Oooh boy... don't ask me how or why I came up with this. It just seemed sooo... Starscream. I had the idea earlier in the year, and started to write it, but I lost the page I wrote it on. So I started over and did it in ONE NIGHT. In less than two hours. Take that universe!

(You know, the feeling could probably apply to Megsie too, but since his name is actually mentioned in the poem... yeah, no. I wish.)

Enjoy guys! :D

To Kill a Human

Let's see, little human-

How many ways can you die?

I doubt that we can find them all

But while we're here, we can try.

Well, I suppose I could toss you in water

After all, you've told me you can't swim-

But then, I wouldn't get to see you struggle

And truly that would be a sin...

I could simply go for the obvious,

And tear you apart, piece by piece

Of course, that's just a bit too violent...

Although, I would enjoy your pleas.

How about poison? Now, there's something new-

You would suspect nothing amiss

You trust me too much, that's no fun-

To kill you perfectly... why won't you grant my wish?

I could send you to "Lord" Megatron

Surely he would find a way!

But wait... this is supposed to be my job

Argh, he shouldn't get a say...

Alright then, my pathetic pet

You want to make things hard?

It'll only be worse for you in the end-

Now, where... shall... I... start?

Touching your hair, but it's much too fragile

It breaks, yet doesn't cause much pain

And for this, my dear, I want you to scream,

Come on now, drown out the rain...

Moving down to your face, your cheek

It's so very different from mine-

A stab here... a slice there...

Ah... is that what you call blood? My, look at it shine...

Now, moving on to your lips

The most sensitive of all your parts

It produces more blood, yet you're still not complaining...

Is something wrong with your little spark?

Why don't you feel this pain?

Wait, wait - don't touch me with your filthy hands!

What in the universe are you doing?

Stop it! Obey my commands!

As I hold you down again,

I will make sure you don't fight-

Hold on, now, don't use up all your strength

After all, it's going to be quite a long night.

More torture has followed here,

But that... that's just between us.

Now, we should go into recharge...

Come on. Get up, whine, make a fuss.

Hmm... wait. Wait, what are you doing?

Why aren't you moving - just lying there?

I didn't do anything you couldn't handle...

This torture was nothing you couldn't bear!

Get up... get up, or I'll throw you to the Pit!

I know you're tired, but for Primus's sake...

This is ridiculous, pet, do you want me to carry you?

Fine, I will, as long as you wake...

I've never met a human so lazy...

Can't walk on her own two feet.

I see you've swallowed some of your own blood-

How did it taste? Was it sweet?

You're on your berth now, you've switched places-

You should have awakened by now!

Perhaps I'll send for Scalpel, he'd wake you up...

No, he'd kill you - but at least he'd know how.

Your chest, it's... it's barely moving...

Not very far up, and how slow it is to rise...

You're still alive, I can see, you shift just so-

You make a noise, then open up your eyes.

Ah, my little human pet...

Look, you're quite a sight!

Your lips are bloody, but still you smile-

What went through your mind last night?

You raise your hand to touch mine

I don't pull away... that's... new...

You bring it close and I feel your lips...

You words: "An honor to die by you."

I understand it fully now;

You were just waiting, waiting - to die!

That was... why you stayed with us...

I didn't plan it this time...

Ohh... rest now, my little pet

We'll... sort this out once my helm is clear.

You see what happens...?

You see what happens when one of us holds you near...?

You made me do this...

But I wasn't ready... not just yet;

Ah, well... I suppose what's done is done...

Rest in peace, you'll always be my little pet.

*Sniff* So sad. Poor Screamer... poor whoever-that-girl-was.

Let me know what you thought! Thanks for reading! ^^