This story is written by two different authors. Carmen's POV is written by yours truly. Harmony's/ Tacy's POV is written by my friend Sarah. The writing style is considerably different, this is just so no one gets confused :).

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I walked down the school hallway in my black, red, and white cheerleading uniform with my high pony tail swinging back and forth. My 2 best friends, Kristen and Beth, were on either side of me, as kids quickly moved out of the way, not wanting to get in my way. Boys stared at us as we walked past them, not giving a damn as their girlfriends fumed with jealously. The quarterback with his friends: the Basketball and hockey captain, walked past, checking us out and giving us wolf whistles.

We turned the corner into cheer hall. Cheer hall is the hallway of lockers just for cheerleaders and band geeks. I walked about halfway down the hall when I stopped to open my locker. I opened to reveal a pile of text books and notebooks on the top shelf, a black lulu lemon sweater, and a mirror bordered with pictures of my team, Kristen and me at the mall, a picture with Beth, Kristen and Me on Halloween, and a picture of my younger brother Aiden. My brother was only 10 years old and was autistic, but we were extremely close. I was the only one who listened to him and understood what he was saying. No heard us in my house, or practically anywhere else. My father made sure of that.

I looked away from the pictures and glanced at my reflection. I examined my pale white skin covering my "freckles",making sure my skin if perfect (which it usually is). I reapplied my red lip gloss and made sure my hair was perfect. I grabbed my Health text book, a pencil and paper before I closed my locker door. I walked to class gossiping with Beth about Kristen and how she slept with Ted Brooks over the weekend and was currently going out with his older brother, Alex Brooks.

"I swear Harmony she is turning into a bigger slut than you!" Beth said

" And turning into a bigger Bitch than you. I swear she has been going behind my back and trying to steal cheer captain from me!" I said

" I wouldn't put it past her. I saw her face when Coach Jack picked you over her. She tried spreading a rumor that you two were sleeping together" Beth explained. I was shocked that she told everyone that. I told her that in confidence. It only happened once!

"She didn't!" I said back

" No one believed it though. Everyone knows you wouldn't stoop that low" She explained. I let out sigh of relief.

"I will get her back. You said she's dating Alex Brooks?" I asked.

" Yes why...OOHHH NO. You don't think... Really... But... I don't blame you... but I had nothing to do with it." She stuttered. Thinking and speaking at the same time never works for her.

" Deal" I walked away leaving Beth to watch. I walked up to Alex who was at his locker.

" Hi Alex" I said sweetly.

" Hi Harmony, have you seen Kristen? I haven't seen her all day" He asked

" Oh her. She is probably off humping your brother" Alex turned to me with an expression of disgust. That hurt a little. I get that look a lot from other girls who wish they were me but are to pathetically ugly and gross to be me (Which is most of the girls in this world).

" I think you are mistaking her with yourself" He snapped at me.

" Actually, I would never sleep with brothers; I can actually decide which one I want. And I chose you." I stepped closer to him brushing his arm with my hand. He pushed my hand away.

"I have a girlfriend, and she happens to be your best friend" He said stepping back from me. GOD he was making this difficult.

" A best friend wouldn't spread rumors about her best friends since middle school" I said

" Most of them are true" He is right.

" Would your girlfriend go and sleep with your brother when you are away at a swim meet, and when you haven't even gotten a chance to get her to kiss you in public" I saw the doubt in his face and I smiled.

" Ted was acting strange when I got back. He wouldn't look me in the eyes, or be in the same room with me." He was speaking to himself rather to me.

" He is filled with guilt. But could you blame him? Kristen is very pretty" I almost didn't have a straight face when I said that "But on the inside she is a heartless bitch who takes men hearts and breaks them into pieces." I stepped closer to him putting my hand on his arm. He didn't shake me off this time.

" I can see why your friends" He said. Insults again, but I shook it off with a laugh.

" Alex. Poor Alex. I don't date guys or have any reason or purpose to make them fall for me. All I do is sleep with them." I explained " I am like a pick me up when their down. A way to get them over a past relationship that
should never have begun" I stepped even closer practically whispering in his ear.

" What are you getting at Harmony?" He asked. He didn't bother stepping away.

" I think you know exactly what I am getting at" I whispered in his ear. I put my books in his locker and closed it shut. I lead him to the empty classroom and shut the door, then covered the windows.

This happened 3 weeks ago. This is what changed my life forever. This is the reason why I am no longer known as "Harmony the slut" but became who I am today. . This is our story form my view. Harmony's Story

I walked down the same school hallway in my same Cheerleaders uniform with the same ugly jealous girls glaring at me as I walked pass them with their same boyfriends checking me out along with my best friends Beth and Amelia. Kristen was really pissed when she found out that Alex and I had sex. But she deserved it after cheating on him with his own brother. Kristen and Alex are no longer dating but she is currently going out with Ted, Alex's brother (And she calls me a slut). Alex and I haven't spoken since that day but that is fine with me. That was usually how it went.

I stopped by my same locker opening it and glancing over the same pictures (Minus the ones with Kristen) I grabbed my health book, a pen and paper. I looked at my reflection. I looked fine. More than just fine but fine. My "Freckles"were covered up. My blonde hair was tied up in its usual high pony showing my fabulous bone structure, my bright blue eyes captured who ever stared too long, my lips were perfect with the red lip gloss. I looked fabulous but felt awful; I was exhausted, moody that I already snapped at Beth and Amelia for no reason. I was constantly craving chocolate. I felt like could faint or throw up. Or both. I was sore all over. Worst of all, my period was late. 1 week late. It was never late.

I closed my locker and made my way to Health class. I sat down in the back away from everyone. Usually I sat in the center, where I belong, as the center of attention, but that day I felt like crap and didn't want to hear Jake the quarterback's rude, disgusting jokes and dirty thoughts. Jake is the man-whore of the school. He has slept with more people than I ever had. I don't see how girls fall for his same old tricks to just be thrown away like trash after he's done with them. Jake and I are totally different. What I do is a service. Jake is just a stupid bastard womanizer. I was doodling on my paper when Jake the man-whore came and sat down beside me.

" Harmony, what are you doing back here? You belong in the center" Jake said, glancing at my pictures.

" Because I don't want to see your disgusting face anymore. You sitting beside me kind of defeats the purpose." I snapped at him.

" Don't be such a bitch. Why don't you go hump a pole" He said, getting up and moving across the classroom

" Isn't that what you did last night?" I threw my crumpled up page of doodles at him, hitting him in the back of the head. He turned around to say something but the teacher, Mr. Cross, a sexist short old man with big feet, walked
in. Jake sat down and Mr. Cross started the lesson.

" Today class, we are going to be talking about the results of sexual intercourse." I rolled my eyes. Like I needed this. I knew plenty about sex from experience. Probably more than Mr. Cross did.

" We will first start by talking about STD'S". Mr. Cross talked about STD'S for the next 45 minutes. Everyone glancing my way every minute while Mr. Cross was talking. Are they stupid? I have slept with like 10 out of 15 guys in this class, and they know I make them where a condom. Yes, I have had sex without a condom before, but I go to the clinic like every 6 months and I'm clean. Mr. Cross started to talk about the other result of sex. Pregnancy.

"By having sex you can also get pregnant. That is the way your parents made you" Eww. Did not need that thought in my head "There are several symptoms of pregnancy, but they are all different for each woman. Some include moodiness, fatigue, morning sickness, tender or sore breast, tiredness, and food cravings. The most common symptom is a missed period or delayed menstruation."

I looked up from my paper and started to really pay attention. Everything he listed I had. I thought it over in my head... who had I slept with in the past couple of weeks? There was Tony Clark but he used a condom, then there was John Potter but he also used a condom, and Tyler Black, but again, condom. So no way in hell I was...WAIT! There was one other. ALEX BROOKS! He hadn't had one on him, and I didn't carry them around with me, so I had let it slip. The 10th time I don't use a condom with a guy, I get pregnant. What are the odds?

After class, I went straight to my locker, completely ignoring everything going on around me. I opened my locker, throwing everything inside. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked exactly the same as I did before class. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect lips, eyes, nose, and ears. Perfect. Perfect but miserable. I grabbed my jacket and purse before closing my locker not wanting to look at my reflection any more. I walked out of the school into the cold early April air. It was starting to smell like spring. but looked nothing like it. The sky was a dark cloudy grey giving the outside a gloomy aura. The trees looked like they had been crying, and the ground was a mushy water fill, from the last week of rain. I walked to the student parking lot where my bright pink punch buggy.

I drove across town to a little pharmacy. I walk in and the clerk gave me a dirty look, which changed quickly after he looked me up and down once or twice in a way that gave me shivers down my spine. I walked through the different aisles until I found the one that contained the pregnancy tests. I looked at the different brands trying to decide which one to choose. I eventually took one of each. Maybe some brands are defunctive and give you the wrong sing. I took my merchandise to the clerk who gave me a creepy smile but it quickly flattened when he saw what I was buying and returned to a dirty look. I paid the clerk and drove home immediately.

When I got home I parked my car on the street in front of my house forcing myself to walk up the hill that our house sat on, far away from the others on the street giving it all the privacy my father needed. I ran inside, fumbling with the keys. I walked inside to the dark hallway. I flicked on the light to reveal a front hall way with a coat closet and marble flooring leading to the oak spiral stairwell and the living room. I placed my jacket in the closet and put my boots on the shoe rack. I walked down the hallway to the oak staircase, and then walked up to the second floor where my room was. I walked into my bathroom, locking the door.

I placed my bag on the counter and stared at it. What if my period was late for another reason? There are plenty of reasons why your period is late. Maybe I miscalculated; maybe my period isn't supposed to come for another week or in a couple days. I redid the math in my head, counting 28 days from my last period. I wasn't wrong (when am I ever?). My period was due a week ago. I looked back at the bag filled with pregnancy tests. I opened the bag, grabbing one at random and tore open the box. I read the box, it said to wait three to five minutes. I waited and waited for what seemed like forever. Finally a little picture started to form. I saw it, a little pink + sign. I grabbed the box again, wanting to know what the symbol meant. I dropped the box. I was pregnant.

I ran down the stairs into our granite countered, mahogany cupboard kitchen. I opened the massive fridge and grabbed a jug of unopened sunny-D. I drank half the jug before I had to go again; I ran to the bathroom, grabbed another test. I waited another 5 minutes just to be told the exact same thing. I did this again and again until there were 5 pregnancy tests laying in front me on the stone cold marble floor. Tears trickled down my cheeks as I thought to myself. How was I going to tell my parents? How was I going to tell Alex? He wouldn't believe me; he would just say that it would be impossible to know what with all the guys I slept with. But he was right, this may not be his child, this might be some other loser guy that I slept with. I would never know until it was born. Another thought crossed my mind: How on earth was I supposed to support this child? My parents were rich, but cheap, one of the reasons they had stayed rich. They could barely choke out a dime for clothes, much less their own grandchild. Sure, they had bought me a car, but that was just to shut me up. I could get a job, but no way could I take care of myself and a child. Sure, I had practically raised my brother, but I hadn't pay for anything. If I left, then I'm was taking my brother with me. He couldn't survive this place alone.

I lay on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. I could get an abortion. Secretly, with no one knowing, that would be perfect. I could leave Friday night and go across state and get one. But would I be willing to kill a human life to keep up my reputation, my home, my brother, my life? My sucky, no good life . . . for a human life. This child's life was worth way more than mine. My life was nothing, it sucked and it was horrible. No one liked me; they were scared of me. Scared that I would steal their little boyfriends away from them, scared that I would ruin their life and make it just as worthless as mine. The only problem is they didn't know my life was worthless.

I stood up, looking at myself in the mirror. My tears had washed away all my make up to reveal what I had kept hidden. Reveal what my "freckles" really were. Bruises. I took off my shirt, only wearing my bra, to reveal even more bruises. I turned around to see my back. My back was the worst, probably because no one usually saw it. I had a huge scar that ran from my right shoulder to the left side of my hip from when I was 8 years old. I had this huge bruise that took up my entire shoulder and some small ones scattered in various places from the last week. It still hadn't faded. More tears poured from my eyes. I refused to take a life, but I also refused to allow my child to have to same fate as me. I cleaned up my mess, throwing everything in the garbage.

I went to my room. It was bright pink, and the walls were bare except for a few movie posters above my white desk that held my computer and alarm clock. I checked the clock. It read 1:00pm. My mom would be home in 2 hours with my brother and my dad would be home in 4 hours. I changed into my most comfy track pants and a shirt 3 sizes too big for me and climbed into bed, totally exhausted. I didn't know what I was doing, but I did know I was getting out of here, one way or another, with my brother and child. No matter what it might take. I lay my head down, snuggling up with the covers and fell asleep.