So I decided I wanted to do a story with Jesse and this is what came from it. It's from his POV which is a little different than what I normally do, so please feel free to leave some feedback! Also, the summary will start to make sense in the next few chapters. The start's a little slow.

This City Is On Fire

I finally got some time to myself. Time away from Michael and his jobs, time away from decorating and fixing Maddies house. I'm becoming exhausted and I don't know how Michael does it. I decided I could really use some coffee, so I walked to the little shop on the corner and lounged in one of the chairs outside. I sip it casually, the agent in me still being over dramatic and watching every movement around me, just in case. When the door opens I'm the first to glance in that direction.

She's walking out with her sunglasses perched on top of her head and a cup of coffee in her hand. She's beautiful and I silently curse myself for staring. She has long stick straight hair, red and silky. Her eyes are a furious shade of green and freckles are peppered along the tops of her cheeks.

She walks down the sidewalk and into the crowd and suddenly she disappears. It's like something in my brain switches on and suddenly I can't think. Something inside of me screams for me to follow her and find out her name. With a little hesitation I stand up and toss my drink, jogging behind the crowd.

I push through the masses of people, and I find myself becoming frantic when I can't see her. It sounds ridiculous because I've only seen her once but I feel like I need her. Finally I can see her standing at the crosswalk, and my feet feel glued to the ground. Finally I break into a jog and catch up to her. I guess she can hear my footsteps because she turns around and eyes me. I slow down and come to stand beside her, she smells like strawberries.

"Hey," I say, holding out my hand.

"Jesse Porter." after a brief pause she takes my hand and shakes it, smiling softly.

"Emma Stewart," she says. I smile madly at her but she doesn't seem to notice. The black tshirt she's wearing clings to her body and I have a hard time tearing my gaze away.

"I saw you at the coffee shop," I say, pointing back to the building. She nods and sips her drink. There's an awkward silence before she gestures to a small black SUV parked on the other side of the street.

"I really have to get to work," she says. Her smile is apologetic and her regret seems genuine. I feel my face fall as I nod and offer her my hand again.

"Nice meeting you," I tell her. We shake hands again before she makes her way to her car. She probably thinks I'm crazy and maybe I am. But I don't care. Before I can turn around I hear her voice float across the street.

"Hey," she's already at her car with the door open. I look up and see her grinning widely. "Maybe I'll see you around sometime?" she asks. I laugh and nod my head as she waves and slides into the drivers seat. I ignore my excitement and settle for watching her leave.

Her engine roars to life and she's gone before I know it. Shoving my hands in my pocket I stalk back to the shop to get something to take back to Maddie. I will see her again.

Emma's on my mind the remainder of the day as I lay on my bed in Maddies garage. When she calls me inside for lunch I slink to the table and stare at my food. Maddie sits across from me with a cigarette in her mouth. She watches me while she lights it and takes a drag.

"Jessie what wrong? Are you sick?" she asks noticing my plate is still full. Her voice is filled with concern, the mother inside of her. I shake my head and push it away, resting my chin in my hands.

"No, it's stupid really," I tell her. She snorts and takes another drag.

"I'm sure if it was stupid it wouldn't have you so upset," she retorts. I sigh but I can't supress the smile, she's got that fire in her.

"It's girl trouble," I say glumly. Maddie smiles and nods in understanding, stubbing out her cigarette.

"And what's this girls name? Do I know her?" as I start talking I feel my appetite coming back and pull the plate towards myself. I pop a potato chip in my mouth and start explaining.

"Her name's Emma. Emma Stewart. I saw her at the coffee shop today." her name rolls off my tongue with ease. Maddie smiles devilishly and shifts in her chair.

"And what does she look like?" she's having too much fun with this and I can tell.

"She has long hair, red. And green eyes brighter than anyone's I've ever seen before." I smile at the memory of her as I take a bite of my sandwich.

"She's tall and her voice is smooth as silk," Maddie rolls her eyes at me but gives a good natured laugh. I guess I do sound ridiculous but I don't even care.

I'm hooked on that girl, like a drug I can't get enough of and I've only known her for a few hours. When I hear my cellphone chime I eat the last of my lunch and grab it off the counter.

I know it's Michael before I even check the ID so I thank Maddie for the sandwich and head out the door. I slide into my car with the phone pressed against my ear and turn the key. Michaels chattering in my ear but my mind is wandering. I lean against the door and gaze around the yard. I really need to trim the hedges.

"Yeah I'll be right there." I tell him before I snap the phone shut. I pull out of the driveway and wave at Maddie, smoking on the porch as usual. The whole way to Mikes house I tap my fingers on the steering wheel and do my best to block Emma from my mind.

It's a lost cause because she's all I can think about and for now I may just have to deal with it.