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Chapter 11: Doctor, Doctor..

My eyes were glued to the window as the car pulled out and began driving much faster than the speed limit. Tasha had a heavy foot, and tonight was no exception.

"Did you see that?" I asked her, and Tasha shook her head as she drove.

"See what?"

"Jason. He left the house angrily..." I said, shifting my position to a comfortable one. Tasha just focused on the road, mumbling to herself. I decided to think about all the reasons why Jason might have stormed out. Maybe his mother said something and he got upset, so he left. But wouldn't he be sad and not angry? He left with such...anger. A violent intent.

I sat silently in the car, staring out the window, pain taking over the confusion I held earlier. After a painful thirty minutes, we were finally on the highway and on our way to the hospital. Tasha finally spoke, and I'll admit it was a nice change from the excruciating silence.

"Should I have called Mom and Tom, left em' a message or something?" She asked, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. I shrugged, looking over at her as I picked at my nail polish.

"Well, after what happened the other night, they might be concerned when they get home. Or they'll think that we went out for food or somethin'." I said, sighing tiredly, before yawning. "Besides, if they're worried they'll call-"

I guess I spoke too soon, because the Bluetooth began to ring through the speakers. Tasha sighed, and before I could hit 'Accept Call', she held up a hand.

"Let me talk to them, I've been thinking of an excuse the whole ride."

"Alright..." I hit the button and the ringing stopped, as my Mom's voice took over.

"No they're answering now, Hello? Tasha? Or Ash?" She said, as Tasha continued to drive.

"Heeey Mom." She said, smiling with her teeth bared as she drove.

"Tasha, Hon, where are you two?"

"Well, it's actually a really funny story but...we're on the highway on our way to the Hospital..." Tasha winced, preparing herself for the freakout. I'm glad she was prepared, because I wasn't.

"Why the hell are you on the way tot he hospital? What happened? Are you two okay? Where's Ash? Is she okay? Is she dead? Tell me she's not dead, we can't afford the lose the smart one."

"Oh hey, glad I'm important too," Tasha grumbled, "And yes, she's fine. We've just had an...accident."

"An accident? What kind of accident? Tom, are you listening to this conversation?"

"Well, you see...we were watching Jackass and Ash mentioned how dumb they were to do that stuff. So I said she was just jealous that she's accident prone and couldn't do shit-"


"Sorry. She couldn't do crap, and we made a bet on who could do the craziest stuff. It started out innocent, and then I broke the lamp trying to do a one-handed cartwheel. It continued to spiral out of control, and we started to fight. I made fun of her saying that she couldn't throw a real punch and she did. But I dodged it and she ended up punching the wall...and broke her hand."

"...She broke her hand?! Oh girls how could you both be so stupid?! Is Ash awake, can I talk to her?"

"Yeah, this is on speaker." Tasha looked over at me quickly, and nodded her head.

"Mom," I said, "I'm okay."

"Don't lie to me Ashling, you cry when you get so much as a paper cut."

"I already cried actually, I'm just exhausted."

"How could you do something so stupid? I thought you knew better. I mean...I expect Tasha to go out of her way to cause trouble...but not you."

"Guilty!" Tasha said, bellowing her voice. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"I don't know Mom, just don't worry."

"Tom and I are leaving the house now, we'll meet you two there. Don't think that you won't be punished."

"Kay Mom, Love ya."

"Love you too Honey, bye." I clicked the 'End' button, and looked over at Tasha.

"Calm before the storm?"

"Definitely the calm before the storm." She agreed and we laughed a little. "How's your hand?"

"Sore...bloody. Sore and Bloody." I looked at it, before looking out the window tiredly. I was about to start a new conversation with Tasha, when I felt a sudden wave of exhaustion. All the sounds, the music, the car moving, the wind hitting the car, all of it ceased. I turned my head slowly, looking out the windshield to the road. A figure stood in the middle of the road, poised and like a statue. It looked like...Michael. The psychic wave suddenly passed, and I screamed, "Look out!"

"Holy SHIT!" Tasha screamed and gripped the wheel, turning it as the car began to swerve away from the person. We both screamed in fright as the car headed for the railing, and I closed my eyes, focusing as hard as I could. The car managed to go over the railing, missing it by an inch. Tasha turned the wheel more as the wheels hit the grass, the car headed down the hill for the woods. It slowly tipped and fell on it's side, the windows breaking as glass splattered everywhere, before it began to roll.

I felt my body bounce up and down, my head hitting the roof of the car before I closed my eyes one more time, focusing as hard as I could. The car rocked one more time, missing one more tree before landing on it's back. It rebounded a couple times, as it rocked side to side. I looked over at Tasha, whose head was on the horn. When she moved her head off of it, the sound stopped, and she looked at me. A huge gash lay on her forehead, blood trickling from it. Another was on her cheek, but other than that she seemed okay.

"Did you keep the car from crashing into the railing?" She asked me, struggling to undo her seat belt. I nodded, the focus from the psychic draining my energy slowly as I struggled to stay awake. The impact from hitting my head on the roof didn't help either. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah...I just...the concentration took a lot out of me...and...I hit my head..." I struggled to explain to her, and tried to smile. "Did you...see him?"

"I couldn't see the guy's face...the jerk! Who the hell walks in front of a car in the middle of the highway?" Tasha growled, finally undoing her seat belt and managing to open up the door.

"It looked...like Michael..."

"Myers? But how would he get here?"

"I...Don't know..." I looked down at my seat belt, and Tasha crawled out of the car, she managed to stand up, shaking off some glass.

"I'm coming over, don't worry." I saw Tasha walk around the car, to my side of it. Opening the door, she looked down on me and reaching over to undo my belt. I could hear voices, and Tasha looked up through the broken window.

"My God, is everyone okay?" I heard an unfamiliar voice, no doubt a stranger, talking to Tasha. A woman stepped into view, and she kneeled down next to Tasha.

"We just had an accident, some asshole walked right onto the road! In front of our car, it was crazy. I'm just a little banged up, but my sister is stuck in the car." The rest became noise as Tasha spoke to the woman, who helped along with a couple others. A man pulled out his phone, I assume he dialed 911. Before anything else could happen, I looked up and saw amongst the crowd of onlookers, a man. Behind the crowd was a man, the same who stepped in front of us.


He backed up, disappearing into the woods, unnoticed. As he left, I gave up and closed my eyes, letting sleep take over.

A sudden shock, like an electric one, rocketed through my body and woke me up. Instead of having bright lights burn my eyes, I was awakened by a dim yellow bulb hanging above my head. Looking around, I saw I was in a hospital room, no shock there. But this one was different, much different. The walls were covered in dirt, mold, and something that appeared to be dried blood. Stretchers, and gurneys, filled the room, each with an tag that labeled the day and time of death. Dead bodies were no doubt underneath the blood stained sheets.

Doesn't this seem familiar?

This must be the work of a certain someone.

"Oh for Christ's sake." I murmured angrily and sat upright, rubbing the back of my neck. I saw my body was covered in bruises and cuts, and the bandage around my hand had dried blood on it. The bandage itself was tinted yellow, as if it had been on for so long. My body was sore, but I couldn't care less at the moment. I looked down at my body, and noticed I was wearing an old hospital gown, a dull blue color.

"Freddy, I'm not really in the mood for this right now." I called out, throwing my bare feet over the bed and placing them on the cold tiled floor. There was no snarky response, no insults, nothing. I looked around and stood up, noticing no movement in the room besides myself. I felt uneasy, and walked to the door, peeking my head into the hallway. The lights flickered, the hallway abandoned. I felt like I was in the beginning of The Walking Dead.

"Hello?" I called out, for once hoping to hear Freddy;s voice. But I didn't, which didn't help my anxiety. "Seriously Freddy, I need you to wake me up." I walked into the hallway, slowly making my way down it to the end. A large door sat at the end, bloody hand prints dried on it. I reached out, and felt it, the metal was slightly warm. Something was definitely on the other side.

I felt like one of those idiots in a scary movie, but then again, wasn't

that my life at the moment? One big scary movie?

Quickly, I pushed open the door, stepping through. I found myself standing in the middle of another hall, but a different one. This wasn't a hall, it was a corridor of a boiler room. But something was unsettling about it, the feeling of the room. I could sense a strong and strange power, the vibe filling my body. Who knew these powers would come in handy?

This wasn't the boiler room I knew Freddy lived in, his was large and consisted of a numerous amounts of broken pipes, smoke, and chains. His boilers normally were off, unless he was there. Not to mention the red glow it normally had. No, this one was far different. For one thing, this boiler room seemed too...dull. It was dirty, yes, and large. But it seemed to be a lot less threatening, as if instead of boilers it was made of just hundreds of pipes instead. Sure, chains still hung from the ceiling, and smoke filled the air. But there was barley a boiler in sight. In fact, it looked more like a basement, with a dull orange light.

I felt my stomach churn, an unsettling feeling fill my body.

"Shit..." I whispered, and turned to look back at the hospital door I came through.

But, as cliche as this could get, it was gone. A blank wall in it's place.

I turned away from it, and slowly started to walk through the room. Smoke would spit itself at me, hissing in my face, as I walked through. The sound of dripping water was the only other noise I could make out at the moment. You know that feeling you get when you think someone is watching you? Well, I had that feeling right now, only much stronger.

I knew exactly who was watching me.

A number of scenarios played in my head, as to how to react to this situation. Do I try and contact Freddy, or do I try to use my powers for a real reason this time? Besides saving me and my sister from certain death.

My thoughts were interrupted by a very loud screeching noise, the sound of metal upon metal.

Oh dear God no.

Not him.




A shadow covered my body and the floor around me, and slowly I forced myself to turn around. Standing in front of what I'm pretty sure was the only boiler in this entire freaking area, was him.

That remake son-of-a-bitch. ReFred.

"So..." He chuckled in that raspy voice of his, the one that sounds like he's choking on a mouthful of marbles and chalk, "You're the little warrior they chose?" I backed up, to try and start running, but found myself unable to move. ReFred threw his left hand at me, and an invisible force pushed me backwards into a chair, before chains snaked their way around my body, tightly.

"Relax, Sugar," He laughed, slowly stalking his way over to me, "I just wanna...have a talk...is all." Stepping into the light, I got a good look at him for the first time. His cheek bones were much more defined, a gaping hole in one cheek. One of his eyes seemed permanently swollen, the other bulging. Both black with no definite color.

He honestly looked like someone took Freddy and threw him in a meat grinder. Not to mention how lanky and thin he really was.

ReFred cocked his head, like a puppy inspecting a toy would, and put a yellow-tinted claw under my chin, lifting it up. I shook my head, moving it away from him.

"Don't touch me!" I shrieked, looking at him wide-eyed. As a response, he grabbed my chin violently, holding my face in place.

"Look at me!" He growled, and it reminded me of the movie. "Better..." He crouched down, smiling a crooked smile. "What's your name?" I didn't answer, just breathed heavily as I stared at him. Shouldn't he know that, I mean, technically him and Freddy have the same powers? "Answer me!"

"Ash...Ashling..." I replied quietly, staring at him in disgust. ReFred laughed, as if I just told the funniest joke in the world.

"Ashling. Well, as shocked as you may be to hear this, I'm glad you managed to not...well...die earlier tonight." ReFred shrugged, keeping his mouth partly open, as he thought of what to say. "I was sure when Michael stepped out so suddenly, you and your sister would have died. But I can see you have determination in you. To live." He let go of my cheek, and stood up over me. "Oh I know why you look confused. When I say Michael, I'm not talking about puny, tiny, Michael. I mean new, and...improved Michael. Stronger Michael. Better Michael." I looked up, lost in thought, as ReFred kept his mouth half open.

God, he pissed me off, he looks like he's catching flies when he stands like that.

"Anything to say at all?" He asked me. I thought for a moment, before nodding.

"You suck." I said, my voice stammering slightly as I tried to keep calm.

"Is that the best you've got? It's sad really, that those three pathetic dickheads need to rely on a teenager to do their dirty work." ReFred walked around, going behind me so I couldn't see him anymore. I panicked again, trying to turn my body around as much as I could. He kept talking, as he stood behind me. "They seem to forget...I love to play with teenagers, just as much as Fred does. And just like him, I love...little girls."

My body flew back, until I was flat on my back, staring into a bright operating light. Restrained, I was laying flat on an operating table, naked, as operating tools surrounded it on smaller ones. ReFred stepped into view, and held a mirror above my face. A red dotted like was made across my forehead, my chest, and everything exposed body part as well.

"I thought we could play Doctor..." He whispered, before cackling as he threw the mirror, smashing it. I let out a scream, as the freakout began.

"Tasha! Mom! Anyone please wake me up! Please!"

Now, before I continue, I know exactly what's going on through your head. Why am I freaking out more than I did when meeting the original trio?
Let me touch upon that to withdraw any further confusion. You all know, as I told you earlier in the story, that when I panic my mouth just flies. I was petrified when I met our favorite trio of killers, but it was in the comfort of my own home. Not the place that I fear the most, like the hospital. Freddy, although I'm sure he knows exactly everything I fear, didn't use it so he wouldn't scare me away too fast. They wanted me to accept, so they needed to at least make adjustments to make me feel less scared. So, when I learned that they needed me, I realized that they wouldn't kill me off just yet.

But now I'm stuck with my least favorite of the remake trio, who decided to play upon my fear of surgery and hospitals. Plus, I know that he will actually kill me, no questions asked. So between the actual possibility of dying, the fear inducing atmosphere and situation, plus the vulnerability of me being naked, I have a right to freak out.

Now that all that is cleared up, let's continue with the story.

ReFred seemed to ponder where to start as I continued to howl, he slowly reached over with his blades. I watched as the landed on my stomach.

"Do I...start by gutting you? Or..."He dragged a claw lightly up my stomach to my breasts, circling them, "Do I start by slowly and painfully torturing you? The decisions are endless really." He laughed and stared at me hungrily, his bare hand trailing up my left thigh. I started crying, my central nervous system shutting down as fear took over every sensible thought and motion I could have or do.

"Aww, now don't cry.." ReFred said with fake sympathy, "Doctor Freddy will fix everything..."

I don't know if it was one of those moments where my emotions that are pent up explode, or if it was just the way he said that sentance, but that tiny spark in me was re-lit.

"You aren't the real Freddy! You don't deserve to call yourself that name!" I said, and spat at him in disgust. He glared at me, a dug his fingers into my thigh painfully, causing me to wince and cry out in pain.

"Now you're just asking for it to be longer.." He growled, glaring at me, "You're lucky I'm even considering taking your virginity. It's better to die raped than a virgin."

Another reason why I love Freddy more than this douche-dick. He's more about the murder, not the rape.

As ReFred started to move his hand again, slowly yet roughly up my thigh, he stopped. His head snapped upward, as he glared into the open air.

"We have company..." He murmured, and looked down at me. "You're quite the popular girl tonight, aren't you?" He chuckled and shrugged slightly, "But I can still..do as I please...after all. He's in my domain, so he has to follow my rules..." ReFred laughed as he traced his blades around the dotted lines up and down my body. My heart sank, and I tried to think who he could be talking about.

Once again, ReFred seemed interrupted by something I couldn't see. My body shuddered, and once again my vision glazed over. I couldn't feel my body, and I could feel a strong sense of hatred. I felt an electric shock through my body and everything I saw changed.

Holy Shit, I'm having a vision!

I could see the boiler room, and a figure was roaming it rather quickly, disappearing and then re-appearing somewhere else. It stopped and turned it's head around, inhaling deeply before disappearing. I saw the same figure once again, only this time in the hospital. The same "hospital" I was in. As quickly as it had started, the vision ended.

ReFred snapped his head towards me, and grimaced.

"You...they gave you powers didn't they? You sense him too, huh?" ReFred seemed to ponder this and looked towards the door. "Should we welcome him?" He asked me, although I knew he wasn't actually asking, nor was he looking for an answer. He looked to the door, and it burst open, flying off the hinges. I ducked my head as much as I could, as the door flew to ReFred. He dodged it, and glared at the now open doorway.

Standing there, was Freddy, glaring at his remake counterpart with more hate than he ever gave anybody. You could just tell how much he hated this remake version of him. More than he hated Nancy, Kristen, Alice, and Maggie. I could feel it.

Freddy's eyes, which were bright red, shifted down to me, staring at me. I couldn't tell if they were holding the emotions of shock and hate, his hate being for ReFred. But it also seemed to be a little like lust, and something that I define simply as 'Like'. I felt relieved that he was here, but then I remembered I was naked. Looking at myself, I felt my face flush red and I looked back up quickly.

"Hey Freddy," ReFred said with a chuckle, "Long time no see, huh?" He followed Freddy's eyes to me, and then nodded. "We were just about to play Doctor. Wanna join?"

"You weren't supposed to find out about her," Freddy grumbled angrily, "How did you?" ReFred just shrugged and chuckled to himself, as Freddy's temper snapped again. He appeared in front of ReFred, grabbing him by the sweater angrily and shoving him to the wall. ReFred fell back by surprise, hitting the tool tables and knocking them over onto the ground. He glared up at Freddy and bared his teeth.

"It's simple really, Jay and Mike have been following your masked goons around, and happened to spot Jay standing with that little doll." ReFred said nonchalantly, and stood up slowly, brushing himself off. "It's sad really, that you're relying on a teenager, a girl, to fight your battles for you!"

"Fight our battles?" Freddy snorted, and laughed at this, "Oh No! She's not fighting our battles! She's simply an addition, an added power. Of course, with us helping her, she'll be stronger than you ever can be." ReFred rolled his eyes and scoffed.

"I'm surprised you haven't killed her yet. Do you have feelings for her?"

I gagged at the thought.

"What? No! Where the hell did that thought come from?"

"Well you seemed to be ogling her when you came in."

"It's a naked chick on a table, strapped down! Of course I'm going to stare at her, despite her preteen tits!"

I felt my face turn read again as the two stared at me, looking at my exposed body. Freddy and ReFred shared an exchanged glance of 'Okay, enough of that' and Freddy grinned.

"Besides, if we can get just one person to give us more power, and go against you, we'll take the risk. You're not afraid of a little girl, are you?"

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

"So is your existence."

As the two began to argue loudly, I looked at the restraints holding me down and started to tug at them frantically. Freddy swung at ReFred, but ReFred dodged it, before trying to stab Freddy. The two began fighting violently, and I tugged harder at the straps. But they wouldn't break, and my hand wouldn't slip out. I felt like giving up, and letting Freddy just get me out. But I didn't want to be the damsel in distress, I wanted to be able to save myself. At this point, though, I was so tired from the crash and the psychic meltdowns.

After the two fought for a few minutes, ReFred suddenly stopped and looked up. He looked back down at Freddy, who was grinning.

"Giving up?" Freddy taunted his remake counterpart, who sneered in disgust back at him.

"I have...better things to do right now. People to see. And kill." ReFred backed away from Freddy towards me, and looked down at me one more time. "See you around." With a swipe of his glove, four long scratch marks created themselves on my left thigh, bleeding. I screamed in shock and curled my fingers into fists, trying to ignore the pain. Real Freddy huffed and walked over to me, staring down at me.

"...Thank you." I whispered, biting my lip in pain. Freddy just shot me a look of disgust and pure hate, frowning.

"Don't." He said, and I felt myself growing uncomfortable. His eyes scanned my body slowly, and I could see he was struggling to not do anything.

"C-Can you untie me?" I asked quietly, hating how vulnerable I was in this position.




I panicked again, looking up as Freddy slowly brought himself up on the operating table. He glared down at me, curling his upper lip in disgust.

"I hate him. I hate him for killing off my power, for ruining my reputation, and for having you in the position I wanted you in sooner than I could have gotten you. You are mine, remember that. Mine to kill, mine to take. I have waited so long, I was patient, I didn't try to do anything right away. But he got you here, naked, before I could. That makes me, really angry. And seeing you here, unable to do shit. Makes me very...very...hungry."

I laid there, mouth agape and eyes wide, but before I could make a statement, I realized something. This was Freddy, a man who loved to rape girl, murder teens, etc. His remake counterpart did something to me before he could, even though he has a deal to keep, and now he wants to kill me before ReFred. I felt a twang of pity, but was still shaking. Maybe I could reason with him?

"F-Freddy, we still have to get rid of them, remember?" I said, barley above a whisper. He glared at me, a nasty snarl on his face.

"I don't need you, you're just a pawn in this game."

"A pawn which, you said yourself, you need."

"I can find another girl. Or boy."

"But ReFred will find that one too, and the next one, and the one after that." I sighed, my head reeling slightly as I made a statement, "Look...if you let me go tonight, and let me help you and Jason and Michael...I'll let you have my soul when we're done." Freddy stopped staring at me, and sat up straight, grumbling quietly to himself. After at least five minutes of that, he reluctantly got up and off me. Cutting off the restraints so I could move.

"Don't think I'm growing soft on ya', cause' I'm not." He growled angrily, crossing his arms. I rubbed my writ, shaking my head, and sighing.

"I need to start training sooner than I thought."

"Agreed." Freddy said without looking at me, before he turned towards the door.

"Wait, how do I wake up?" Stopping dead in his tracks and slowly turning to face me, Freddy grinned. "Um..I can just...wait until-" Before I could finish Freddy had my waist in an iron grip with his arm, and bit into my neck with his teeth, causing me to howl in pain.

I know it's kinda dark but how else would I introduce ReFred, and also expose how it's driving Freddy nuts that he can't do anything to a girl stuck with him. But there will be other darker chapters in here, and some to keep up the pace. So the next one will be more humorous and then we get to the next big issue of the story line.

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