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Intertwined Fates- Chapter One: How Do I?

Eighteen-year-old Jamie Fleming was tired of stressing out. Graduation had been stressing enough. This was why she went out on her own directly after graduation. Her father had agreed to pay for her to take a cruise to the Bahamas, as much as he'd rather have his little girl at home.

She had packed everything she thought of that she would need for a week on the cruise ship. The brunette figured that she would be spending half of her time on the deck, basking under the comfort of her cherry red umbrella. She brought books to read, not to mention that she always had her laptop. If Jamie didn't have access to her computer, she would probably drop dead.

Her parents dropped off the tech girl at the docks, very reluctantly. Her father was the worse, by far. He held her so tightly that she thought her vital organs might have been punctured.


"I'll be fine," Jamie had tried to convince her father. She was being squeezed at that moment. Her bags were at their feet and she was all ready to go. Peter wasn't ready at all, and she could even hear her mother crying in the background. This was the first trip she had ever gone on by herself. The Flemings were just worried that she would want to stay in the Bahamas and never want to come back to California.

"We're going to miss you, princess," the billionaire replied, finally choking up as well.

"You have to promise to call us, Jamie," her mother, Elaine, began as she blinked through her tears.

"I promise," the younger brunette smiled, taking her mother in for a tight hug.

"You better," Elaine sniffled and placed a kiss on the side of her daughter's hair.

"I will, mommy. I love you both," Jamie spoke, her voice muffled against her mother's shoulder.

"We love you, precious," the billionaire's wife said, her voice crackling.

Peter took his wife by the hand and gently pressed her against him. If he had to restrain himself from making her stay, so did she.

The younger brunette picked her bags up and waved goodbye to her parents with tears building up in her eyes. As she stood with the rest of the tourists that waited for the boat, she had to resist calling her parents to come pick her up.


Jamie clutched tightly at her bags as she walked along the cruise ship. She was trying to find her room, but she was nervous as hell. Everyone knew who she was, which really took time to digest. The brunette felt like everyone was talking about her, even though they probably weren't.

When she finally found her own room, she practically collapsed on her bed. She dug into her designer purse to find her phone, smiling sadly at how many text messages she got from her mother.

Mom: Jamie, are you doing well? Your father and I miss you already!

Huh. That was only five minutes ago…

Mom: Try to watch what you eat on the cruise. And please don't let the boys get to you.

"Mom," Jamie murmured under her breath, covering her face with a hand. The only guy that she ever loved moved away when she was sixteen. God, she had been so heartbroken. The brunette scrolled down to see one more message from her mother. This one had just been sent…

Mom: Is it too late to come get you, kitten? :(

The younger brunette sighed to herself again and punched the reply button. "I'm fine, mom, I promise. Just got to my room. And you know that I won't let the boys get to me. I highly doubt Vince is on this cruise."

The love of her life was Vince Faraday. Yes, she was awful young to give him that kind of title, but it was true. He was just two years older than her; they had met back in elementary school and developed a relationship through middle school and half of high school, before his father decided to move to Virginia.

Jamie stuffed her phone into her jeans pocket and took a look around her room. It was rather large; not as large as her room at home, but it would do. She padded out of the room and locked it before shutting the door to. Maybe if she could introduce herself to the others on board, she wouldn't feel like a fish out of water.

The ship was huge. The dining area made a five-star restaurant look mediocre. The full deck had chairs and other patio type furniture. It even contained media like theaters and game arcades. It had something for everyone! Maybe she could get used to this after all…


Vince Faraday actually was on the cruise ship. He had been forced to come back to California by his friends Marty Voyt, Jacob Philips and Isabella Chase. Marty and Jacob were in their own respective relationships, but Isabella was looking for a girlfriend, seeing how she couldn't get rid of her womanizing ways. The sandy blonde wasn't very sure of going on this cruise ship in the first place. He would much rather be visiting Jamie and catching up with her. What he would give to see that pretty little smile again.

But, thanks to Marty's girlfriend Susan, Jacob's girlfriend Kia, and Isabella, here he was. Isabella was holding onto the hope that they would both find girls on this trip.

They had boarded the ship about ten minutes after Jamie did. Everyone was having a great time already, all except for Vince, anyway.

Kia had her arm looped through Jacob's arm as she looked down at her phone. The group was in the main foyer, having already dropped their stuff off in their respective rooms.

"Hey!" she began excitedly, prompting all of the others to look back at her. "Dana's here! I told her that we were in the foyer."

"My cousin's with her, isn't he?" Vince asked the Hispanic woman.

"Should be. I can't imagine Dana going anywhere without Dominic," Kia replied, looking up from her phone.

Dominic Raoul was related to Vince strictly through marriage, but that didn't mean that it didn't count.

The sandy blonde watched as a group passed by him. Mostly couples, a few with kids. However, the girl at the end was by herself. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and a thin frame. Vince could have sworn that she was Jamie. He could almost smell the sweet perfume that she always wore. And he could almost feel how smooth her pale skin was.

"Earth to Vince?" Kia began, waving a hand in front of his face.

"What?" the sandy blonde asked distractedly. He quickly looked from Kia and back over to where the Jamie look-a-like had been. A frown tugged at his lips as he realized that she was gone.


Vince had been fervently looking for the pretty brunette whenever he stepped foot out of his room. Dominic had picked on his cousin every chance he could. Unfortunately, for the secret smuggler, he hadn't gotten much of a reaction out of the sandy blonde.

"If ye don' stop mopin' around, 'll give ye something to mope about," Dominic threatened playfully with a fist.

Their large group, all except for Isabella, sat at a table in the dining area that next morning. The sandy blonde had a hand covering his mouth in boredom and a little depression. He had been trying to come up with a plan to talk to the brunette, just in case there was a chance that she really was Jamie. His cousin just thought he was a moron.

Isabella was off…somewhere. Probably using pick-up lines on every girl she found attractive. And one woman that she came up on was Jamie herself. She was hovering over a mug of coffee as she typed at her laptop. The brunette hadn't bothered to put in her contacts; she was wearing her thick-rimmed glasses and looking absolutely exhausted.

"Hey cutie," Isabella began. She was a tall, lanky blonde with the most intense green eyes. "You look kinda tired."

Jamie looked up at the lanky blonde and blinked the blurriness out of her eyes. "You have no idea," she murmured.

"Want me to buy you another coffee or something?" Isabella asked curiously.

"No thanks," the brunette smiled a bit. "I'm just gonna head back to my room. Maybe take a nap." Without another word, she shut her laptop and got up to head back to her room.

Isabella sighed and ran a hand through her fine hair. Did she stink or something?

The blonde plopped down in the seat next to Vince and mimicked his moping pose.

"No luck finding a girlfriend?" the sandy blonde asked her.

"No. I tried talking to that brunette you were drooling over; just save yourself, dude. She's stubborn as a mule," Isabella replied in a bored monotone.

It finally donned on Vince that she was Jamie. The contacts? The laptop and coffee? The stubbornness… It just had to be her!

Now the real question was how would he get her to talk to him?

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