"Thank god you do Dumbledore and Remus Moony, why do you dare bring up such and awful time!" Ash cried.


"I HATE YOU! WHY DO YOU EVEN BOTHER LIVING?" Peter screamed at Ash across the great PEOPLE! I'm writing on an iPad so if this chapter sucks sorry!

She stood up her face crumpling yet still as beautiful as ever.

"Peter what is wrong with you yesterday you told me you love me but now you are screaming at me and causing a scene?" Ash asked in confusion.

"Oh don't act like you don't know, what is wrong with you why do you even care about me? Why? Am I just some toy to you? James told me you were no good why didn't I believe him" Peter sneered.


"WE ARE OVER!" Peter yelled and stormed out of the great hall.

Ash started to cry tears rolled down her cheeks, like dew falling off grass.

"What did you say to him?"


"I'm sorry you know I didn't mean too!" Remus exclaimed.

"Your flashback makes my Father sound horrid" Harry said.

"He was he took my true love away from me!" Ash exclaimed.

"Question Miss Snape, why did you let Peter believe James" Hermione asked.

"Oh I tried so hard but he wouldn't listen to me"

OK! So this chapter was really about what happened to Peter and Ash.