Bloodlust (EdwardxJasper)

Snapping the neck carefully, Edward guided the newly killed deer towards the fidgeting vampire. Inhaling deeply, he was able to smell the fresh blood slowly stopping within the veins of the doe. Her brown eyes stared blankly out into the world and a sudden spasm in the lower leg caused Jasper to jump in shock.

"Come here, Jazz. She'll comfort the hunger," Edward whispered soothingly to the young vampire. Jasper was older than him, by a few decades at least, but he was still young to this process. Of killing and living on something other than a human. Stiffly, Jasper twisted his body over the dead animal. Two fangs perched gracefully over her neck, hesitating for merely a moment, and jab ferociously in, sucking her dry.

For the next few moments Edward sat and watched as those red eyes slowly lost their shine, dulling into a pale gold with tinted red edges. Those dirty blonde tresses were bloodied and lanked together into individual sections. Edward was mesmerized with every scar, every bite mark that wasn't his own, and every move this strange youngling made. Jasper was utterly beautiful in the rogue way Edward had always enjoyed.

"Jasper…" Edward whispered again. "Jasper, you've drunk enough." When his hand touched the blood lusting vampire and deep snarl sounded. Those bloodstained lips were pulled back in a fierce rage. An animal instinct we had all acquired since the Change. The hungered beast was tightly gripping the dead doe, crushing the bones audibly.

"Shh …" Edward soothed, stroking those long red stained tresses. "It's okay, Jazzy. It's okay." Reddish eyes stared up at Edward as the bloodlust slowed and the adrenaline lessened. The glitter of predator rage disappeared in flash of recognition. Slowly those features processed through the haze of red, coming back to Jasper instantly.

"Edward?" came the mangled voice the other vampire so loved to hear. Alice should have seen this coming. This burning want inside of Edward was become more and more distinctive with every thought Jasper had, every move he made, and every bite that was made. Edward wanted—needed— Jasper. Cautiously invading Jasper's mind, Edward revels in the extraordinary thoughts that were flooding through this wonderful mind.

Sighing deeply in satisfaction (for Jasper's thoughts only flowed on one thought and that was Edward), Edward nods and gives Jasper as soothing smile. "Yes, Jazz, it's me." Before he could prepare himself, the brunette was pulled into a tight, inhumanly so, embrace. The faint scent of blood and male rushed to Edward's senses. His arms roughly pulled themselves upward and gripped painfully against the other's torso.

Jasper didn't mind though. He was too busy sniffing and admitting to himself that he wanted more than this. More than the blood lust and these treasured tight embraces. He wanted to feel completed, needed. Jasper wanted someone to lie to him and say everything would be all right when clearly it wouldn't be.

Jasper wanted Edward.

Smiling thoughtfully down at the innocent young male, he caught those lips that had been hypnotizing him since the beginning. Edward could taste the dried blood and he loved the way it blended with the taste of skin and Jasper. A low groan sounded from the blonde as Edward poked and prodded with his tongue. He wanted entrance, which Jasper was denying him. A animalistic growl protruded from the brunette's throat as he forced his way past. Flicking his tongue roughly within this unadventured cavern, Edward marveled in the new tastes and continuous moans.

Taking an unneeded deep breath and breaking away, much to his dismay, Edward leaned his forehead softly against his beloved's, "I want you."

"I need you."