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This City Is On Fire

With my heart pounding loudly in my chest and Michael standing stock still behind me I can't even see straight. Gomez's hands are shaking and the tension is so thick I'm not sure any of us are actually breathing. Michael still holds his gun and doesn't show any signs of trying to put it down, but he does watch Gomez with extreme caution and I can tell his mind is going back to the days when he did things like this for a living and he's trying to find the best way out of it.

I make the first move, not wanting to waste time that could possibly save our lives. I keep my hands in the air, not wanting Gomez to panic anymore. He already looks ready to blow.

"Alright, let's calm down ok? There's no need for all of this, we can work something out I'm sure." He glances up, smirks and pulls Emma closer to him.

"You two really think I'm just going to let you all go? After you figured it all out?" he shakes his head rapidly. "There's no way."

I feel my stomach drop, knowing that with his secrets exposed and able to get to the police at any time we were not getting out of this room without a fight. I look back at Michael and his face was blank, the ultimate sign he knew we were outgunned and possibly out of luck. I swallow thickly and suddenly Jeremy's words are ringing through my mind, a plan coming together. I just hope I can sell it and Mike goes along with it.

"Look, I don't think you understand who I am. I make some of the biggest sales in the city, maybe even the state. I recruited her to help me partner up with people like you, more product for more profit like I told you at the club. She didn't fool just you; I got the short end of this stick too. And there's no way you're just gonna shoot her before I find out what she knows." I sneak a glance in Michael's direction and see the recognition in his eyes. No doubt he's used this approach before.

Gomez's eyebrows knit together; face melting into one of confusion and uncertainty. I can tell he's not entirely sure whether anything I say should be considered, but then again he was desperate to hold onto his pride and any chance that he may not have been the only one conned in this is something he's desperate for.

"You're telling me she got the drop on you too? I find it hard to believe if you're really as good as you say you are."

I roll my eyes and slowly lower my hands back to my sides. "I may be good but it doesn't mean I'm smart. I was stupid enough to trust the first pretty girl who looked my way and now I've got a gun pointed at me and the possibility of a lifetime in jail. Trust me man, I'm on your side and all I want is to know what she knows. Then you can have her and I'm out of your way for good."

There's a moment of silence, excruciatingly slow as the gears slowly turn in his head and he let's go of Emma, her body slumping back against the wall as she pants heavily.

"You got ten minutes, you found out what you need and that's it and when you're done you get out of here and don't ever come back." He slowly backs away, eyes locked on Michael as he slips through the door and suddenly we're alone.

Instantly, my body seems to gain back all control and I untie the rope binding Emma's hands together before gently cupping her face in my hands and stroking the swollen cut with my thumb. Every breath she takes seems to resonate through the room, her frame shaking without her control. She was afraid and if we were being honest so was I.

This was my fault, or at least that's what it felt like. While nothing we did could have saved David I could have turned down Emma's offer to take down one of the biggest drug lords in the city. But instead I was selfish and in an attempt to better myself in her eyes I signed our death certificate and put the whole team in danger. And if we did get out of this alive we would have a hell of a time explaining to the cops.

Pushing aside my disappointment and anger I help Emma stand, holding onto her in fear that she would fall over. She clings to my hand and tries to put on a straight face, turning to Michael and asking, "What are we going to do?"

He looks at her, seemingly at a loss but I know he hasn't given up yet. I've been hearing stories about Mike since I got to Miami and I know he can get us out of this. He's survived worse before. He looks down at his watch then back up at us, keeping his voice at a low whisper.

"We've got eight minutes give or take and I can tell you now he's not going to let us walk out of here after time's up. We've stepped onto his territory and brought a cop into the mix. No way he's gonna let this go. We need to get him away from here, if we can get him back to the docks where the stash should be by now then we can have Sam and Fi get the police there in time. Then we're nothing but victims and they'll have just caught one of their most wanted."

Letting the plan sink in I nod my head, anything sounded better than sitting and waiting for a bullet to the head. Mike walks to the back of the room and pulls out his phone, hitting speed dial and pressing it to his ear. I hear Sam pick up and while Mike lays the plan down I look back at Emma who's staring at the ground and refusing to look at me.

"You alright?" I ask, knowing it's a stupid question and that she was far from alright. She hasn't been alright since she found out I lied and told me she never wanted to see me again. The only reason we're where we are now is because I owe this to her and it was dumb luck and lust that led us to last night. Still, it doesn't change the way I feel about her.

When Michael hangs up the phone he comes back over and ushers us all together. "Sam and Fi have headed down to the dock; now all we have to do is get Gomez there."

"You're talking like that's the easy part," Emma says, "after this there's no way he'll let you two near the dock let alone take me there…how are you expecting us to do that?"

Michael smirks and pulls his gun out again. "Ever been on the other end of a car chase detective?"

It takes all of ten seconds to realize we're crazy, or that we have a death wish.

The three of us are in place, ready to make our daring escape out to the drive to hopefully get to my car before it starts raining bullets. Glancing at Emma who's back in the chair I hear Mike give us the all clear and the plan starts to unfold.

"Gomez!" Mike calls down the hall and footsteps follow almost immediately. A big guy with a shaved head and tattoos circling both biceps appears with a gun in his hand. Mike was right; there was no way we were getting out of this alive.

As he approaches Michael stands back, as if he's going to let this guy take charge but before anyone in the room can blink Mike has the guys arm twisted behind him, the crunch of bone audible as the gun falls. The man screams and it lets us know we only have a few minutes before all hell breaks loose.

Scrambling down the hall I make sure Emma is behind me, seeing her eyes wide as we maneuver our way and hear the thundering sound of the rest of the crew. It's a blur but still a straight shot to the door we broke into the first time. There are two men out there with guns already drawn but with Mike and I both armed they go down easily. My car seems like it's miles away and every few feet I feel like we're not going to make it, the sound of bullets whizzing by beginning to freak me out.

My doubts are squashed when we throw the doors open and slide in, me in the front with Mike driving and Emma in the back, her head poking between the seats. Throwing it into gear the tires squeal against the ground and gravel flies in the air as we make our escape, the sound of the other cars starting up fading behind us.

"Holy shit," Emma mutters, running her hands through her hair and trying to stop herself form psyching out. "I can't believe we just did that." She looks at Michael then at me.

"And this is completely normal for you two?"

Mike and I share a glance, giving her a unanimous, "yes" before she rolls her eyes and sits back.

For the first few minutes the drive is unusually smooth, no signs of our friends anywhere. Mike's hands are gripping the steering wheel tightly and showcasing how nervous he is. Whether he wants to admit it or not I know he feels the same way we do. We never know if we're going to get out of one of our stupid stunts alive and sometimes it takes a minute to recover when you think you're headed for the end.

The silence is suddenly shattered by the sound of broken glass, the windshield shattered by a bullet and the echo of gunshots.

"Get down," I command, watching Emma duck down and clutch the seat with ghost white knuckles. I peer back and see the two dark cars behind us, the barrels of their guns pointed out the window as they get closer.

"We got company Mike, might want to step on it." He glares at me but presses down on the gas, my engine whining as it's pressed to its limits. Leaning around I fire a few shots back in retaliation, making her Emma stays down as they return the favor. The city comes into view quickly, making this game a little harder as we navigate the narrow streets and avoid the traffic, horns and angry shouts directed at us now.

I've never seen anybody drive so fast before and honestly if I wasn't in the company of Michael Westen I would probably say it was crazy. But we do make it to the dock in one piece although we haven't spotted Fi and Sam yet and in my head I'm praying they're nearby and know we're.

As we screech to a halt we're surrounded by the other cars, like a ring around us as the doors open and all the men step out, guns pointed while they await orders like soldiers. In the end I guess that's all they really are. Gomez steps out last frowning with his dark eyes showcasing all his anger. I swallow thickly and look from Mike to Emma.

"Might as well get things started," I say and we all draw in deep breaths as we get out with our hands in the air. The sound of several weapons cocking is all too familiar and inside I smile, it's been a long time since I've been in a situation like this.

"I'm disappointed in you Andre, I thought maybe I could trust you after all but I see you're on her side." He sneers at Emma and pulls his gun out. I'm not sure if it's just me but honestly I'm getting tired of the guns. "You are smarter than I gave you credit for though, there was no way I could let you walk out after you knew everything after all. I liked you too, you were ambitious but I guess not all good things are true. Shame I have to get rid of all of you but I think I'll start with the girl, she's probably tired of watching people die anyways."

The gun is pointed right at her, making me shake and blurring my vision. Tears are slowly welling in her eyes and I want to scream, make all of this go away and go back to the day we met because I know I would do things differently. Unfortunately I know things like that can't happen and all I can do is close my eyes and pray Fi and Sam have worked a miracle. I hear the gun cock and I feel like I'm going to be sick.

"Drop it, on the ground!"

"Back away, drop it!"

I have to remember to kiss Sam for this.

The dock is now unrecognizable as police swarm it, men dropping their guns and falling to the ground with their hands over their heads. The three of us stay where we are and occasionally a few of the officers glance our way when they see Emma but no one stops to ask questions, there was no time for that now.

I could see the joy in the other's eyes, knowing they had just caught the people responsible for taking away their friend and when I look at Emma there are tears streaming down her face and a smile tugging at her lips. Seeing that gives me perspective of being a part of team Westen, the importance of doing what we do because others need our help and for once, it's not about us.

It feels good and I know now I made the right decision from the beginning. Emma came into my life because she needed me and in the end I needed her too.

Two weeks later

I block the sun's rays with my hand as I stand outside the station, the body of my car supporting my weight while I lean against it lazily. Things settled down pretty quickly after the arrest at the docks and with the help of Sam and Fi's frantic 911 call and Emma talking to the head detective we were seen as the unfortunate bystanders who just so happened to have a shattered windshield and bullet holes in their car.

As the doors swing open and Emma steps out I straighten up, pressing a kiss to her lips when she reaches me and stands on her toes.

"Ready to get out of here?" I ask.

"You know it," she laughs, sliding into the passenger's seat and slipping on her sunglasses. "Desk duty sucks; I don't know how you put up with it for so long."

I shrug, "Eh, you get used to it when you realize it's that or flipping burgers…Maddie's excited to see you again you know, she likes you."

"Really? Even after all this crap I put you guys through and bleeding on her couch?"

I bark out a laugh at that. "Trust me, we've all bled on that couch at least once, you have nothing to worry about."

Slightly relieved she settles back in her seat and I reach over and rest my hand on her knee, squeezing gently. She smiles up at me and it stirs something inside of me I haven't felt before. Since the arrest we had gotten closer, rekindling what we had before while adding more to it, knowing each other's weaknesses and strengths and the things that really matter most.

Mike and the team warmed up to her quickly once we wrapped things up, realizing she was just like the rest of us, she had a desire to help people fueled by things she'd lost. And it's nice to see Fi doesn't have to shop by herself either.

All in all we're happy and it's been a long time since I've been able to say that, from losing my mom and being in the dark about it for fifteen years to receiving a burn notice that ended the only career I wanted I felt like maybe my life was always headed south but since I've become a part of this team and met Emma those thoughts seem to have vanished.

Let's just hope Emma hasn't had enough excitement for one life time because with Michael Westen there is no such thing as enough.

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