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Highschool Hell. Chapter 6.

Kimiko had an icepack on her head; she had it there all day long. It was pouring outside- actually, it was like a hurricane! The rain was coming down in buckets and it didn't show any signs of stopping. She was glad she was inside; Keiko probably wasn't enjoying walking home in this mess… She was already about fifteen minutes late.

The doorbell rang, and Kimiko found that weird- Keiko had a key. She got up, holding the ice pack, and walked to the door. She opened it and found Keiko, Jack, and Chase standing in the rain. She let them in immediately. Apparently Keiko hadn't had time to get her key out before running back home with the guys.

Jack shook his head, sending little droplets of water everywhere, and Kimiko handed each of them a towel. She didn't want him shaking like a dog and getting everything wet. Keiko set her book bag down and rubbed her hair.

"I gotta go dry off," she said, walking to the bathroom. A few seconds later, the whir of the hairdryer could be heard. Kimiko smiled in that general direction and looked back to the boys.

Jack handed her a fair amount of papers, and she in turn gave him what she had worked on throughout the day. She had wanted to sleep all day- concussions do that, so she had set alarms on her phone for every half hour to wake her if she did. She was actually able to work on their project thanks to those alarms!

Chase took two medium stacks of papers out of a bag he had over his shoulder, and he handed them to her. "Assignment for over the weekend," he explained when he saw her face- let's just say, she looked absolutely terrified.

She pouted when he said that- of course after she gets hurt there'd be a huge assignment. Jack looked around her house and she heard him from across the room, asking, "Is this your prom dress?"

Kimiko looked and smiled- it was the pink one. "No, that's Keiko's, I told you, mine's gold and black…" she said.

Jack frowned. He looked through rooms and pulled out her dress, "This one?" he asked.

"Pretty," Chase commented from behind Kimiko. She blushed, but tried to hide it by saying that Keiko made her buy it when they saw it.

"It's really nice," Jack said, "I'll bet it looks AWESOME on you!" Kimiko thanked him for the compliment.

"We should probably go," Chase said. Kimiko blinked and looked outside-still pouring.

She quickly stopped him and argued, "You should stay until the rain at least dies down!" He raised an eyebrow at her, noticing her beat red face she was sure, so she quickly said, holding up a nonchalant hand, "It's the polite thing to do for guests…"

Jack wasted no time in relaxing on their couch, but Chase wanted to dry off a bit more, so he continued rubbing his head with the towel Kimiko gave him. He did have longer hair than Jack, so it was naturally going to be wetter…

Keiko came back out of the bathroom, her hair looking like it was never wet in the first place, and she nudged Kimiko with her elbow as Chase continued drying his hair. Kimiko, in response, nudged her harder.

Kimiko went into the kitchen to get a new icepack- her old one was officially too warm. She held it to her head and leaned against the counter, watching whatever Jack was watching on TV. Something with a guy skinning a dead goat or something. It was really gross, to be honest…

"Sorry about gym," Chase said after a moment of quiet. Kimiko blinked and looked at him funny- she had only caught half of what he said, so he repeated himself.

She blinked again. "Why are you apologizing…? You're never nice to me," she said. She wanted to hit herself for it immediately after- why was she being mean when he was being nice?

Chase looked down and said softly, "Sorry…"

Swallowing, Kimiko quickly said, "Look, I'm sorry… And gym wasn't your fault, anyway… I was clumsy, that's all…"

Jack then said, "Kimiko, you're never clumsy… I've seen you do all sorts of gymnastic stuff that requires balance. Either someone tripped you, or you couldn't see, smell, or hear."

Kimiko scowled at the back of his head- he wasn't helping! Chase looked at her and asked, "Was it because I got in your way?"

She inhaled sharply. Thinking for a moment, she replied, "Well, your hair did sorta get in my eyes…" She saw him touch his hair, so she quickly said, "But I still don't blame you!" She actually sort of shouted at him, and everyone looked at her- Keiko grinned.

Kimiko could feel her face getting hot, so she quickly picked up her homework and went to work on her assignments from Battle Tactics. She heard Jack ask what was wrong with her and Keiko saying that this was just how she was and Kimiko felt her face practically steaming with embarrassment.

She glanced out into the living room at one point and noticed Chase was looking at her. She looked back down as fast as she could, but he came over to where she was anyway. He sat next to her and offered to help.

"I'm p-pretty sure I can figure it out for myself," she replied with a bit of a nervous stutter.

"Then do you want me to hold the icepack in place?" he asked, reaching toward her. Kimiko was shaking she was so nervous. "I'm supposed to help you, remember?"

She let him take the icepack and hold it against her head. She hoped Keiko wasn't looking at them- she'd never hear the end of it then. She swallowed and tried to push the fact that Chase was right beside her away while she did her work. Occasionally, Chase would offer up help or tell her she had an answer wrong. Keiko came into the room a little while later- just what Kimiko had been dreading.

And just like she had figured, Keiko began making jokes about Kimiko's injuries and stupid things she had done.

"Keiko, shouldn't you be keeping Jack company?" Kimiko asked, glowering at her friend.

"Nah, he fell asleep," Keiko said with a grin. Kimiko scowled and scribbled her answers harder.

After a long while her homework was finally done, and the four of them were able to sit and watch TV. Jack woke up when Kimiko began rubbing his head. He was actually a pretty cool kid, even though he was a brainiac. It took another hour for the rain to finally stop, and Jack hopped to his feet. He said he needed to get to work on their project and basically ran out of their house.

Keiko giggled, "He's in a hurry, huh?"

"Guess so," Kimiko muttered, standing up and looking outside for him. She didn't see him…

Chase thanked them for letting him stay out of the rain and said he'd be back tomorrow. Kimiko smiled and waved at him as he walked away, with Keiko nudging her from behind the whole time.

"See?" she snickered, "He was totally cuddling up to you earlier…!"

Kimiko shoved her and said, "No he wasn't..!" After a brief pause, Kimiko asked, blushing deep pink, "You really think so?" what? You're not gonna blame her for fantasizing.

"Definitely," Keiko said, "He wouldn't stop looking at you. And he came over and sat next to you and offered to help you…! And he wouldn't take no for an answer- if that's not cuddling, I don't know what is…!" Kimiko blushed and squirmed with excitement at the thought of Chase possibly liking her.

Anybody who has talked to a teenage girl with a crush knows that this is what happens. Even if the guy they like barely looks at them they flip out. Seriously… I agree with the book "He's just not that into you"… At least in situations like that…