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"Cas!" Dean exclaimed forcefully but quietly. As if it wouldn't start up the glowing red eyes that were slowly surrounding him. How could he leave him? Why couldn't he just have reached out and grabbed Dean's shoulder and take him to a safer place?

Finding that the angel still wasn't showing up, Dean cautiously looked around him. The trees were rustling and branches cracked all around him telling him there were hundreds of the creatures stalking him out. Gurgles and growls from the beasts were just feet around him.

As his head turned from side to side, Dean scanned over the monsters with wide eyes. He saw silhouettes of all kinds slowly lunging their way towards him. Some standing, while others were on all fours…or more. In the background he noticed Wendigos and others running about.

Geez, Dean thought, I wonder how many of these ugly son-of-a-bitches I ganked. I've probably have never even known most of these existed...

As if to answer him, the creature closest to his right snarled. Its head was in the shape of a black wolf's; saliva dripping while teeth bared. But its body was different. Its hands were in the shape of a human's, but with claws, and along the side of the arm were unbelievably sharp blades that seemed like they could slice through bone. Its sleek, black torso moved in and out with every breath and snarl it created; leading to the muscle-rippling hind legs that looked like the front legs, minus the blades. All that showed a terrifying monster that towered at about a six-foot frame, just inches shorter than Dean himself.

Yup. Dean said, Never seen this one before.

The other monsters started to join in with the snarls, growls, and barks. Soon, Dean was listening to a chorus of hundreds and hundreds of creatures. Dean looked around with his eyes to find that there were three times as many glowing red eyes in the trees than before.

Dean focused on the beast that started the chorus again. His eyes slowly grew wide as the creature lowered its enormous body to the ground, getting in an attacking stance, its muscles bunching up in the attempt to tackle its prey.

Shit. Dean got into a fighting stance and pulled out the machete he had before killing Dick Roman. Might as well go down with a fight.

The beast lunged.

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