Snapes Sister

Note this is at present day when Harry Potter is in his third year of Hogwarts.

Snapes P.O.V

"REMUS, SEVERUS!" I heard someone familiar exclaim.

I looked up from my dinner to see Ash, my twin sister at the great halls doors.

"Ash why are you here?" I called out to her.

"Yes my question also" Remus said from a couple of seats down/

"He's in the castle" she said lightly but we could all hear her in the quiet room, the kids had stopped talking and eating and were now staring at my sister eyes wide open.

"Sirius?" Remus asked a confused look on his face.

For a smart guy he really is stupid, of course it is Sirius.

"No, no not at all! He's innocent I am telling you" Ash exclaimed.

Harry stood up, all proud and mighty just like his used to do.

"No he is he basically killed my parents" He yelled at Ash.

She looked at him, a glare forming on her face.

"Oh SHUT UP, I don't need to hear from you. You know nothing at all" Ash said spitefully.

"I know a lot of things you idiotic freak" he yelled.

"Ohhhhhhhh really…maybe you can tell me who broke Severus heart or mine. Maybe you can tell me how your father acted during school or how your mother shunned me but not Severus" Ash said anger and sadness was building up in her tone.

It was confusing how Dumbledore didn't slap her and tell her to stop talking but I guess he knew Ash better than anyone.

"No I can't" Harry said as he sat down.

"Remus, Severus, Peter is in the castle he's the one that betrayed Lily" My heart fell "And James he told me as he stormed out of the house" Ash said as tears formed in her eyes.

"What is going on?" Ron asked loudly