together.

~End of Flashback~

Pretty much, I was in dazed for the whole afternoon or if not, in deep thoughts on how I'll make her fall in love with me.

My eyes snapped open when I heard my phone ringing. Who might it be and in this late hour?

I jumped out of bed and pick up my phone, running my fingers through my messy hair.



My heart beat raced abnormally. Damn, how did she manage to invoke that reaction from me!

"Aya, what's wrong?" I asked, hearing the worry in her voice.

"I need your help. Ran and Miyu is here."

"What?" My mind raced. They were there to interrogate her,if she slips on answering their questions it will be hard for me to come up with our pretending scheme.

"Yes. They just suddenly showed up my door. What will I do Katase?" She cried on the other end.

I blew out a breath and closed my eyes tightly. "I'm coming. Leave a key somewhere outside the door. Could you do that?"

"Y-yes, I'll leave it by the pot just outside."

"Good, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

I almost sprinted towards the shower and took a quick bath before slipping on my tuxedo and black pants. I smirked. This is going to be a long night.

Aya's P.O.V.

My head is aching badly. I needed more aspirins, I thought as I brushed my hair and slip into my pink negligee. I don't think I could sleep well with so many things bothering me. I padded softly to the kitchen, grabbed some milk and poured it in a glass before taking out a bowl and a box of popcorn.

A movie marathon might take my mind off those problems for a bit. I sighed wearily and headed to the living room. I chose Insidious and put it on quickly before snuggling on the throw pillows in my sofa bed when the doorbell suddenly rang. I frowned and glanced at the wall clock. It's already nine o'clock! Who might it be?

I snatched my robe and quickly slip it on before opening the door only to be greeted by a my two bestfriends.

"R-ran..Miyu!" I exclaimed, too surprised to even open the door wider.

"Hello to you too! Could we come in?" Ran asked sarcastically and I pulled open the door to let them through.

"W-why are you here? I mean…Why the sudden visit?"

"We both know you need to spill those details about you and Katase and I thought, why not tonight?" Ran said with an eyebrow raised, challenging me with her intent stare.

"B-but Ran—"

"No buts. It's not like you have plans with him tonight or is he here?"

I blushed feeling a bit silly when some not so pleasant ideas popped in my head.

"Good then let's have a nice chit chat." She said taking my silence as a yes before marching to the living room. Miyu gave me a sympathetic smile and mouthed 'don't mind her' before following inside.

I balled my hands into tight fists and bit my lip hard. Now what?


I quickly slipped away and headed to the bathroom, after stealthily snatching my cellphone in the coffee table. I quickly browsed for Katase's number and felt relief flooded my entire system when I found it.

But still, what if he's already asleep or if he's doing something important? I shook my head and took a deep breath. It's time to make a gamble.

I pressed the call button and after the third ring, he answered.


I felt a shiver run down my spine with his husky voice. I must've woke him up. I'll apologize later.


"Aya, what's wrong?"

"I need your help. Ran and Miyu is here." I said almost panicking when I heard Ran calling my name.


"Yes. They just suddenly showed up my door. What will I do Katase?" I cried, feeling helpless.

I heard him blew out a breath and prayed for God's sake that he wasn't annoyed with me. "I'm coming. Leave a key somewhere outside the door. Could you do that?"

I frowned but quickly agreed. "Y-yes, I'll leave it by the pot just outside."

"Good, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

I blew out a shaky breath before slipping my cellular phone in the top shelf that hold the towels before going out. The last thing I need is for Ran to suspect I called Katase.

"Hey where have you been?" Miyu asked munching on the popcorn. Her eyes were glued on the screen.

"I just peed. Anyway so where do you want to start?"

Ran stared at me suspiciously. "From the beginning. How did you meet lover boy?"

I smiled but inside my head, I was racking my mind for answers.

"Oh, we got paired up with this work. He's working in our sister's company. We have this joint project and then—"I gulped, recalling the night when I woke up in his arms.

A loud whistle distracted them and I quickly excused myself to check on the pot of boiling water in the stove. I smiled in relief. That was close. I don't even know what to tell them next.

"You know I don't believe you right?" I heard Ran said as she took a seat on one of the mini stools in the kitchen counter.

"Ran, I don't know why you can't believe me but I'm telling the truth!" I said softly to her, cringing at the lie I just said.

"Really? Then could you tell me directly you don't love Rei anymore?' She asked and I almost froze when Miyu came to my rescue.

"Ran please stop this already. Aya is not in love with Rei anymore!"

"No Miyu, believe me she's lying."

"No she's not! "

"Yes she is."

I suddenly got fed up. "Could the two of you stop already! I don't love Rei anymore okay!" I almost shouted in frustration.

They got silent for a minute but I must have known that Ran isn't backing down that easily.

"I'm not at all convince you know.."

"Convince of what?" A deep male voice asked from the kitchen's doorway. My head snapped in that direction and felt my knees turning to jelly when I saw Katase standing there, looking like he just arrived from a dinner meeting. His jacket was neatly folded in his arm, and the sleeve of his shirt is folded up to his elbow. His other hand was holding a bouquet of white roses and the other was holding a box of cake.

"Katase." I breathed instantly feeling like a fool when it came out a little bit husky. What's happening to me?

I swear I saw his eyes darkened and its only then that I remember I'm wearing a pink negligee and my robe is gaping open. I blushed and bit my lip before coming up to him.

"Happy anniversary Babe." He said huskily handing me the flowers before slipping his arm around my waist and pulling me close.

"Anniversary?" Ran asked. I shook my head. I forgot they were still here.

I look at her shyly for added effect. "Yes. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier."

I saw her cheeks reddened before she got up and sauntered towards us.

"How did you get inside lover boy?" She asked, her eyes narrowing on him and his presents in hand.

Katase slip his hand away from me and dug in his pocket. He dangled the key, showing it to Ran.

"Aya gave me a spare key…" He said nonchalantly.

Ran turned her eyes at me. "I really don't know what you're up to Aya." She shook her head and walk past me.

"Geez, just ignore Ran Aya. I think that's what pregnancy is doing to her. Anyway, Happy anniversary to you two and I'm taking my leave since I think you're both ready to jump each other." Miyu giggled at the last part and walk away leaving me blushing hard and frozen.

What she said almost seemed to echo in my head … 'I think you're booth ready to jump each other.'

"Aya, you ok?"

I shivered when I felt his hot breath in my nape. Is it just me or is the kitchen suddenly became smaller?

I cleared my throat and spun around to tell him I'm okay just to swallow it down and watched him pulled at his necktie.

"Its getting harder to breathe." he said, sending me one of his smirk.

I removed my eyes from his now revealed chest now that he had opened the top two buttons and stared right through his deep emerald eyes.

"Thank you for coming to my rescue." I said and unconsciously took a step back. I need a breathing space because all I could breathe is his bath soap which smell of mixed spice and menthol.

"No problem. Come, tell me what they asked you." he held my elbow and lead me to the living room. He took the cake out of the box and smiled at me. I suddenly felt hungry. He must've read it from my reaction because he chuckled and wordlessly stood up. I frowned and just gaze at him as he walked to the kitchen and came back with a plate and a fork.

"I hope vanilla strawberry cake sat well with you." He said and cut a small piece and held it to my mouth. I didn't know what made me open my mouth for the cake. It must have been his smile and hypnotic eyes.

Hypnotic? Where in Heaven's word did I get that? I shook my head a bit.

"You didn't like it?"

"No." I exclaimed before feeling my cheeks burned hotly when I realized how close we are.

"I-I like it." I whispered shyly.

He half moan and groan before he put down the plate and in one fast movement, he had pinned me down between the sofa bed and him.

"K-katase?" I squeak, feeling my body tremble at the delicious warmth his body was giving off. His answer was to burry his face at the crook of my neck and inhale there. I think I heard him said I smelled like the cake but then again, my mind is in complete chaos.

"Do you trust me?" He suddenly asked, his breath was tickling my neck and I couldn't helped but squirmed.


"Do you trust me?" He repeated each word slowly, staring down at me so hot I think I'm going to melt.

"Y-yes…" I answered without even thinking but it didn't matter anymore as his lips crashed down to mine.


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