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Calliope Mosley or Callie was usually called different or maybe a little weird among her peers. She was often quite but could be very spontaneous. Callie was best known for her band Abstract Rainbow which included Callie as vocals and guitar along with her friends Kyle Beckmann on bass, Damien Collins on keyboard and sometimes guitar, and Patrick Bells on drums. They were pretty well known around their town Daventry Hills and played at many of the local teenage parties and hangouts. Along with hanging out with her band mates Callie was also best friends with a girl named Jessica Whittle. Jessica and Callie have been friends since Kindergarten and were inseparable. People often thought their friendship was strange as the two girls were quite different.

Callie looked to the adventurous side of life not really worrying about what people thought about her. She was an above average student with a passion for music and photography. Callie was short with natural red hair that she often dyed pink and was cut off to about chin length, and blue eyes. As for Jessica she was all about what people thought about her and was often seen talking to the 'popular' crowd. Jessica was all about the fashion side of life and often modeled for Callie for her photographs. Jessica was tall with long, straight blonde hair and green eyes. Even though the two girls were different they were the greatest friends.

It was a Monday morning, a teenager's least favorite day of the week, when Callie was standing with Jessica at her locker listening to her talk about her latest shopping trip. She was currently talking about some type of strappy pink sandals that she bought that were a must have or something like that. Callie wasn't really listening she just nodded along with what Jessica said as she read over her notes for her science test she had that morning.

"Callie! Callie! CALLIE!" Jessica shouted giving Callie a nudge in the shoulder making her look up at her. "Are you even listening to me? I asked if you wanted to come to my house after school."

"What, uh oh yeah I was totally listening to you. Oh and I can't today having band practice but you can come listen and hang out with us." Callie offered as they made their way to their first class of the day; science.

"That's all you ever do Callie, but I guess I'll tag along." Jessica sighed as they took their seats beside each other.

"Practice makes perfect." Callie smiled before turning her focus to the teacher.

"Alright students settle down. I hope you all remembered to study for the test today." Mr. Patrick said.

"Boooo!" said a male voice from the back row.

That voice happened to belong to no other than Dante Ontero was an interesting guy there was no doubt. He was a loud, impulsive rebel who was often seen in the principal's office. He liked to play pranks and could be seen doing outrageous stunts on his skateboard. He had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He often wore very colorful jeans and t-shirts (sometimes the same one for a couple of days) with a pair of skate shoes.

"Why didn't you tell me we had a science test today?" Dante whispered to his best friend, Wyatt Black.

"I did tell you, like three times." He whispered back.

Wyatt Black was the absolute definition of nerd; he was overly smart in classes, played online video games, and was awkward when talking to girls. He had short curly brown hair and brown eyes.

"Oh, man I'm totally going to fail then my mom is going to kill me." Dante groaned while taking the test that was passed down to him by Callie, who set in front of him.

"Best of luck to you," Callie said to him with a smile before turning back around to start her own test.

"Thanks," Dante said to her back with a smile growing on his face showing off his braces as he went to work on his test.

Callie Mosley had become Dante's new crush after finding out Clean Cut Maggie only was interested in him because she thought he was a super bad boy. The sad part is Dante was just as bad as Wyatt when trying to talk to Callie. He just couldn't bring himself to ask her out. He always seemed to make a fool of himself when trying to talk to her. It also didn't help that Callie happened to have the attention of Adam Lane as well.

Adam Lane was part of the popular crowd at Daventry Hills High School and played on the school's football team. He was the dream guy of most teenage girls; tall, dark, and handsome. Adam has had his eyes on Callie all year and threatens any guy that tries to stand in his way. The only thing that actually stood in Adam's way of dating Callie was well Callie herself. He flirted, he hinted, and he tried to charm her but she never seemed to notice but Adam refused to give up.

Dante had first started noticing Callie when she started sitting in front of him in science class about a month ago. Dante thought she was adorable, bubbly, and funny. His new habit had become watching her throughout class. She was just so different than other girls that he couldn't help but like her.

It was lunch time on Friday when Dante met up with his friends outside in the quad. Wyatt was talking to Lyle Hugginson, Dante's other best friend. Lyle was different than the other two friends. While Dante and Wyatt fell low on the popular charts Lyle was at the very top. He was the most well liked guy in school. He was a tall with short black hair and brown eyes. He played the star quarterback on the football team but he also secretly geeked out by playing video games with Dante and Wyatt.

The three friends all played the online role playing game Conqueror of All Worlds where they were known as the clan Neverfail. These three friends also had a very big secret. A few months ago the guys were playing the game and after a freak incident some of the creatures from the game started leaking into the real world. After battling Maldark, the evil mastermind of the game, and sending him back before he could destroy the world, the internet sill continues to leak crazy things. Wyatt, Lyle, and Dante continue to battle the leaks with the help of their friend Angie Prietto and Max Ross; the creator of the game.

"Dude, just go talk to her and stop staring at her." Lyle said hitting Dante on the shoulder to get him out of his trance.

"You don't get it Lyle. Every time I try to talk to her I end up brain vomiting more than Wyatt does." Dante said.

"Really, I thought you at least had some game." Lyle said teasingly.

Dante sighed and looked back over to where Callie and her friends; Jessica, Kyle, Damien, and Patrick were sitting at a table outside. The group was laughing and talking while eating their lunches. Dante desperately wanted to go over there to talk to her.

"Okay, guys, I'm going to do it. I'm gonna go talk to Callie." Dante said taking a deep breath before standing up and slowly making his way over to the lively group.

Unfortunately, someone beat him to the table. He was only about five feet away when Adam stepped behind Callie and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hello, Callie." Adam said with a large smile on his face.

Callie turned around at the greeting. Upon seeing Adam her lips formed into a small frown.

"Hello, Adam." She said quickly before turning back around to face her friends. It was clear she didn't want to speak with Adam but the guy didn't get the hint.

"So, Callie I was wondering if you were doing anything after school today?" he asked charmingly giving her his best smile that most girls would swoon over-it just made her raise one of her eyebrows at him.

"I have band practice." She stated automatically. Normally this would get her out of Adam's attempts at asking her out but luck was not on her side today. Well, actually more like Jessica really wanted Callie to date Adam.

"No, you don't Callie," Jessica said suddenly making Callie swing her head in her direction glaring at her, "Remember you said Kyle had a dentist's appointment after school, so you canceled practice." Jessica said with a smile like that was being helpful.

Glaring just a little longer at Jessica she turned back to face Adam whose smile had grown. Tucking a piece of her bubble gum pink hair behind her ear Callie looked around to try and think of an excuse. The first thing she spotted was Dante, who was still standing a few feet away watching the interaction.

"Did I say band practice? What I meant to say was that I had asked Dante to umm show me some uh cool games to play. "Callie said with a sweet smile on her face. "Where still on for that right Dante?" she called to him with hope written all over her face.

"Oh, uh yeah, totally!" Dante said with a grin spreading across his face.

He couldn't believe his luck. If he understood correctly he would get to spend the afternoon with Callie and get to talk to her about video games. Feeling brave he walked the last couple of feet and stood beside Adam in front of Callie. Callie just smiled at him while he could feel Adam glaring at him. Well, he may get the crap beat out of him but at least he would get to spend time with Callie.

"Seriously, you're going to hang out with this freak?' Adam asked out of disbelief. Callie looked like she was about to punch him in the face. She stood up her face red and her blue eyes coldly staring at him.

"Dante is not a freak. He's a friend and unless you want a smack to the face I suggest you watch what you say." Callie told him. Callie might have been short, only coming up to Dante's shoulder, but when she was mad you wanted to be far away as possible. "Come on, Dante; let's go set somewhere else and you can start telling me about that game."

Dante had no choice in the matter as she grabbed his shoulder and dragged him to where Wyatt and Lyle were setting at another table.

"Is it okay if I set with you and your friends?" Callie asked quietly staring at him hopefully. Dante felt like he might puke. She was just too cute for her own good. She was walking beside him with her short bubble gum pink hair bouncing as she walked she was sporting a mid-length black and white striped skirt with a green t-shirt that said in big print "KEEP CALM AND KILL ZOMBIES" on the front and to finish the outfit a pair of pink high top converses on her feet. The outfit was a little out there but Callie made it look wonderful. The guys looked up as they approached and they made room for Callie to join them.

"Sorry, to you know impose on you guys. But if I didn't get away from Adam I'd probably actually punch him." Callie said to the three friends.

"It's uh no prob Callie." Dante said feeling awkward and not quite sure what to say.

"I guess. I'm also sorry I put you on the spot like that. You don't really have to show me any games unless you want to. I just didn't want to spend the afternoon with Adam."

"NO!" Dante said quickly and loudly making Callie turn her head to look at him with wide eyes. "I mean, I don't mind, at all. I can uh show you Conqueror of All Worlds. It's an online rpg game." Dante said quickly.

"Oh, okay. Sure sounds pretty cool. You want to meet up at Baer's Super Star Diner after school?" Callie asked.

"Sure, sounds like a plain." He said.

"Well, I got to head to my locker before class. See you boys. See you later Dante." Callie waved goodbye and Dante stared after her retreating from. He couldn't believe his luck. He would be spending the evening with the pink haired beauty… and he didn't even have to do anything.