Hey guys! So this is probably pretty obvious, but I've kind of lost my spark for this story. I still love Mass Effect, but I've kind of lost interest in writing for it. Writing personal stuff for school and my own original stuff has been keeping my interest a lot more lately. So I think I'm going to officially end this story.

That doesn't mean I'm going to completely stop writing fanfiction, though. I have ideas for one shots, and even some Dragon Age stories. And now that I won't feel obligated to write for In Love and War, I'll feel less guilty actually writing them.

This isn't the end of this as a continuing story. If I ever get my inspiration for this back (maybe after ME4 comes out?), I will create a NEW story. In Love and War is over, but I have a couple of dormant ideas of how I can continue it in the future. If I ever do, it will be in a new story, and I'll make sure to add one final chapter here letting you guys know.

So anyway, thank all you guys so much for the support and reviews and kind words you've offered over the course of this. I don't think I would have continued without all of your wonderful reviews, and I feel like I've really grown as an author since the first chapters. I love you guys! A quick shout out to the folks over at Aria's Afterlife forum on this site. I made some friends there that I feel like I can go back to at any time, and it's a fantastic community.