Chapter Fifteen: Blue Eyes

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cassandra Clare.

Author's Note: This takes place when Alec is left at Magnus's while the rest of the gang visits the Fair People.

Time: City of Ashes

Genre: Drama, Romance, and Angst

Rating: PG-13

Date Finished: August 14, 2012

Two Days Later

Magnus sat down on the corner of his bed. Ever since the others had returned from the Fairie Court, Alec had not wanted anything to do with him. He did not understand how something could be going so right and in a few minutes be oh so wrong. It was just a sick and twisted world.

The tarot cards had been right. Once the others returned, Alec would leave Magnus.

The warlock supposed that they were not officially broken up, but were more on hold. Nevertheless, it still hurt and left him with a broken heart.

He did not understand why Alec would not admit to his friends that he was gay or that he was seeing Magnus. The Shadowhunters did not seem to realize that Magnus helped them free of charge because of one beautiful boy with blue eyes. How could people be so blind?

Magnus rubbed his hands over his unshaven face. He was wearing sweatpants and a white tank top. His hair was a tangle of knots. He did not feel like making himself impressive, if there was no one to impress. There was no reason, no reason to exist.

Sparkles just was not the same without Alec.

Neither was gel.

The warlock knew that he could not stay like this. He had to get up and be a man about it. He needed to do what the leading man did in all of the chick flicks; he needed to chase after his lover. In the end of all of this corny movies, the leading couple always got back together.

First, he needed to come up with something that would make Alec take him back. Secondly and most importantly, he needed to make himself presentable.

He rushed over to his closet and pulled out his favourite blue and white sparkly suit. The thing was so out there that it was bound to be noticeable. He pulled it on fearing that it would not fit. He had not worn it in public since the 1980s. Of course he had worn it in private, but when in the privacy of one's home one was not concerned with the way that one looked. It zipped up and buttoned like a gem.

Next he rushed into the master bedroom. He looked could not be completed without spikes. He grabbed his gel and styled his hair. Then he sprayed a little of Victoria's Secret So Sexy Soft and Tousled Wave-Enhancing in it. He did not really need to use it, but he was more for the sake of the memory.

Fully presentable, Magnus exited the bathroom. Now, he needed something for Alec. As shocking as it may sound, the warlock knew that he was going to need something to make Alec come back to him. He paced the bedroom until something hit him.

An hour later, Magnus found himself outside the New York City Institute. He was holding an envelope with Alec's name on it. The warlock walked up the church and placed the envelope under the door. He knew that Alec went for walks throughout the city and would soon be returning. All he had to do was wait. Magnus sat down on a bus stop bench and crossed his legs. Any moment now, his lover would be back.

Ten minutes later, Alec walked up to the Institute. Magnus watched as the boy opened the front door. Then, the warlock watched as he bent down without closing the door and picked up the envelope. Alec then walked back out onto the stoop and opened it. He began to read.

Magnus mouthed the words along as Alec read them. Yes, the warlock did know what Alec's reading speed was.


A Poem by Magnus Bane

Different, so different from the rest,

His action, his motions are to read even by the best.

He is not as well known as Jace,

But he is just as great from what I can see.

Maybe that is just my view…

He is hurting, hurting more than he will ever know,

Leaving and harming others without a clue,

Because someone has taken his heart and deceived him.

It is all because of me.

I should have kept my mouth shut,

Then, he would have never knew.

He is does not know how beautiful he is,

How wonderful he is.

I want to pull him back into my arms.

I long to kiss him all day long,

Perhaps until the dawn.

There has been others who have won my heart,

But none can put a dart,

And break my heart into a million pieces.

I can't picture my life without him,

My life, in fact, would be quite dim.

For now and forever more, he is my true love,

And I am his.

For a million reasons he is my Alexander,

Eh, Alec…

I guess that is what he wants to be called."

Magnus watched as Alec pocketed the poem and looked around. The warlock longed to jump up and run to the boy, but decided to wait. Space was what Alec needed and space was what Alec would get. Magnus did not want to make the decision about their relationship, he wanted Alec to. He wanted Alec to have choices.

Alec was still scanning the crowd. His beautiful, blue eyes froze on Magnus once he spotted him. The Shadowhunter jogged toward the warlock.

Magnus tried not to make himself feel anxious, but he could not help it. He jumped to his feet and raced to met Alec.

Alec pulled Magnus into an tight embrace. "I did not know you were a poet," he said into Magnus's shoulder.

"I am a poet and I did not know it," Magnus whispered.

Alec moved Magnus's chin up and kissed him. Over Magnus's shoulder, he could see that Jace, Izzy, and Clary were watching them with wide smiles.

Alec broke the kiss and waved at his family.

Everything was going to be okay. The world was now beautiful once again and that was because of a beautiful boy with blue eyes.

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