Highschool Hell

Kimiko wandered through the halls of her school looking bored as usual. She hated almost everyone in her school- her best friend, and practically sister, Keiko was the only up-side to going there. Her school had an obsession with doing things better than other schools. That included singing and sports and math and science and everything. Kids were only accepted into actual classes if they were super-human in those subjects. Kimiko was only average in everything, so she got put into the average person classes. Well, except for technology and battle tactics- she was advanced in both of those and was put in the advanced placement classes for those. She was also in the real serious gym and dance classes, because she was physically incredible. And lastly, Kimiko was in real chorus. She could carry a note- that was why. She had been trying to convince her teachers that she was good enough for it for months; she finally got accepted after entering a competition and placing second.

Kimiko walked slowly toward her gym class. She didn't particularly hate her gym class; she just hated the people in her class. Wuya, the most popular queen bee in the school. She ruled over all the other horrible prissy girls who only cared about how they looked and how skinny they were and how many boys they had slept with and who those boys were. Kimiko hated the lot of them. And then there were guys in her class like Raimundo Pedrosa… He was one of the most popular boys in the school and because of it he thought he could get any girl he ever wanted. He used to be a really cool kid, he and Kimiko had been best friends at one point. But then he went out with one of Wuya's best friends, Ashley, and he was never the same. He was so arrogant now. Just like Chase Young. THE most popular boy in the school. Girls followed him everywhere he went and they did whatever he asked. And he was always asking, abusing their feelings. The problem with all these popular kids was that they were really attractive! Raimundo was tanned to perfection, Chase was a muscular goth hottie, and Wuya was a beauty queen! Attractive, yet terrible people. Kimiko hoped to never be like that.

Kimiko wasn't popular- she was that girl everyone considered weird. Why? Because she was constantly listening to music, dressing differently, sketching in her notepads constantly, and was always talking and singing to herself. She was a loner and she was different, and therefore she was a loser. But as long as Kimiko had Keiko as her friend, she was perfectly fine with that.

Keiko wasn't in Kimiko's gym, but Keiko constantly talked about how she wished she was. Keiko had an immense crush on Raimundo, and she wanted desperately to see him in a swim suit. Keiko had a thing for exotic boys, and well, he was from Rio… Kimiko just wished she had a friend in that class…

Today was a free day; anybody could do whatever they wanted. Almost all of the girls were just walking around the gym, talking and doing nothing else. On free days, Kimiko liked to play basketball by herself. It made Wuya mad to see Kimiko getting looks from boys, and Kimiko loved making Wuya mad.

She threw the ball up and made the basket, letting it bounce back to her. She sat there and dribbled for a moment or two, and she noticed a few boys coming over to her. They included Chase Young, Raimundo Pedrosa, and Hannibal Roy. Oh, had she not mentioned him? Hannibal Roy's father was a billionaire from somewhere or another and he was popular because he was rich. He was always sunburnt to red, and had spiky black hair with silver streaks in it. His eyes were yellowy and all in all he looked freaky- if he weren't rich, nobody would like him.

"What do you all want?" Kimiko asked, bouncing the orange ball next to her neon pink shoes and highlighter yellow sock and lilac sock.

Hannibal grinned his ugly toothed smile and he asked mockingly, "Mind if we join ya?"

Kimiko narrowed her eyes at him and she hissed, "Piss off, asshole…"

Hannibal chuckled, Raimundo went 'hoooooo!' and Chase simply smirked. She hated it when they were together. Kimiko turned her back on them and threw the ball back into the basket- she made it again.

"Ever thought of playin' for the majors?" Hannibal asked satirically.

Kimiko glared back at him. Hannibal always did all the talking and all the mocking. He was genuinely a terrible person, sometimes Kimiko wondered if Raimundo stopped talking to them that he would be a normal kid again.

She spat and went back to throwing baskets. She knew Hannibal hated being ignored, that's why she purposely ignored him. He kept insulting her over and over, but Kimiko didn't so much as look at him.

She suddenly felt someone hit her back, or something. She fell forward and everyone laughed at her. Kimiko lifted her head and spit. Red. Crimson… Blood.

She spun her head around to glare at Hannibal and he only pointed and laughed when he saw she was bleeding. Kimiko got to her feet and pushed past Chase- she veered away from Hannibal and to his left so she wouldn't be tempted to punch him in the face. She went to the teacher and asked if she could go to the nurse. They gave her a pass and she walked through the halls with her nose, lip, and chin dripping blood down her face and neck.

The nurse gave her bandages, but Kimiko didn't actually put them on. She went to the bathroom and pressed paper towel to her face until the bleeding stopped. She wiped her face clean, and returned to gym.

Kimiko went ahead and returned to basketball. She saw her favorite boys playing with their friends in the next court over, and Kimiko stopped for a split second to gaze at one of them longingly. As his long black hair bounced with each step he took, Kimiko wished she didn't like him so much. Chase Young- one of the worst people she could ever like, and she was head over heels for him. She hated it. He was such an awful person, but she just found him so damn attractive!

She threw her ball as hard as she could at the backboard and it slammed into it, and was sent flying back and behind her. Kimiko hadn't told anyone about her crush- especially not Keiko. Keiko would just obsess over it and say it was cute and tell her to go after him.

But unlike Raimundo, Chase had always been a popular kid, and he had always been a jerk. There was no chance of him going back to being a great person. Kimiko would rather date Hannibal than date Chase any time soon. Sure, she thought he was hotter than hell, but that wasn't worth it.

Kimiko followed her ball back to where it had bounced and wandered back to her court. She kept throwing shots, making every single one after that bout of anger. At one point she noticed another ball roll over to her feet. She picked it up and lifted her gaze to see where it had come from. Seeing her crush run over to her, holding out his hands, and sweating gorgeously told her that he and his friends had lost it. She tossed it to him, and he caught it perfectly. He smiled a little as a sort of non-recognizable thank you and went back to his friends. He could never be genuinely kind to her and actually mean it, that wasn't how popularity worked. Popular kids weren't kind to non-populars or they'd become them themselves.

She understood how it worked. No matter how much she wanted him to be a good person, or to like her, it wasn't going to happen. Chase was at the top of the food chain and she was at the bottom.

After gym, Kimiko went and met up with Keiko for lunch. Keiko freaked over her new scabs, but Kimiko assured her that she just fell in gym and she'd be fine.

"So in English, Jack kept looking at me, and it was really annoying and he was being so creepy," Keiko was saying with her usual girlish giggle, "I think he has a crush on me or something, ya know? Whaddyou think Kim?"

Kimiko sighed. She knew for a fact that Jack only wanted to get close to Keiko because he had a huge crush on her, but she may as well go along with Keiko's ramblings. "Maybe," she said, "Depends, how was he looking at you?"

"He was, like, staring," she replied. The two of them always ate lunch outside in one of the courtyards- mostly because that was where Raimundo ate and Keiko had insisted they start eating there so she could watch him. Kimiko couldn't exactly say no…

The two got to their courtyard and they sat in the grass and leaned against the side of the school. Kimiko knew lots of kids came out here to smoke anything they could, sometimes even just the weeds in the grass, but she liked the atmosphere. It was quiet, for the most part… Currently girls were all giggling at Chase, Hannibal, and Raimundo as they ate. Keiko included, just…quieter.

Kimiko was eating in silence at first, but eventually she too glanced up to gaze in longing. It wasn't fair… Why did there have to be rings of who was cool and who wasn't?

Kimiko wasn't going to change to be accepted into a ring any time soon, though- she enjoyed wearing neon blue skirts and cosplay cat ears and brightly colored contacts to school. If no one else but Keiko liked it, tough.

"Isn't he somethin', Kim?" Keiko breathed beside her.

Kimiko looked at her, then at Raimundo and muttered, "Oh yeah…" Keiko hit her for saying it the way she did, but Kimiko just smiled and giggled to herself.

Kimiko stood up and said, "I'm gonna go throw this out, you want me to get yours?" Keiko handed her the garbage she had and Kimiko went inside to the garbage can. None were outside, but probably for good reason- bees liked trash.

"Speaking of bees…" Kimiko breathed as she saw Wuya strutting down the hall with several other girls. No doubt she was coming to flirt with her favorite boy toys again… Wuya and Hannibal had been dating for a while, they had broken up, been dating again, and broken up once more. Kimiko had a feeling they'd end up together again soon. Although she knew Wuya really had her eyes on Chase- she saw the way she looked at him; it was the same way she herself looked at him.

Kimiko went back to the courtyard and whispered to Keiko, "Sorry, but I'm allergic to bees… I'll see you after school, kay?"

Keiko knew what she meant instantly. They had a code for when someone they didn't like was coming their way. Bees were always Wuya. Keiko nodded to her friend and she said, "Watch that you don't get nipped or clawed…" Ashley. She must have been with Wuya and Kimiko just didn't see. Kimiko nodded and turned around on her heel. Just in time to nearly slam into Wuya.

Lucky for Kimiko, her shoes had soft fabric bottoms and she spun on her feet and around Kimiko- the movement looked like ballet dancing. All the girls stopped and stared at her like she was an absolute freak of nature, and so in response, Kimiko winked at them, stuck out her tongue, and kicked her foot up. They all gagged, glared, or snickered and scoffed.

"Wasn't tryin' to flirt with ya, egotistical bitches," she grumbled under her breath. Kimiko wandered over to her other favorite place to sit and do nothing- the art hallway. It was relatively close to the courtyard, and really close to her next class. Kimiko always waited there after eating.

She was sketching in her notebook again, at the moment it was of Chase posing dramatically in a wave of fire. She loved drawing him, his hair was so much fun to manipulate-plus he'd never actually see the drawings. She heard footsteps, and she glanced up just for a brief moment. She swallowed when she saw it was Chase and Raimundo. She quickly pulled her notepad against her breast and hid the drawing from sight.

Rai smiled meekly at her- trying to maintain that they were still sort of cool. Kimiko frowned at him and watched as they went into the bathroom. Kimiko thought about leaving, but she was so close to her next class…

She glanced at her drawing that she held so tightly- she had smudged it a little. A few moments later, they came back out. Raimundo whispered weakly, "Hey Kim…"

Kimiko scowled at him. "Fuck off," she snarled. Raimundo blinked and stopped where he was. Chase stopped a little ways behind him and further away from Kimiko.

"What did I ever do to you?" he asked, looking mad.

Scowling, she replied, "Well let's see, the most recent would be allowing Hannibal Roy Assface to knock me down and then laughing with him when you saw I got hurt."

Raimundo's brow hardened into a firm line of anger and he growled, "Fine then. I hope you're happy being a nobody the rest of your life Kim." And he turned and stomped off.

Chase stayed and looked at her for a moment. Kimiko was still angry, so she asked him coldly, "What? You gonna insult me too?" He didn't say anything; he just turned and walked off. Kimiko immediately felt stupid for being mean to him- that may have been her only chance to ever actually talk to him and she just blew it.

Kimiko looked up and noticed a poster on the wall advertising the school's literary magazine. "Submit poetry or artwork" it said. She smiled- couldn't hurt… She took a form from the folder attached to the poster and began filling it out.

"Anonymous… Title… To Chase…" she muttered as she scrawled out her words on the form. She had a poem already prepared; now all that was left was for it to be published in the book. And for Chase to read it…

Eeehhhh…! I came up with something weird…!