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Chapter 17

Just Two Friends Who Use to Date

It had been about a week since Callie had found out the truth and she had kept her promise to keep it a secret. The week had mostly past by as normal except Callie spent her time, that wasn't spent studying or at band practice, with The NeverFail Clan. Her friends did find the sudden change in her attitude towards Dante strange but they didn't question it. Callie was once again back to her happy self.

"I'm hungry do you have any food in there?" Dante wined beside Callie at her locker. She was currently loading her messenger bag for the school day.

"Dante you're always hungry and whenever I offer to share food with you, you take it and eat it all." Callie reminded him.

"Come on please Callie, Barbara tried cooking breakfast again this morning and you know how that always turns out." Dante told her. Callie knew from past experience that Dante's mom was not the greatest of cooks especially when it came to breakfast food. Finally taking pity on him Callie rummaged through her bag and handed him a snack size bag of potato chips. "Thanks Callie," Dante told her shoving a few chips into his mouth. Callie watched him for a moment before shaking her head and started walking to her next class. Dante happily munched on his snack beside her.

"So Callie," Dante began before he tossed the empty chip package into the trash. "I was wondering if you wanted to go bowling this Saturday." Dante asked her.

"Yeah, I would love to go bowling with you guys." Callie told him with a smile. Callie stopped and turned when she realized Dante was no longer beside her. He was a few feet behind her in the middle of the hallway staring at her.

"You guys?" Dante asked her confused.

"Um yeah you know you, Wyatt, Lyle, and Angie. It will be really fun hanging out with all of you." Callie told him.

"Oh," Dante said laughing nervously as he scratched the back of his head. "I actually just meant um you and me."

"Like a date?" Callie asked him.

"No." Dante denied quickly. "It will be just two friends who use to date going to a bowling alley together."

"I'm pretty sure most normal people call that a date." Callie told him. "But sure it sounds like fun."

"Really?" Dante asked her a large smile growing on his face showing off his braces.

"Yeah, really." Callie told him with a smile of her own. "Now come on we have to get to science class." Callie told him taking his arm to get him to walk the rest of the way to class.

Walking into the class room the two walked to their normal seats with Callie in front of Dante. Upon setting down Jessica turned around to talk to her before the bell rang.

"Hey, I was wondering if you were ever going to make it." Jessica told her looking between Callie and Dante suspiciously. "What took you two so long?"

"We were just talking and Dante complained about being hungry." Callie answered her. She knew her friends found it odd that after everything that happened between her and Dante that she was now suddenly hanging out with him and his friends again. She wasn't quite ready to tell Jessica that she had a not date with Dante this Saturday. Callie gave Jessica a reassuring smile before turning to face the front of the classroom.

It was lunch when Callie met up with her band members and Jessica again. She found them all setting at their usual table together outside.

"Hey guys!" Callie greeted them as she took a seat beside Damien. She pulled a sandwich out of her bag along with her lyrics notebook. "So I've wrote a lot of new songs that I want to start working on this evening." She told them.

"Are they more anti-boyfriend songs?" Damien asked her with a smirk. Callie nudged him in the ribs.

"No, there not Mr. Smarty Pants." Callie told him.

"Well, I can't wait. The uh break up songs were kinda getting old." Patrick said.

"Yeah, sorry. But everything's cool now so no more break up songs." Callie told them before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"About that," Jessica began turning to face Callie. "What's going on between you and Dante exactly?"

"What do you mean?" Callie asked with her mouth full.

"Well, I see his manners have rubbed off on you." Jessica pointed out looking slightly grossed out. Callie swallowed her food with a slight blush on her cheeks. "But seriously this whole week you guys have been hanging out. I thought you hated him for ditching you and lying to you about it." Jessica reminded her.

"Um well I talked to him about everything and I decided we could try to be friends." Callie explained.

"Okay, so you guys are just friends because I still think he likes you. I mean he follows you everywhere and he stares at you during classes." Jessica told her.

"Umm well he might possibly still like me I guess…" Callie trailed off.

"You still like him don't you." Jessica accused.

"I didn't say that!" she denied quickly a blush taking over her face.

"Oh my God you so do. You still like him." Jessica exclaimed.

"Okay, okay I might possibly still like him, a little. Um he actually asked me before classes to go bowling with him Saturday." Callie told her friends.

"He asked you out on a date?" Kyle asked.

"No, not a date, it's just two people who use to date going out to bowl together." Callie told them using Dante's words from earlier.

"Callie, princess, um that's a date." Damien told her as he put an arm around her shoulder and spoke to her as if she was a small child.

Callie quickly shook off Damien's arm and gave him a glare which made him put his hands up in front of him as a sign of surrender.

"Callie I have to agree with Damien on this one." Jessica said. Callie was not giving time to respond because Dante, Lyle, Wyatt, and Angie walked up to them.

"Hey Callie." Dante greeted as the others gave the group greetings as well.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Callie questioned.

"Not much, Lyle, Dante, and I were wondering if you wanted to play Conquer after school today." Wyatt asked her.

"Um well I'm having band practice this evening but I'm free tomorrow if you want play together then." Callie suggested to them.

"Yeah, sure that sounds good." Wyatt agreed.

"I don't think I will ever get use to how cool this place is." Callie told the NeverFail Clan as she slumped in her spot on the bright, red, worn couch in their headquarters.

"Yeah, it's pretty sweet." Dante agreed from beside her. "I like your shirt Callie." Dante comments when he saw her shirt once she took off her coat.

"Oh thanks. I designed it myself." Callie told him proudly as she showed of her new Abstract Rainbow t-shirt. It was purple shirt with a green, yellow and pink rainbow on the front with a lightning bolt under it with bold white letters reading 'Abstract Rainbow' across the shirt.

"It's awesome." Dante told her and Lyle and Wyatt agreed when they saw her shirt.

"So Callie you ready to take down some monsters?" Wyatt asked her handing her a wireless keyboard that was hooked up to one of the many TV screens in front of them.

"You totally know it!" Callie told them excited as she got into a comfy position.

The four friends played the game for hours together. The stuffed themselves with junk food as they took down monsters. When it was going on seven o-clock they called the game to an end.

"That was awesome!" Dante shouted.

"Yeah, it was." Lyle agreed.

"I never thought video games could be so exhausting." Callie told them as she stretched on the couch. When she was done stretching, she slumped on the couch again as she laid her head on Dante's shoulder. She felt him jump slightly in surprise but he didn't say anything to her. Dante felt his face grow warm as Callie snuggled up to his side. His smile was so wide his cheeks actually started to hurt. Slowly and carefully Dante leaned his body a little closer to her and rested his right hand on her left knee.

"I forgot how great of a pillow you make." Callie sleepily mumbled to him.

"Really?" Dante asked.

"Yeah, you're very squishy."

"Are you calling me fat?" Dante asked her.

"No, I'm just saying you're comfortable." She told him. "Well, I've had a lot of fun but I should probably get home." Callie told him as she raised her head up off of his shoulder. She looked at him with a small smile before she got up from the couch. She stretched her arms above her head as she let out a yawn.

"You heading home Callie?" Wyatt asked her.

"Yeah, I don't want my mom to freak out if I'm out too late." She told him. "You want to walk me home Dante?" She asked him hopeful.

"Yeah, of course," Dante said jumping up from the coach. He grabbed Callie's bag and handed it to her before grabbing his own stuff.

"See you guys tomorrow." Dante told Wyatt and Lyle.

"Yeah, bye guys!" Callie told them with a wave as she and Dante walked out of their headquarters.

The two of them walked in comfortable silence beside each other. As they walked they both stole glances at each other when they thought the other wasn't looking.

"So," Callie began finally breaking the silence. "I'm really looking forward to Saturday."

"Yeah, me too." Dante agreed. "It should be fun."

A few minutes later they reached Callie's house were Dante waked her to her front door.

"Hey tell the others I had a great time." Callie told him.

"Will do," he answered her with a goofy smile.

"Yeah, well I should get inside. I'll see you at school tomorrow." She told him.

"That you will my lady." Dante told her with a mock bow. "Well you're not actually my lady anymore but it was kind just a joke what I meant is…" Dante tried to explain himself as he assumed Callie took his wording seriously.

"Dante, I get it. It's okay." Callie told him with a giggle. It was moments like this with Dante that she wished she still was his lady. Callie gave a small sigh at the thought but a smile was put on her face when she thought of their not date together Saturday.

"Okay awesome, I didn't want you to think that you know… Um I mean I know were just friends now." Dante told her tapping his hands on his trusty skateboard.

"Uh huh." Callie agreed with him. "Well, I guess I should get inside. I'll see you in the morning right?" Callie asked him hopeful.

"Yeah, I see ya." Dante gave another goofy which made Callie give her own smile in return.

"Goodnight, Dante." Callie replied and then pulling all of her courage she moved closer to him and put her arms around him in a hug. After a moment Callie felt Dante wrap his arms around her as well and rest his head on top of her bubblegum, pink hair.

Dante smiled contently into Callie's hair. It was a perfect moment in his mind. He had missed Callie and he sometimes had to be reminded that they were just friends now. Though moments like this when Callie hugs him or gives him an innocent kiss on the cheek makes him have hope that they could be more then friends again. Dante hoped that after Saturday their relationship with each other would change.

All too soon in Dante's opinion Callie pulled out of his arms with a bright red blush on her face. Dante thought she looked adorable.

"Goodnight Callie." Dante told her and with one last brace filled smile and a wave Dante started his way towards his own house on his skateboard.

Callie groaned as she closed her bedroom door and leaned against it. She wasn't so sure that they could be just friends or at least she wasn't sure if she could. She secretly hoped that Jessica was right about Dante still liking her. She knew deep down in her heart that she still cared a lot about him and still wanted to be with him. Callie sighed as she plopped down on her bed face first in to her pillow. She wondered when her life became so complicated. A few months ago the most important thing to her was when Abstract Rainbow was going to play again. Now she wondered when the next leak attack would be and if she and Dante would ever be something more. Callie laid there until she fell asleep in her clothes from that day.

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