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The day the new teacher arrived, Korra was late for school and didn't pay any attention whatsoever to the moving trucks that were parking and unpacking stuff across the street from her house.

No, she was way too busy hauling her backpack and swim bag into her little beat up Scion xB, waving frantically to her mother and Naga, and trying to stay under the speed limit as she sped off to school.

However, traffic in Republic City at seven thirty in the morning was horrible, and Korra could do nothing but groan and sit in stopped traffic only blocks away from her school.

"Why does this always happen on Mondays?" Korra seethed, fiddling with the nob of her radio to try and find a decent station. Her iPhone buzzed furiously in its place in the center console, chiming the three note melody that signaled a text message.

Since traffic was stopped Korra snatched her phone up, only to find a text message from Bolin, one of her best friends, waiting for her.

From: Bo

To: Korra

You're late for first period, Bearcat!

"Oh, yeah, Like I don't know that already!" She screeched, tossing her phone back into the center console without a reply. "Stupid traffic!"

She turned and dug around in the backseat, pushing her bags aside to find the six pack box of Starbucks Double Espresso shots that she kept in her car for such emergencies, ripped one out of the cardboard container, and cracked it open to chug the whole thing down in three seconds flat.

She cracked another open and sat slumped in the driver's seat, inching up as traffic started to move at a snail's pace up the street.

She tapped her fingers against the steering wheel in time to The Strokes song that played from her radio, taking gulps of her can of cold, bitter espresso. She would've given her left boob for a warm triple shot chocolate chip latte from the Starbucks down the street, but couldn't afford to be later than she already was. Tarrlok, her first period English teacher, had a stick up his ass and would already be pissed off at her for being fifteen minutes late.

"Never mind, twenty minutes late." She muttered, checking the time on her car stereo. The red letters above the title of the song read 7:50, winking almost merrily at her. "Spirits! Mom's going to kill me if I get another detention!"

She continued to mourn for her life as her slow journey up the street to Republic City High continued, sighing in relief when the Senior Parking Lot finally appeared in all its glory, packed with various luxury sports cars, imported mopeds, vintage VWs, and Environmental-Friendly Hybrids.

Korra squeezed her little Scion into a space near the back of the lot, locked up her car, and ran full tilt at the school with her backpack and swim bag in tow.

Republic City High was Republic City's newly remodeled High School that housed all the city kids in the area. It boasted its own Gym, Drama Theater, Football Field, Soccer Field, Baseball Diamond, Olympic sized pool, Basketball courts and state of the art Computer Labs. It was the biggest High School in California, and offered over two dozen college level courses as well as the usual High School fodder.

Republic City High was decorated with beautiful gardens, and remodeled with glass, steel, and sandstone bricks that made the school look more like a piece of modern art pieced together by blocks than a High School.

"Crap, crap, crap!" She groaned, sprinting into the main entrance and rocketing up the stairs to the second floor. She ran across the covered little bridge-hallway that led to the English building, and skidded down the tile floors in her flip flops, racing down the quiet hallways. Her backpack banged against her shoulder and the strap of her swim bag lashed back and forth in her hand as she ran, her designated classroom finally in sight.

"Please, please, please!" Korra whispered under her breath as she wrapped her hand around the doorknob. "Let it be a sub! No detention! Sub and no detention!"

With a last breath and prayer Korra opened the door, slipped in, and without a glance at the board or Teacher's desk rushed in, heading in the direction of the empty desk between her two best friends, Mako and Bolin.

Mako and Bolin were brothers, and lived right down the street from Korra. The three of them had grown up together and competed in Martial Arts tournaments as The Fire Ferrets, with brown, black, and red belts in various types of Martial Arts like Jujitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Sambo and Wing Chun. The tournaments were mixed fighting Teams in rings with different Age Groups, and Korra had been competing with her friends since she was six years old.

Although the brothers were a year apart, Mako had purposely flunked a grade in Elementary school in order to be in the same grade as Bolin and Korra. Mako was tall, with a crop of unruly, spiky black hair that would never behave. He was on the Varsity Soccer team and always wore a red scarf that had belonged to their father around his neck, except during matches. He was lean with muscle and had amber eyes that drew girls in by the crowds, vying for his attention.

Where Mako was lean and quiet, his brother was the exact opposite. Bolin was just as tall as his brother but broad with muscle, a flirt, and had green eyes that seemed to always be sparkling with laughter. He had an almost dirty sense of humor, an even bigger fleet of fangirls than Mako, and was captain of the school's Wrestling team. He was the fun brother, and more often than not got the three of them into trouble.

Korra dumped her stuff under her desk and slid into the seat, pressing her forehead onto the table top with an agonized groan.

"Tarrlock's going to give me a detention, isn't he?" She muttered, almost afraid to look up and find out for herself.

"Sit up! Tarrlock isn't here!"

Korra sat up at Bolin's excited whisper, and nudged Mako with her elbow as she did so, making him glare at her and roll his eyes.

"You're late again." He grumbled, tugging at his scarf with one hand, while he used the other to text under his desk.

Korra rolled her eyes back, knowing that he was probably busy texting Asami, his girlfriend of the month. Asami was one of the popular, fashion-obsessed chicks that ruled the school wiith an iron fist. She was not only ridiculously pretty, but richer than any of the students at Republic City High combined, which made her the designated Queen Of Everything.

Korra didn't like her, even if she was nice to her and Bolin.

"Pff. You're only mad because I didn't get us lattes." She shot back.

It was then that she noticed that the classroom was unusually quiet, and shut her mouth as her loud voiced echoed off of the glass-and-stone walls.

"You are not only late, but disruptive." Came a smooth, silky sounding voice. "Miss-"

Korra instantly turned to stare at the front of the class, her cheeks burning as she spotted a man standing right next to Tarrlock's desk.

"Korra." She answered, her voice an almost nervous squeak. "Korra Kaya, sir."

She cleared her throat as she examined him, and came to the obvious conclusion that he was their substitute teacher for the day.

The teacher was almost impossibly tall, and dressed in an expensive looking black suit with a black silk tie against a spotless white shirt. He had a mass of dark, unruly hair that was cut at the back of his neck, and blue eyes the color of the deepest ocean.

But what captivated her and caught her attention was his face.

Deep rivers of scar tissue ran down his face, gashing into his lip and one eyelid in almost opalescent trails that were white against his tanned skin. His lower lip looked as if someone had taken a hot knife and gashed across it and onto his chin. She could see proud, high cheek bones beneath the scars, and a perfect nose.

She supposed his face was the reason the whole class was silent, and he watched her closely as she stared at it, seemingly un-bothered.

When his blue eyes met her own she struggled to breathe, her breath catching sharply in her throat as heat took hold of her heart and squeezed. She felt dizzy, lightheaded, and clamped her hand onto Mako's elbow in order to keep herself upright.

Something strange and hot blazed up within her, like fire, and she couldn't stop staring into his eyes, into those deep, blue pools that seemed endless. She would drown in those eyes, and never want to stop.

"Miss Kaya, you will stay after class to make up your tardiness. Is that clear?"

Just as quickly as the feeling had almost swallowed her, it was gone, and she snapped out of it, glaring at him.

"I'm on the Swim Team, sir. Practice is next Period."

She heard Mako groan quietly on her left side when Korra snapped at the substitute, and Korra felt sick to her stomach when she realized that she had talked back to a teacher.

Mom's going to kill me.

The whole class was silent save for Bolin's whispered chuckle, and Korra forced herself to not look away, to not back down.

"That was not the answer to my question, Miss Kaya."

His voice was cold, deadly, and most definitely unarguable.

Korra shivered in her seat, her throat bone dry.

"You will stay after class to make up your tardiness." He said again, eyes blazing like twin blue fires. "Is that clear, Miss Kaya?"

Mako slammed the elbow in her grasp into her side, bruising her.

"Just give in!" He whispered fiercely, pinching her when she wouldn't back down.

Bolin stared at her with wide, bubble like eyes filled with a mix of both fear and admiration.

"Spirits, Korra! Just do it already!"

No one in the classroom dared to say a single word as the substitute stared at Korra, who was glaring right back and holding on for dear life to Mako's poor elbow, which had to be bruising from Korra's grip.

Fuck everything.

"Yes, sir."

The students all seemed to let out a collective, relived breath, and Korra looked down at her desk, releasing Mako's tortured elbow. Her cheeks were crimson with outrage, and she wanted nothing more to just leave and never come back to class while that stupid substitute was there.

"Good." The substitute said, walking over to stand behind the podium that stood in the front of the classroom for lectures. "Now that you all are present, I will introduce myself. I am Amon, your substitute for the rest of this school year. Listen closely, for I will say this once and only once."

Korra's heart sank into her stomach, and she couldn't believe her rotten luck.

This 'Amon' guy was their teacher for the rest of the year?

"You all will address me as 'Sir'. Not 'Mr. Amon' or 'Mr.A' or anything else you may come up with. No flippant excuses will be given for tardiness in my class. Excuses are only valid in the form of a phone call from a parent. There will be no talking while I am teaching, no use of cell phones in this room, and no extra credit will be given under any circumstances. If you fail the final, there will be no passing this class."

He paused, and gave them all a sweeping, blistering look.

"Any questions?"

The room was silent, and Korra refused to look up. Her cheeks were still flaming, and her hands sat atop her knees, curled into fists.

Bolin slid his hand under Korra's desk and patted her thigh consolingly, but she didn't feel better, not by a long shot. Coach was going to be pissed when she got to practice late, and there wasn't anything that Korra could do about it.

Except leaving. I bet I could slip out fast before he said anything!

"What about you, Miss Kaya?"

Korra didn't even bother to look up.

Loud, precise footsteps echoed in the silent classroom, making their way over to the very front of Korra's desk. Her heart hammered in her chest as that strange, fire like feeling took hold of her throat again, scalding it and making her dizzy.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp burst of anger nearly swallow her whole and her head snapped up, only to find Amon standing before her desk, almost up in her face.

"I'm saving you for last."

Those words thundered in her head along with a feeling of sadness so great that it choked her, and brought tears to her eyes.

She shot up in her seat, standing, and grabbed her stuff.

"No, Sir." She said calmly, slinging her backpack over her shoulder and holding her swim bag close. "I don't have any questions."

And to her and everyone else in the room's surprise, she stormed out of the room.