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The Many Sides of Vinwell- Chapter One: Marry the Night

Who would've thought that having sex in the back seat of a car would be this much fun? It was just casual at this point, but damn was it fun!

Jamie Fleming hadn't been one for one-night-stands. But, she had made an exception for Vince Faraday. They had met at a Christmas party that her father threw and had hit it off instantly. The two talked and talked, a flirt or two in between that.

By the time that the brunette decided to leave the party at her father's security business ARK, she had definitely made a new friend. Jamie asked him to walk her to her car, and from there it was history.

What started out as ordinary lust, surprisingly turned into passion. Normally, nothing ever came from a one-night-stand, but with Jamie and Vince it was different. They had only known each other for hours, but with every connection and disconnection of their lips, it felt like they had known each other for years.

Their lips first met on Vince's part. It started out as a friendly kiss on the cheek, but when Jamie said that he missed, the sandy blonde took the incentive a little further.

The kisses were hot from the very start. Vince pressed the brunette against her sleek black car and let his hands get tangled in her thick, lavender scented hair.

Jamie supported his face with a single hand, all while using the other to open her purse up to find her keys.

"You trying to leave me?" the sandy blonde asked, grinning against her lips.

"No," the brunette smirked, "just trying to find a more comfortable place to do this."

When the car was unlocked, this opened up a whole new venture. Jamie should've known better than to leave her heels on. But, with everything else that was going on as they climbed into the back seat, who could blame her?

Vince trailed kisses all the way down her neck, unzipping her gray dress for more leeway.

"Damn formal wear," Jamie murmured under her breath as she fiddled with her lover's dress shirt buttons.

"Who needs it?" the sandy blonde asked as he tossed her dress onto the floorboard.

The brunette never would have thought that she would be doing this right now; making love to a guy that she just met was something wild. She had heard about her best friends' adventures doing this, but never in her life would she have thought about doing just the same. As their bodies glided into each other, Jamie's clumsiness got the better of her. She bent her leg closer to her body and ended up poking a hole through the seat.

The clunk of her heels tearing through the seat caused the lovers to break their movements. The brunette craned her neck to confirm the noise, only to burst out into a fit of laughter at her timing.

"What's wrong?" Vince asked, smiling down at her as she leaned her head back against his chest.

"I didn't think to take off my heels," Jamie replied, her face turning crimson with embarrassment.

The sandy blonde wrapped an arm around her waist and picked his head up to see what she meant. A hole from her heel was left in the seat. Rumbling laughter shook Vince's body as he dropped his head again.

"You think your dad'll mind that?" he asked with a chuckle.

"He doesn't have to know. I can take it to the shop first thing in the morning and get it fixed," the brunette spoke, still regaining her breath.

Vince chuckled and gently kissed his lover on the mouth. This light hearted moment between the two of them served as a sign of their relationship meaning more than just lovers.

Jamie smiled and slipped out of her heels. She sincerely hoped that wasn't a moment killer. As their eyes met again, the passion that they felt before came flooding back.

"What if I told you that I wanted to take you out on a date?" the sandy blonde asked, his voice as calm as his beautiful blue eyes.

The brunette started to trace around the crevices of her lover's chest with a finger. "What if I told you that I would love that?"

Jamie looked up at the nighttime sky as she snuggled herself into the sandy blonde's chest. They had about an hour or so before the party would be over, which meant that she had an hour to do whatever she wanted to do without being caught.

As if he read her mind, Vince started up another kiss with her. "Let's see if we can do this again without doing anymore damage to the poor seats," he whispered against her lips.

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