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Intertwined Fates- Chapter Six: Epilogue: The End of the Road

Jamie Fleming was thankful that the cruise was finally over. She thought about the trip as a whole as she and Vince began packing their belongings. The best thing about it was the chance to get in touch with her boyfriend again. Other than that, Isabella ruined it all.

It ended up being alright, though, the brunette thought to herself. After they get back to the docks, Vince would be staying with her for another week. During that week, Jamie would be trying to convince her parents that moving to Virginia would be the best thing for their relationship at this point. Her boyfriend had his own apartment, which was big enough for two. He had a steady job as a cop and she could get one if need be. It was a blessing to be a Fleming. She didn't need to wait for a proper age to touch her bank accounts. All she had to do was talk to her father about it, and he would pull some strings to withdraw however much money that she needed.

Jamie could only hope that she could convince her parents to let her be out on her own, just as easily.


The group gathered around the main lobby as the cruise ship came to its final stop. The other passengers were amongst them, all in their own little cliques. Everyone was saying their goodbyes… well, mostly. For Jamie and Vince, as well as the others and their special someone, the saying goodbye consisted of tonsil hockey and lots of it.

Isabella was as far away as possible from her former friends. Ever since the altercation between her, Vince, and Dominic, she had planned on getting revenge. She knew that revenge was best served cold, but she just couldn't leave the cruise without telling the sandy blonde cop all about himself. Give him a proper send off.

Vince was actually rather worried that he had yet to hear from the lanky blonde. The cold shoulder normally meant that she was planning something. While he was happy that he could have his girlfriend all to his self, there was a bad feeling that settled in the pit of his stomach, telling him that Isabella was far from finished.

By the time that the passengers were released onto the docks, the blue-eyed cop's suspicions became a proven fact. He had a protective arm around his girlfriend while his other arm had both of their bags slung across his shoulder. While he was ready to go meet his potential in-laws, Isabella had other plans to delay the meeting.

Jamie groaned, mostly to herself, as she noticed the lanky blonde coming over to them. "Great," she began, sighing roughly.

Vince pressed a kiss to her temple and pulled her closer to his chest. "I've got you, don't worry about it."

"It's not me I'm worried about," the brunette spoke, glancing up at her boyfriend.

He smiled a bit as his girlfriend stretched onto her tiptoes to kiss his swollen nose. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, alright?"

"That's easy for you to say," Jamie murmured under her breath. Her boyfriend chuckled heartily at that and ducked his head to give her a kiss in return.

"Well, well, if it isn't the woman stealer and his harpy!" Isabella greeted with a huge grin as she came up to the couple.

"What the hell? Did—did you just call my girlfriend a harpy?" Vince asked, clenching his jaw a fraction. She was just trying to get on his nerves, wasn't she?

"That I did. I have to come up with an equally humiliating thing to call her, after all," the lanky blonde leered at Jamie quite darkly, "she did decide to side with you over me."

"I barely even know you!" Jamie replied, completely fuming. "Opposed to my boyfriend who I have known for twelve years now. I'm not the type of girl who thinks that everything is about sex. I actually want a relationship that doesn't start out flirting. And, if it does, I want that to be with someone I truly feel a connection with," she gawked at her boyfriend's ex-friend, "someone not you."

"I think my girlfriend has told you again and again that she doesn't want you," Vince let out a bitter chuckle, "how many times does she have to reject you before you get it through that thick skull of yours."

"Oh, I don't want her anymore. She sided with you, I get that. But… I still have to put my two cents in, don't I?" Isabella added quite smugly.

"I'd rather you don't," the curly haired blonde spoke through gritted teeth, holding his girlfriend even closer. "I'd rather us never speak again, actually."

"Well that can be arranged, you know. But I better not find out that you two screwed up somehow. Otherwise… I'll come back around and told you that I saw it coming. You both won't last. It's all fine and good now 'cause the passion is still around after not seeing each other for two years. But it'll get real old real quick," the older blonde mocked with a huge grin.

"You don't know a thing about us. So stop trying and get the hell away from us," Vince barked over a car horn honking. Jamie tried to get his attention. It was her chauffeur and, hopefully, her parents as well.

"Vince," the brunette tried again. He was still so caught up in his gawking session with Isabella. While Jamie couldn't knock him down for trying to defend her honor, she still so desperately wanted to go home and be away from this madness.

"What?" the blue-eyed cop asked, his blazing blue eyes turning gentle as he looked over at his girlfriend. Isabella scoffed at that and walked off.

"This so isn't over, you know! I will have the last word in this!" the lanky blonde threw back at them as she stalked away.

"She can have the last word," Vince murmured under his breath, wrapping an arm around Jamie's shoulders and kissing her gently. "'Cause I have the girl."

The eighteen-year-old felt a blush crawl up on her cheeks as her boyfriend's lips parted from hers. "Come on. My parents are probably waiting for us."

"Waiting? I thought that we were going to surprise them," the sandy blonde spoke, an adorably clueless expression tugging at his features.

"I changed my mind. Texted mom earlier and I told her that I was bringing my man home to show off," Jamie smirked up at him, which prompted the cop to drop another chaste kiss on her lips.

"Alright then. You'll make sure that your parents won't kill me, right?" Vince pouted, but followed his girlfriend anyway as they made their way over to the Fleming limo.

"Let me think about that for a moment. You haven't knocked me up, and you didn't leave me on your own accord," the brunette spared him a tiny smile. "I think you're going to be alright."

The twenty-year-old had been nervous, to the say the least, but when he saw his potential in-laws standing by an elder man who was dressed in a uniform that told Vince that he must have been the chauffeur, his heart dipped to his stomach.

"You'll be fine, Vince," Jamie reassured her boyfriend, stretching onto her tiptoes to pull him down for a deep kiss.

Vince sincerely hoped that his dearly beloved girlfriend was right about that.


And she had been, for the most part. Elaine welcomed Vince back with open arms, cooing over how much he had grown up and how she couldn't wait to see her daughter get married and have a family of her own. The curly haired blonde grew a little uncomfortable at the thought of everything rushing past him. He wanted to have a family with his girlfriend, but the first thing that he had in his mind dealt with wedding bells and diamond rings.

Peter, on the other hand, hadn't been so pleasant. He did a lot of grumbling to himself, which worried his wife and his daughter. The only time he ever did that was if he was dealing with Chess. And, if that were the case, Jamie and Elaine knew that it wouldn't be pleasant.

The couple tried to remain equally reserved at the table in front of the brunette's parents, but their eyes did all the talking for them. And that was enough to let Elaine and Peter know that they really were serious. They almost saw the inevitable question coming. Little Jamie finally was ready to leave the nest. As terrifying as it sounded, the Flemings still put that into consideration. (Well, Elaine did. Peter was absolutely against it. Of course, he couldn't win the argument if he tried. Elaine would just glare at him until he agreed.)

Vince sighed in relief at that positive response. He had no idea if his future in-laws would be supportive of their daughter moving to another state with a man who had broken her heart two years prior. Jamie meant so much to him and the cop knew that he would never be able to function without her. Losing her the first time around was hard enough. And he never wanted to repeat that fiasco again.

Later on that night, Vince and Jamie escaped from the elder Flemings in hopes for some peace and quiet. The young brunette had started moving some of her things into boxes for the move. While she and her boyfriend would be flying to Virginia, her parents had already planned on paying for a jet to deliver their things to the sandy blonde's apartment. (They were the Flemings, after all; what did you expect? U-Haul?)

The tech-girl's boyfriend watched her from the comfort of their bed as she taped up a full box and labeled it with a chunky black sharpie. Every time he looked at her, all he could see was a diamond ring on her left hand and a beautiful white wedding gown hugging her thin frame.

Jamie smiled over at Vince as she noticed him from the corner of her eye. "Hello gawker," she began playfully.

He was shaken out of his reverie as her words finally registered. "What? I wasn't gawking! I was…." the cop trailed off, a sheepish grin in place.

"It's okay. You're only watching me 'cause you're waiting for me to strip out of this robe," the brunette sent a smirk over to her boyfriend, to which he scooted to the edge of the bed and held his arms out in front of him.

"That thought may have crossed my mind a… few times," Vince grinned back at her as she padded over to him. The curly blonde burrowed his head in her chest for a moment and wrapped both arms around her waist.

"You're such a dork," Jamie teased, placing a kiss on top of his head.

"But you love me anyway, don't you?" her boyfriend finally picked his head up to ask, a little pout tugging at his lips.

"I do. I love you so much," the brunette smiled down at him, to which she was scooped off of her feet and placed in Vince's lap.

"Then marry me," he whispered down at her, a sincere smile on his face.


The week flew by for Jamie and Vince, but not as quick as it did for Elaine and Peter. They were still a little wary about letting their little girl go. After all, they did just let her go to the Bahamas for the week. Now she's going to move to another state? Why did she so suddenly grow up on them?

When that inevitable day came by, Elaine was beside herself with tears. Her husband did his best to try to comfort her, but he couldn't make his little girl stay. And that was the only thing that would make this situation better. As much as the billionaires hated to admit it, their ballerina was all grown up.

Jamie was so excited that she could finally be with boyfriend for… well, hopefully forever. She had agreed to marry him, which only doubled her excitement. She may have been eighteen, but damn if she wasn't in love.

The brunette had one last obstacle to get through before boarding the plane, and that was her parents. Their hugs were far more constricting than they had been when she went to the Bahamas. Of course, she really couldn't blame them. They'd be at least three hours ahead of her parents. (Jamie tried to convince her parents that if her hubby-to-be ever did anything less than pleasant, all they would need to do was get on her daddy's private jet and they'd be there in a matter of an hour or less. It still didn't make Peter feel any better, however.)

After many tearful goodbyes between Elaine, Peter, and Jamie, it was Vince's turn. His soon-to-be mother-in-law enveloped him in a tight hug and told him to be good to her little princess. Peter wasn't as affectionate as his wife, however. He shook his future son-in-law's hand and gave him the shovel speech, just by glaring at him. The curly blonde reassured the billionaire that he wouldn't have anything to worry about.

Not too long after that, Vince had to usher his girlfriend away from her parents. She was still a teary mess, which he knew would be fixed when they boarded the plane. Kisses and cuddles made everything better. They were off to start a completely new part of their lives. This was the time that they could finally settle down with each other.


The first thing that was on their list was to get married. About a month or so after moving into Vince's apartment in Richmond, Virginia, he and Jamie went to the courthouse to tie the knot. The ceremony was tiny, but that was all that the couple needed at the time. Later on they would decide on a more extravagant venue for an unofficial wedding.

All of their friends were invited to the wedding—both of them, actually. And all of them agreed that it went much smoother without Isabella there to disrupt things. The girls were bridesmaids for Jamie, Dana being the maid of honor, and the guys were groomsmen for Vince. Dominic, of course, bullied his way into being best man.

After both weddings, things were normal for quite a while. The newlyweds wanted to get everything in order before expanding the family. Vince worked towards becoming the chief of police in his district, while Jamie started attending college.

Of course, normal only lasted but so long for the Faradays.


In all honesty, Jamie was excited for when she and her husband would finally be able to have those children that they always talked about. They had planned on it after she graduated from college, but not everything worked out the way that you wanted it to, either.

During the beginning of her third year, the brunette caught a mild version of the flu. She was given over-the-counter medication to treat the symptoms, but yet she was trying to keep up with her birth control at the same time. As soon as Jamie recovered, she didn't think about the medication delaying her period. Her and Vince's first child was conceived all in the mix of the brunette trying to resume her classes.

It all worked out well in the beginning, because neither of them knew about the pregnancy. In fact, everything was great before that. Dana and Dominic had come down to Virginia for a little while, mostly to get on the couple's nerves, but still. The smuggler had taken the two out for parties; luckily Jamie wasn't a big alcohol drinker. About a week later, the brunette was flipping through the calendar to plan something out for school. When she realized that her period was almost two weeks late, she swore that her heart stopped.

Vince knew nothing about the possible pregnancy, seeing how he was at work when the bomb was dropped on her. He came home that day to a pacing Jamie, which worried him.

"Jamie, what's wrong?" he gently asked her, trying to keep up with her paced steps.

The brunette turned around and shoved the positive pregnancy test in his hands. "That's what's wrong," she mumbled under her breath.

Vince looked down as the pink plus sign stared up at him. He was incredibly excited, but he was also incredibly nervous. "What's wrong with it? You're gonna have a baby," he smiled down at her, gently boring his eyes into hers.

"What's wrong with it? Vince, I'm still a college student! I've got another year before I graduate and it's not so easy concentrating on school work when I've got a baby on my back!" Jamie threw back at him. She may have been happy to know that she was finally pregnant, but that was trampled on by her worries of them not being ready.

The curly haired blonde put the test aside and took his wife into his arms. "They have a daycare center on campus, don't they? And I can take care of it on the off chance that I have a day off that you don't," he spoke, pressing a light kiss on her lips.

"Even then, I'll have doctor's appointments and I won't feel well half of the time that I'm supposed to be in school," the brunette let out a rough sigh, slightly pulling away from her husband.

"Jamie, what are we supposed to do about it? It's our baby. Giving it up for adoption is pointless, seeing how we can take care of it on our own. And… I don't even want to talk about the other option," Vince scooped his wife off of her feet, much to her annoyance.

The brunette leaned her head against her husband's neck and let out a cry. "My parents would be so disappointed, Vince," she strained through her tears.

"The point is that we're a married couple. It's not like they can pull the whole premarital conception card out on us. This stuff happens. Your parents will just have to deal," Vince gave her another gentle kiss. "As long as you want to keep the kid, I'll support you with everything that I have."

Jamie picked her head up and let the first genuine smile grace her features. "I want to keep it, I just… I wanted to finish school before worrying about kids."

"I could see if I can take some time off of work while you finish up school," the sandy blonde sent her an equally genuine smile, which prompted her smile to grow wider.

"And I can see what I can do about online courses when you can't," his wife added, pressing a gentle kiss on his cheek. "Does that sound like a good plan?"

Vince nodded in agreement. "We'll do whatever we can to make this work. There will be no fighting on our part. I love you too damn much."


In the end, everything worked out for the best. The Faradays welcomed in a baby boy a little over nine months later. Vincent Faraday the third was a wonderful addition to the family. While he was growing up, his parents took turns with taking time off to raise him. Despite jumping from online courses to campus courses, Jamie graduated at the top of her class. The youngest Faraday went with his daddy to see the brunette graduate, to which she couldn't have been happier to see.

All of their friends came for support, just as they did for the weddings and the birth of their first born. Isabella was nowhere to be seen, yet another thing that brightened their day. For years to come, this group of friends would be there for one another in more ways than one.

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