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"Welcome Greeks, to our version to what Percy says is called, Capture the Flag. Our version is the War Games, and tonight we will have a special edition: Romans against Greeks!" Frank heard Reyna announce, sitting on Scipio, aka Skippy, and all of the Romans cheered. "Ave! Senatus Populusque Romanus!"

"Γκορ Ελλάδα!" The Greeks cried back, some of the more bulkier campers giving some of the Romans glares.

Frank winced at the additional war cries as everyone from both teams scrambled to their sides, discussing strategy.

"Okay, since Percy and Annabeth are going to be playing, then it's only fair that Jason and Reyna participate as well," Bobby pointed out. "We can totally kill them if we have our two praetors play."

Jason and Reyna looked at each other. "But who will watch over the Games?" Reyna asked, cocking her head to the side. "Someone needs to watch out for any enemies as well."

Bobby shrugged. "Just get some centurion to watch over the battlefield. I don't really care."

Reyna snorted. "You say that as if it isn't important. We dedicate our lives to protecting our home, so don't just brush this off, but very well. I will get someone to take our spots," she said, gesturing to Theresa Mason and Xavier Hudson of the Third Cohort. "You two will take Jason and my place as referees and watchers." The two officers nodded and left the group, probably getting the two spare pegasus that the Amazons had dumped into their stables.

Did Frank mention he hated horses? He had been called a silly Chinese Canadian man by one as he was in for the ride to his death. So the feeling was mutual.

"Senatus Populusque Romanus!" The Romans surrounding him cried again, glad that their two praetors were joining the War Games. To be honest, Frank was too. He, after all, went on the quest with Percy along with Hazel, and the both of them knew of Percy's power, and the only one to probably match it would be Jason's. And as for the other Greeks, well, he's just glad the daughter of the war goddess was on their side. No one wanted Reyna as their enemy.

"What do you suggest Jason?" A legionnaire from the Fourth Cohort asked, staring at the laughing Greeks.

Jason looked thoughtful. "Well, I don't know exactly what Percy's abilities are.." He trailed off, looking at Reyna. She took it from there. "From the last War Games, Percy was able to control the water in our water cannons, so we did not include that this time around. Instead, we installed cannons that shot out grain at the command of the Ceres kids." The Ceres kids were grinning, proud that they were being recognized. "The grain spilt will be a disadvantage for the Greeks," the praetor continued. "More likely for accidents. Fifth Cohort, you will strike first." Frank groaned with the rest of his cohort. They were always sent first to 'weaken' the enemies. "It's not what you think," the daughter of Bellona reassured them. "Your cohort is the largest of the five, by about fifteen members, so you will be able to cover more ground. You are our first line of defenders. Do not fail us."

"No prob Rey," Dakota slurred, still drinking his beloved Kool-Aid.

Jason laughed. "You might want to stop drinking for five minutes Dakota." He turned to the other cohorts. "First Cohort, I want you guys to guard. If any of the Greeks get close, knock them out, or force them on each other." They nodded at the command. Jason continued. "Third Cohort, your cohort will be in charge of distractions. Set up bombs, lead them to the pond, I don't care. They should not get one feet near the fort." Third Cohort saluted the praetor and he grinned. "Yeah, and Second Cohort, second line of defense. If our enemies somehow get too near the fort for our comfort, then it's your job to stop them in their tracks. No Greek should even step foot onto our fort. Understood?" The Second Cohort nodded, paying close attention to their returned praetor.

Frank smiled to himself. It was good to have their two praetors back. As much as he liked Percy, he just wasn't the same as the Elite Duo. That was a weird name Dakota made up for Jason and Reyna when he was completely out of it when they had a party celebrating Jason being praetor. It stuck, despite the death glares everyone got from Reyna when all the legionnaires called them that.

"One last thing," Jason added, staring at the Greeks, who were yelling some things in Greek. "When you guys are fighting them, be sure to disarm them as soon as possible." The Romans started complaining, saying that their motto was to fight to the end. "I know that isn't the usual, but we want to get their banners as well, and their strategy will be somewhat similar to ours in the respect that their more stronger attackers will be guarding their banners as well. I only want the centurions and some of the Fifth Cohort to grab their banners, got it? We need a lot of people on defense because they will probably send Annabeth or Percy to grab our banners." Every Roman saluted Jason again, except Octavian, who was scowling, but no one was paying attention to him.

"Any questions?" Reyna asked, looking around with a small smile.

"What will you and Jason be doing?" A thirteen-year-old legionnaire questioned, his hand gripped onto his gladius confidently.

"I will be guarding the banners with the First Cohort, and preparing myself to fight Percy," Jason answered, grinning. "That'll be interesting. And Reyna will most likely be dueling with Annabeth, and will be on first line of defense with the Fifth Cohort. Oh yeah, and Hannibal will be joining you, so just pick someone to ride him." Jason paused. "Oh yeah, and let Reyna or the Venus girls to handle Piper." Reyna's face soured slightly at the sound of the Venus girl's name, but Jason ignored her. "We don't need anyone falling into her charm speaking traps."

"That is our battle plan. Now everyone, to your places!" Reyna bellowed, and everyone scrambled to their assigned areas, shouting "Romam!" as they ran.

"Let's go Frank." Hazel said, looking at him with a smile. "We are so going to win this."

Frank grinned at her positive attitude. "Of course we're going to win! We have you on our side, don't we?"

His girlfriend blushed at the compliment. "I'm not the one with amazing aim." She countered as they walked to the border. There, he saw Annabeth and Percy talking, their eyes dancing with happiness. Frank was happy for his new-found friend that he almost felt bad that he was about to attack them.

"Win for us," Annabeth retorted, kissing him.

"Awww!" Frank heard Piper exclaim, emerging from behind a tree. She saw them looking at the couple as well. "I sound so much like my mother now." She said, scrunching her nose.

Hazel giggled beside him. "But they are cute."

Leo popped out and stood beside Piper, grinning. "You guys are so going down!" He proclaimed, pumping his fist in the air.

Hazel laughed. "As if repair boy."

Leo pouted, crossing his arms across his chest. "Why does everyone call me that?"

Before Frank could say anything back, Xavier rang a bell from his pegasus. "Ten seconds!" He yelled, still ringing the bell. "Nine, eight, seven, six..."

Frank lifted his bow up, preparing to shoot.

"Four, three, two..."

Annabeth stood alone now, Percy somewhere up in the Greek's fort.

"One! Let the War Games begin!" Xavier's voice echoed throughout the field.

Then all Pluto broke loose.

Γκορ Ελλάδα!: For Greece!

Romam!: For Rome!

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