Tony stared at the suit. "….that's what you were going to wear to the gala."

"Yeah. What…you don't like it?"

Tony looked at Clint, his expression incredulous. "….you're serious. You were actually going to wear that to the Abbington Gala."

"….what's wrong with it?"

"…..Clint…it has holes in it."

"So? They're barely noticeable." His tone was defensive.

"Is that…." Tony reached out, fingers brushing the jacket. "… that a bullet hole?

"No." Tony looked at Clint, skeptical. "…it's from a bowie knife." He pointed at another hole. "That's a bullet hole."

Tony was staring at Clint as though he had lost his mind. "….what?" Clint asked defensively.

The brunette shook his head. "You…you're crazy, do you know that. Crazy."

Clint grinned. "Yup. That's why you love me."

Tony smiled. "Yea. It is." And this time, he didn't have to make the first move. Clint stepped closer, his arms slipping around Tony's waist, pulling him close. The smile that lit up Tony's face sent warm butterflies through Clint's stomach.

…..yeah, this relationship was gonna work out just fine.